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by a classmate. Any student found operating any power equipment while under the influence of alcohol or any drugs will be administratively withdrawn from the class. No second changes. Power equipment in this studio is available only to presently enrolled students in sculpture, ceramic sculpture, and three-dimensional design. No unenrolled student, relative, friend or acquaintance may use the power equipment at any time. Commitment: The workload expectation for this course is that you will spend minimally, on an average, two hours out of class for every hour in class. The class assignments are based upon this assumption and the review of completed work will be based upon that quantitative effort. Assignments: Each of the assignments will be discussed in detail in class and work time will usually be allotted in class to clarify the assignment while working. If you miss a class assignment, you are expected to seek that information and be prepared for the critique of that work. Missing class is not a valid excuse for incomplete work or work not presented for, review. Work not presented on time for critical review will be given a zero. If you must miss a critic for medical or personal reasons, you must notify the instructor prior to that absence for the work to be considered upon your return to class.