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Ecology and Human Impact Spring Break Work and Project

The following assignment and project are to be completed over Spring Break. All materials will
be due on Friday, April 17th.

Part 1:
All students will need to take home these handbook pages: Ecological Principles( pages
195-206) and Human Impact( pages 207-218.)
This topic is purely review for all students and therefore they are expected to:
Read through and self-highlight( student determines what is important information) the notes
for each module.
Complete all margin review activities, the check yourself review boxes, and the problem sets
at the back of each module.
Students should try their best and remember the class will look over this information later on in
the semester and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Part 2:
Students will complete a 4-section project that summarizes the most essential information from
the two modules.
Section 1: Create your ecosystem
Students will research and pick an ecosystem to research for the project. Some examples
include: tropical rainforest, dry rainforest, desert, and grasslands.)
On a legal size sheet of paper:
Students should draw their ecosystem. Drawings must include:
5 labeled biotic factors
5 labeled abiotic factors
a separate sheet of paper, students should answer the following questions about their

1. What type of ecosystem did you choose?
2. Describe your ecosystem. Include your 5 abiotic and 5 biotic factors.
Section 2: Add Relationships
On your ecosystem drawing:
add and label 1 symbiotic relationship( mutualism or parasitism)
Add and label 1 feeding relationship
On your separate sheet of paper,students should answer the following questions:
1. Describe your symbiotic relationship. Is it mutualism or parasitism. Why?
2. Describe your feeding relationship. What kind is it?

Section 3: Food Web

On your ecosystem drawing:
Create a food chain using animals you already have in your ecosystem or add more!
must have at least 6 animals/plants in the food web
Label the following: a producer, a consumer, a heterotroph, and a autotroph.
BONUS( for an additional 10 points): Create a unique Ultimate Predator that is the top
predator for your chosen ecosystem.
On your separate sheet of paper, answer the following questions:
1. Outline your food chain/web you added to your ecosystem.
2. Explain how/why the amount of energy in each tropic level changes as you go up in your
food web).
Section 4: Putting It All Together
On your ecosystem drawing:
Choose one of the species in your food web to be an endangered species. Circle that
Draw one example of human impact.
On your separate sheet of paper, answer the following questions:
1. Briefly describe how the loss of your chosen endangered species will negatively affect
the rest of the food web.
2. Choose 2 populations organisms in your ecosystem and draw their population growth
1 graph should show exponential growth
1 graph should show logistical growth
3. Label the carrying capacity in your logistical growth curve
4. Explain 2 limiting factors that could have caused the population to reach carrying
5. Explain how the 1 example of human impact you drew on your poster will negatively
affect your ecosystem.

Break :)

Points: 200
100 points- Informal Grade
100 points- Formal Project Grade