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BANYU| WAGNER ES an Bien Prtoyond Pacing Sone iw ors ete cour Erie T. Schneiderman ‘Attomey General Office of the Attomey General State Capitol Albany, NY 12224 Dear Mr. Schneiderman: Tam a professor of urban policy and planning at New York University where I have been on the faculty forthe past forty years. During that time, | have interacted with a broad array of civic leaders and elected officials since most of my scholarly work has fccused on cities, with a specific focus on New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area, From 1987 to 2002, I served as Director of the Taub Urban Research Center at NYU and had the ‘opportunity to meet and work with Willie Repfoge! since the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty ‘was actively involved in assisting low-income groupe across the City of New York. My contact with Willie Rapfogel initially emerged from a resoarch project we were conducting on the ‘changing ethnic and racial character of New York City. Willie Rapfogel was a well-informed source of ‘dens and guidance — identifying neighborhoods where there were concentrations of aging, low-income populations. In addition, Willie personally took me to social service centers connected to Met Couneil and introduced me to community leaders in Coney Island, Williamsburg, and Bushwick who shared their ‘experience serving new immigrants and the elderly, groups rarely incorporated in most academic research, [Lot me also take this opportunity to share a personal story with you about the kindness and wisdom Willie ‘has extended to me and my family. My 95 year old mother lives in Queens, where I grew up, and as she ‘has aged, she has encountered a variety of health challenges, i.e. diabetes, limited physical mobility, diminishing vision, and heart disease. Several years ago, my mother faced pressure to move to a nursing ‘home, ad Willie introduced me to social service agencies that could provide assistance for her at home, rather than in an institution. I can say that Willie's sagaeious ; was essential to allowing my mother to live on her own, in her home, until quite recently, when her health took a tum for the worse, FOIL 150078 000036 ‘Simply put, Willie Rapfoge! helped extend my mother’s life as an independent aduh until it was no longer feasible, have known Willie for more than 20 yesrs, and throughout that time, he has been a good friend, always willing to extend his time and energy to university-based research, and a person whose insights and knowledge were invaluable to my family. | believe Willie Repfogel ~in my personal dealings —has been a professionel who has contributed immensely to the life of our city and its residems, ell Lc Moss ry Hart Rice Professor of Urban Policy and Plenning FOIL 150078 000037