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It's amaing how tuned oul we become tothe motor ofthe air-conditioner and refrigerator ~ the sudden silence in startling reprieve. Likewise, we bevome numb to the buzz of ou technology saturated world ‘Smartphone users chek thelr device every 65 nutes hl: /healthlvin bogs dalhapale-log-post?nost-haadroct-ocaa. sal-bdsssiahddGeaosa), which works ut to around 50 times a day. Silene is ‘replaced with a cacophony of communication, and solitude is replaced wih socal media Inde theyre an endangered species: sence and solude; yt great revelations and ‘benefits are fond in them. Here are ten 1. Bypassing Burnout Too often, our culture assigns self-worth with productivity. Whether its aking what your enuntzyean do for yo, of what you ean do fr your enuntry, the question remains what canbe done? It's one-way ticket to Burnout, Solitude allows fra break from the yrant of productivity. And rather then being in ‘opposition, ding nothing helps with dang much. Promega isa company with onthe job "third spaces” where employee are able to take solitude breaks and meditatein natural light. The health benefits have resulted in improved productivity levels forthe company. And wild the same for us 2. Heightened Sensitivity For many, atempling en days of silence would be akin to walking on water. Vipassana silent retreats are exactly hat artiipants are instrte to refrain fom reading, writing, or ee contact. (One hundved aint (htn:/ fn usfingtonpost comm /sam bari. sontemplaivetsenee b 15024 him went ona relret for research and noted that utling off utp dyad benes com) news/2012/08/18/11751000-why lacs. Dlndes-beighen-othe-cmss) the faculty of speech heightons avarencss in other ‘areas. Beginning with breathing, tht focus and sensitivity i then transfered to sights, sounds, sensations thoughts, intentions, and emotions. 2. Dissolving Tomorrow's Troubles ‘Alan Wetsargucs (to//books pe/books/about/The Wisdom of Insecurity kta? HdcI26HICFEncUC&sedir_eso=y) that our fasration and amet is rooted in being