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Julia Calhoun

Cardiac Technician
Education and/or Training Required

Cardiac technicians prepare patients for cardiac procedures, including electrocardiogram

and stress tests.

High school courses that can help students prepare for this career include biology,
physics, chemistry, math, and computer science. A recommend extracurricular activity is

public speaking.
Core classes in this certificate program include, but aren't limited to, medical ethics,
echocardiography, heart disease, stress testing, patient assessments, abnormal heart
functions, and cardiac physiology. Previous college coursework in English, algebra,
medical terminology, and anatomy is sometimes required for acceptance into a diagnostic
cardiac sonography certificate program. There is no license required.

Responsibilities and Daily Activities

They image the heart in different views to detect abnormalities. They look at the four
chambers of the heart, valves, arteries, and veins in the heart to assess for cardiac
problems. Some indications for a cardiac ultrasound or echocardiogram could be chest
pain, palpitations, chest tightness, trouble breathing, or a very common indication is

family history of heart disease.

Different thing they do are prepare patients for catheterization, assist physician in
determining where blockages may exist in the vessels, assist with balloon angioplasty
procedures, work with physician during electrophysiology tests, perform
echocardiography testing, monitor patient heart rates/ record information, review
physician interpretations and patient files, and operate testing equipment while explaining

procedures to patients.
I would work in a diagnostics laboratory and I would work for doctors.

Salary Range

The salary range is $27,603- $60,095 a year.

In Kentucky the salary is $24,125- $52,523 a year.

The salary can be influenced by your degree, how long you have worked, and where you

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Yes, I have heard of this career before.

A positive aspect of this career is help saving lives.
A negative aspect of this career is the precautions you have to take.
I would like to have this career.
I would like this career because it seems interesting.