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14th Annual Walk to End Homelessness - May 16, 2015

Sponsorship Form
Sponsorship Information


Sponsorship Levels: (Check One)

Alpha Angels: $10,000: Gift provides 24 months of transitional housing for a family of four. Sponsors
receive; publicity and recognition, featured on all T-Shirts and full page in ad book.
Friends of Alpha: $2,500-$5,000 : Gift provides 60-90 days of emergency shelter and resources for a
homeless family. Sponsors receive; publicity and are featured on all T-Shirts and full page in ad book.
Platinum: $1,000 : Gift provides 60 days of Transitional Housing for a homeless family. Sponsors are
featured on all T-Shirts and full page in ad book.
Gold Family: $500 : Gift provides food for a homeless family of four for one month. Sponsors receive a full
page in ad book.
Silver: $250 : Gift provides warm clothing for homeless, families and individuals. Sponsors receive a 1/2
page in ad book.
Bronze: $125 : Gift provides blankets, toiletries and bus tokens for the homeless. Sponsors receive a 1/4
page in ad book.

Pledge Information

I (we) pledge a total of $________

I (we) plan to make this contribution in the form of: ____ check ____ credit card ____ other.

Gift will be matched by___________________________ (company/family/foundation).


Please bill my credit card: Visa

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American Express

Name (as it appears on the card): _______________________________________________________


Card Number:_________________ __________________________

Expiration Date: ___________________

Signature: __________________________

Date: ____________________________


*DEADLINE May 1, 2015. Return form & check made out to Alpha Community Services YMCA in
enclosed envelope. Please e-mail ad for program book in publisher or word format to All contributions are tax-deductible. 501c3 form available upon request.
A Branch of Central Connecticut Coast YMCA
387 Clinton Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06605
P 203 366 2809 F 203 367 1246