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InTASC/NAEYC Standard:
Candidates prepared in early childhood degree programs a) use their knowledge of academic disciplines
to design, implement, and evaluate experiences that promote positive development and learning for each
and every young child. Candidates understand the importance of developmental domains and academic
(or content) disciplines in early childhood curriculum. They b) know the essential concepts, inquiry tools,
and structure of content areas, including academic subjects, and can identify resources to deepen their
understanding. Candidates c) use their own knowledge and other resources to design, implement, and
evaluate meaningful, challenging curriculum that promotes comprehensive developmental and learning
outcomes for every young child.

Brief Description of Evidence:

As part of my ECED 243 Cognitive Curriculum, course during the fall semester of 2014, I
created learning kits for my three year old practicum classroom. I made developmentally appropriate
activities in each bag. My bags covered each developmental domain and area and provided them with an
activity to help build awareness in each area. It was designed for extra practice for the children and for
them to be able to take them home or work on in the classroom and to help promote positive development
using inquiry tools and to learn through play.

Analysis of What I Learned:

Through the completion of my learning kits I was able to use ethical standards and guidelines as
well as what the children were interested in doing. I gained knowledge on appropriate domains and
milestones for a three year old preschool class and also on things they were interested in, areas that
challenged them, and areas they may need some extra help in. This helped me identify resources to
deepen their understanding and knowledge on familiar and unfamiliar subject areas and domains that they
are learning about in class. Through this experience I now know the importance of upholding these
standards and guidelines and using them in the classroom to create healthy and happy relationships with
children and their families.

How This Artifact Demonstrates my Competence on the

InTASC/NAEYC Standard:
This project is only one of the many projects where my competency of knowing about and
upholding ethical standards and other professional guidelines comes through. This project has helped me
to support young children and to promote Vygotskys theory that children learn through play by
providing materials that let the children challenge themselves. These learning kits cover all developmental
domains, as well as use inquiry tools, and help the children deepen their understanding. Through creating
these experience for the children I now feel more confident that my teaching practices are
developmentally appropriate for young children.