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Mojave National Preserve Conservancy

Board of Directors call
March 25, 2015
Present on call: David Lamfrom, Dennis Schramm, Shaun Gonzales, Paula Jacoby-Garrett, Michael
Gordon, Lynn Davis
1. Old business
2. Star Party planning
3. Restoration events
4. Website
5. New business
Old business: Lynn has some old Silurian cards from anniversary. David suggests we send them to the
BLM. David will generate a cover letter to go with them. Michael has some too.
David thanked the Board for all the hard work in the first quarter of this year. Much work was done on
renewable energy issues. David also met with new superintendent Todd Suess and expressed interest of
Board in meeting with him, discussing issues, new agreement, etc. Need park support as a partner for the
event in order to avoid having to get insurance and permits. David will send out a Doodle poll to get a
sense of our availability.
Financials: $13,549.54
Website: Renewal of domain came up last week. It was determined that Chris Clark still owns the
domain. Apparently he renewed it, but hasn’t asked for reimbursement. We should probably approach
him about MNPC taking over the domain. David will contact Chris about this issue.
Some postings have been happening on Facebook. Shaun has been working on keeping postings fresh.
Pictures would be helpful. Maybe contact Sid about photos from the restoration event.
Newsletter: David suggested perhaps we consider putting out another newsletter. Target by star party in
June. Story ideas: Introduce new superintendent, dark skies (Lynn), renewable energy projects at Soda
and Silurian, Joshua trees (Paula), reptiles (David), wildlife corridors and bighorn sheep (Weheusen or
Epps), wildflower diversity (Andre), perhaps short Q&A (Andy Turk, wrote When Nature Meets Culture
– about Mojave Road) –Paula and Lynn will pursue.
Dark Sky Park: David brought up idea with Todd. He is interested but didn’t commit to anything.
Perhaps MNPC could pursue for the Centennial. Dennis mentioned that a fair amount of work on lighting
and measurements were done already. Rosie at Parashant would be a good person to chat with about
Star party planning delayed until the next call. Lynn mentioned person who does night sky portraits of
people. She will reach out and explore option of her attending.
Call ended at 6:30pm. Next call on Tuesday, April 21st at 5:30pm.