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in Police Department General Report RD: 744 [DRE 2016-566 (entent I Dale Tine Ova? Dale & Tine Rapoted —Locaon o Oost eaten anorz018 16:38 to 0113072018 18:40 01302018 16:40. E FRANKLIN RD/N MAIN ST MERIDIAN, 13-Highway/Road/Alley rDeseez aca [changes I ] Chat OfeneoCane Ta Sesion saan 1°" ARRESTS & SEIZURES-RESISTING OR OBSTRUCTING OFFICERS 18-708 Misdemeanor [Probable Cause | J On 01/30/2016 at approximately 1840 hrs. | was in a marked patrol car I stopped in the number 3 lane at a red light on E. Franklin Rd. preparing to cross N. Main St. As I was stopped | observed a male dressed in a black hooded robe and mask carrying a large cardboard sign and pick ax. The male was standing on the southbound corner of E. Franklin and N. Main beginning to cross E. Franklin Ra. ‘While stopped, | observed the male enter the crosswalk as the cross light was flashing. Shortly after the male began to cross, | observed the don't walk sign turn solid. Once in the middle of the crosswalk directly in front of the eastbound traffic, the male stopped and turn toward the vehicles preparing to go eastbound on a green light. Once the male turned ‘west to face the stopped vehicles, he raised both hands up approximately head height with the sign in one hand and the pick ax in the other. The male paused for approximately 5 seconds and then continued through the intersection. At the point the male stopped to face traffic, | observed the don't walk sign had turned solid red (Indicating don't walk). Due to the large volume of tratfic at the intersection at the time, | determined | needed to stop and speak with the male to ‘educate him on crosswalk laws and proceeding directly across on a flashing don't walk. | pulled off the road and attempted to make contact with the male. | approached the male and ho immediately began to toll mo he had not broken the law. | explained to the male that he had broken the law by stopping in traffic and preventing eastbound traffic from going. The male reiterated he had not broken the law and raised the pick ax which was plastic up and pointed it at me as he spoke. | asked the male to put the pick ax down and he refused. I then asked the male for his identification and ho told me he did not need identification since he had done nothing wrong. | asked again for the male's identification and. he refused. | asked the male if he wanted to go to jail for refusing to comply with me. The male said he wasn't doing anything wrong, did not need to provide me with identification and could not be taken to jail. ‘As | was speaking with the male the walk light on N. Main turned and the male began to cross the street walking away from me. | told the male | was not done with him and to stop. The male ignored me and continued to walk away from me. | repeated my directions to stop several more times as | walked behind the male, but he continued to walk all the way across N. Main St. without stopping. Once on the sidewalk on the other side of the road, | again instructed the male to put his pick ax down to which the male again refused. | took the pick ax from the male's hands and placed hi handcuffs, which were immediately checked for tightness and double locked. ‘Townsend was transported to the Ada County Jail where he was booked in on ResistObstruct without incident. [Peopie inveved 1 Suspect TOWNSEND, MATTHEW H Face _U Sec Mm O08 (NNT Age_29 “Aderese 305 S MERIDIAN RD 540" 470%be Har Color, SLOND Eye Color SLUE ‘MERIDIAN, ID. 83642 ‘Occupation: Fone RI SS Relationship: us or School CellPhone: (-) = vst mmm Ty Te: i Bus Prone:()- How ident: Verbal OffenserCharge Law Section Counts Severiy ARRESTS & SEIZURES-RESISTING OR OBSTRUCTING OFFICERS 18-705 1 Misdemeanor rast [ [Cited [v|Cutte Checkod [y|Seat Belted Summons: 165000122 ‘Vicim STATE OF IDAHO oer 0 Sex DOE: Tae "Ihe Hair Color: Eye Color Address ip. [aan i ] (ree) Repo Haat Prone Rat [e] Aude Resoraing Romer OR Cpl. Richard Brockbank 3165 Counter Rpt. popoved Speier sean oproved Dae Sgt Shawn Harper 3087 11912015 01:30 sedpeste sank ote: City Prosecutor opie To