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I'd Rather Have Jesus Words and Music by Rhea F. Miller and George Beverly Shea Verse 1 c c7 c7/Bb FIA F c I'd rather have Je-sus than sil - ver or gold cle GD C¢ G G7 I'd rather be His than have rich-es un - told c Cmaj7_ C7 «CIBb FIA. OF c I'd rather have Jesus than hous - es or lands C7E F Fmé CiIG G7sus G7 C Vd rather be led by His nail - pierced hand Chorus C CIE G7/ID Am/C G FIG G7 Am DméiF C Than to be the king of a vast do - main CIE G7ID AmiC G7 DT FIC Cc And be held in sin’s dread sway Cmaj7 C7 ~CIBb FIA FC ''d rather have Jesus than an - y - thing CiG Gisus G7 FIG FIC C This world af-fords to - day Verse 2 c c7 c7iBb FIA F oC Vd rather have Je-sus than men’s ap-plause cE GD C G G I'd rather be faithful to His dear cause c Cmaj7 ¢7 CBP FIA FC Vd rather have Jesus than world - wide fame C7IE =F Fmé C/G Grsus G7 C I'd rather be true to His ho - ly name Verse 3 c c7 «C7/Bb FIA Foc He's fairer than lil-ies of rar - est bloom cle G7iD Cc G G7 He's sweeter than honey from out the comb c Cmaj7 C7 CIB FIA F C He's all that my hunger-ing pir - it needs C7IE =F Fmé GIG Grsus G7 C Vd rather have Jesus and let Him lead CL Song #16858 - 1922, 1999, Renowed 1830, 1966 Wore Musi LLC Key-c