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Veronica Wilkerson Johnson

IDSL 865 Candidate Review Assignment #1

August 24, 2014
As we seek to analyze methods of selecting, allocating and evaluating human resources to
maximize our organization and improve employee satisfaction, Sun Valley Community
College is endeavoring to fill the following two roles with excellent candidates who are the
best fit for the positions.

Position of the College Registrar

Our Sun Valley Community College search team has determined that Candidate #2, Ms. No-elle
Nonsense (No Nonsense for short), will be the best fit for the position of College Registrar. We
know from her DISC profile that she has a dominant, decisive personality. She cares about how
people respond to problems and is an instinctive leader, is goal oriented, and she meets
challenges head on. This will be a helpful profile since our Office of the Registrar has come
under great scrutiny and criticism of late following the grading and dropped classes scandal that
occurred last year. We are excited that she will join us and bring her task-oriented approach to aid
our college in rectifying these concerns. In addition, Ms. No Nonsense has very high
competence in analytical problem solving and she appears to be very self-disciplined, creative
and organized.
Ms. No-elle Nonsense, from her moderate "S" profile, appears to exercise diplomacy, which will
be the right representation for handling the angry students incensed by our poorly working
registration system which accidently dropped their classes last semester; and being reasonably
loyal and dependable under the "S" profile, she will hopefully stay with us a few years to see us
through this dilemma. Ms. No Nonsense expressed her determination to keep a steady pace, and
her sincere, people oriented demeanor will help us restore confidence among our rattled students
and doubtful community. Since she has a very low "I" profile, it is actually a comfort that she
will not likely spend an inordinate amount of time entertaining, and trying to influence, and
persuade our constituency, since it is their confidence we need to quickly regain through
verifiable, fast results. There will be time for schmoozing later once we have fixed this serious
Being an S/C/I profile myself, I will supervise and support Ms. No Nonsense (who has a high
"D") with all of the background and facts about the concerns that she will need - up front - so
that she can proceed in her desire to get a new system in place immediately in the Registrar's
Office. I will have our staff get this for her quickly, for she is working this weekend before
classes begin, gathering the data and parameters that her plan will require.
I will also seek to exercise civility and extend nurturing support as she implements changes that
may seem difficult to our campus and community at first, and some may level heavy criticism at
her initially, and during this restoration process. She must be supported and encouraged in the
midst of public and campus criticism that could result.

Candidate Review Assignment #1

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In addition, Ms. No Nonsense indicated that she is not particularly fond of hosting or attending
social events, which is evident from her low "I" profile, but that she would be excited to help
create wonderful literature that will help us convey to the community and our campus that we
care about the changes and disruptions these difficult times have caused. With their patience, and
her innovative, effective approach, we can show that we are endeavoring to take our Office of
the Registrar to a higher, more efficient, and more accountable level.

Position of the Colleges Director of Development

Sun Valley Community College today hired Mr. Ira Banks to be its new Director of
Development. Mr. Banks exhibits a very high "I", has a contagious smile and friendly
demeanor, and we believe he will be excellent for establishing rapport with our current and
future donors. He expressed an interest in travelling to all of the alumni clubs in the region
and eventually, nationally, to get acquainted with thousands of our alumni. He also has
ideas for using social media to reach more potential donors and friends who love, or will
grow to love, Sun Valley!
We were also excited to see the level of efficiency and systems thinking that Mr. Banks
brings to this role, thanks to his high "C" profile. It will be great having an ambassador
representing us, and coordinating our development efforts worldwide, who has an
organized, analytical approach. Perhaps now our school will have the efficient database we
have been seeking that tells the giving patterns of all of our alumni, and offers prompts for
systematic reminders as is done at some of our fellow colleges.
Mr. Banks has a very low "D" profile, which explains why he was not as direct as some of
the other candidates, yet he got his point across so eloquently that he had us in stitches
during his interviews. This was tempered, however, by his moderate "S" profile which
predisposes him to loyalty, trust and substance - traits from which this department can
certainly benefit as we seek to attract and retain more donor and alumni support!
Being an S/C/I profile, I will look forward to supervising and working with Mr. Ira Banks,
for we will have quite a few traits and interests in common. I will be sure to encourage his
optimism, listen closely to his ideas, and gather staff to bolster his outreach efforts. I will
also insure that data is made available to him immediately from which he can develop the
giving profiles and networks. He is talented, creative and organized, and will appreciate
this assistance in his analytic processing. Since criticism may sometimes occur from our
leadership regarding the success of development efforts, I will certainly protect, support
and encourage Mr. Banks as he diligently pursues Sun Valley's fundraising efforts.