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I. Topic/Grade Level: Duet Choreography Project for Grades 9 and 10


Standards: California State Standards for Dance (Proficient Level)

2.0 Creative Expression
Creation/Invention of Dance Movements
2.1 Create a body of works of dance demonstrating originality, unity, and clarity of
Application of Choreographic Principles and Processes to Creating Dance
2.2 Identify and apply basic music elements (e.g., rhythm, meter, tempo, timbre) to
construct and perform dances.
2.3 Design a dance that utilizes an established dance style or genre.
Communication of Meaning in Dance
2.4 Perform original works that employ personal artistic intent and communicate
2.5 Perform works by various dance artists communicating the original intent of the
work while employing personal artistic intent and interpretation.
Development of Partner and Group Skills
2.6 Collaborate with peers in the development of choreography in groups (e.g., duets,
trios, small ensembles).
2.7 Demonstrate originality in using partner or group relationships to define spatial
patterns and the use of overall performing space.

III. Goals and Student Learning Outcomes:

Goal: Brainstorm ideas for duet choreography project
Student Learning Outcomes: Students will understand the goal of the duet choreography project
Goal 1: Brainstorm ideas for the duet choreography project
Student Learning Outcome 1: Understand the goal of the project
Student Learning Outcome 2: Search for music for duet choreography
Student Learning Outcome 3: Submit song choice to Schoology


Learning Environment:

Class will be held in Herald Hall (our schools dance room) and is a face to face
class. Students will not be required to dress out for this lesson but will be required
to bring their iPads to class.



Students will need their iPads to use their Schoology app

Spotify app on iPads


Diversity / Differentiation:

Class is a mix of ninth and tenth graders. One student has Down Syndrome and
needs assistance with getting her iPad started and requires assistance by the
teacher to stay focused.


Technology Inclusion:

Students will be using their iPads which will allow them to use their Schoology
app, and Spotify app. The teacher will be using the projector, iPad, and the
Reflector app to project materials for students to see.

VIII. Prior Knowledge: Prior to this lesson students were introduced to the basic elements of
choreography and are able to identify each element while watching a dance
Lesson Placement in the Unit: This is the fifth lesson of twelve in the Choreography Unit.

1. Lesson Introduction / Anticipatory Set:
Class will begin with a quick prayer and attendance being taken. The teacher will ask
for the students to open up their Webquest to begin discussing their Duet Choreography
2. Direct Instruction:
The teacher will go over the Webquest task section of the Duet Choreography Project.
Going over what the goal of the project is, how long the dance will be, what the
students are required to accomplish and when the project and smaller tasks are due. The
teacher will then partner up each student so that they have a partner for this project.
3. Student Interaction with lesson content / Guided Practice:
Students will partner up with their given partner and spend the rest of class time
brainstorming their ideas for their duet. The students will also use the Spotify app on
their iPads to create a playlist of song ideas.
4. Independent Practice:
Students are working in partners during this lesson and will submit their Spotify playlist
to Schoology for the teacher to select their final song choice.
5. Review / Closure:
The teacher will end the lesson informing the students of their playlist submission due
date/time. The teacher will post the duets final chosen song on the Schoology page.
6. Presentations:
There are no presentations for this lesson.



1. Students will be not be assessed formally this lesson. The teacher will be floating around
helping any students that require assistance.
References: None