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I. Topic/Grade Level: Audacity Music Editing for Grades 9 and 10


Standards: California State Standards for Dance (Proficient Level)

Application of Choreographic Principles and Processes to Creating Dance
2.2 Identify and apply basic music elements (e.g., rhythm, meter, tempo, timbre) to
construct and perform dances.
Connections and Applications Across Disciplines
5.1 Demonstrate effective use of technology for recording, analyzing, and creating

III. Goals and Student Learning Outcomes:

Goal: Create a simple song edit using the program Audacity
Student Learning Outcomes: Students will learn how to do a basic song edit for their duet
choreography project
Goal 1: Create a simple song edit using the program Audacity
Student Learning Outcome 1: Understand the basic tools of audacity
Student Learning Outcome 2: Know how to make a song edit

Learning Environment:

Class will be held in our schools Mac Lab and is a face to face class. Students
will not be required to dress out for this lesson.



Students will be using the Audacity editing program on our schools mac


Diversity / Differentiation:


Class is a mix of ninth and tenth graders. One student has Down Syndrome and
needs assistance with getting her iPad started and requires assistance by the
teacher to stay focused. This student will work one on one with another student
for this lesson.

Technology Inclusion:

Students will be using the Audacity editing program on our schools mac
computers provided in our mac lab. The teacher will be using the projector and
Reflector app to project materials for students to see.

VIII. Prior Knowledge: Prior to this lesson students chose their song for their duet
choreography project and covered how timing/music is an element of choreography
Lesson Placement in the Unit: This is the sixth lesson of twelve in the Choreography


1. Lesson Introduction / Anticipatory Set:
Class will begin with a quick prayer and attendance being taken. The teacher will ask
for the students to open up the Audacity editing software on their mac computer. Some
students will have to pair up to due to the amount of computers in the lab.
2. Direct Instruction:
The teacher will begin editing a song step by step using the Audacity music editing
program. The students are to follow along step by step with the teacher, but with their
own song assigned to them. The teacher will demonstrate how to import the song into
the editing program, how to do basic cuts, how to create a fade in/fade out, and how to
export the editing song into a file.
3. Student Interaction with lesson content / Guided Practice:
Students are following along with the teacher step by step of the lesson. If students need
assistance then the teacher will come by to help. Students will spend the remainder of
the class time working on their edit.
4. Independent Practice:
If any extra time is needed to finish the edit students will need to schedule a time to
finish their work in the mac lab. Students are working alone (or in some cases partners)
with the teacher leading the step by step lesson.
5. Review / Closure:
The teacher will end the lesson reminding the students to have their edited music ready
for the following day of class, which will be the first time students will work with their
partners on choreography.
6. Presentations:
There are no presentations by the students for this lesson.



1. Students will be not be assessed formally this lesson. The teacher will be floating around
helping any students that require assistance during their independent practice.
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