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I. Topic/Grade Level: iMovie Creation for Grades 9 and 10


Standards: California State Standards for Dance (Proficient Level)

5.1 Demonstrate effective use of technology for recording, analyzing, and creating

III. Goals and Student Learning Outcomes:

Goal: Create a basic iMovie from the duet choreography piece that was recorded previously
Student Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to create a basic iMovie using their iPads
Goal 1: Create a basic iMovie from the duet choreography piece.
Student Learning Outcome 1: Students will know how to create a basic iMovie using their

Learning Environment:

Class will be held in our schools dance room and students will not be required to
dress out in dance attire. Students are also required to bring their iPads to class for
the creation of their iMovie.



Students will be using their iPads to create their iMovie. The teacher will need to
use the projector, iPad and the iMovie app.


Diversity / Differentiation:


Class is a mix of ninth and tenth graders. One student has Down Syndrome and
needs assistance with getting her iPad started and requires assistance by the
teacher to stay focused.

Technology Inclusion:

Students will be using their iPads to create an iMovie of their duet choreography

VIII. Prior Knowledge: Prior to this lesson students created their duet choreography and
performed their piece with their partner based on the 5 basic elements of choreography.
Lesson Placement in the Unit: This is the eleventh lesson of twelve in the Choreography


1. Lesson Introduction / Anticipatory Set:
Class will begin with a quick prayer and attendance being taken. The teacher will show
a simple iMovie that they created to show how simple the process is for creating a video
on the iPad.
2. Direct Instruction:
The teacher will show a youtube video in class with step by step instructions on how to
create an iMovie with the iPad. The students are required to have the following products
in their video. A title, fades, imported music, a short hello from the dancers, an ending
title. Their iMovies will be uploaded to their Schoology dance page.
3. Student Interaction with lesson content / Guided Practice:
The students will be following along with the how-to video that the teacher is
presenting. The teacher will pause the video for students to work before moving onto
the next section of the video.
4. Independent Practice:
Independent practice is occurring while the lesson is happening, allowing students to
stop and work independently while the teacher walks around to assist any students who
need help. If the video is still needing some work, students will need to finish their
video at home.
5. Review / Closure:
The teacher will end the lesson reminding the students to upload their iMovies to the
Schoology dance page so all their classmates can see their finished work.
6. Presentations:
There are no student presentations in this lesson.



1. Students will be assessed informally this lesson. The teacher will be able to assess
students comprehension on the material as the lesson is in action.