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Chapter 34- Unit 8 Origins of World War II

Essential Question: Could World War II have been prevented?

Duration of Chapter: 8 days
Duration of Unit: 25 days

Thursdays Lesson Plan

Objectives/Learning Targets
I will identify the methods Hitler used in his lightening warfare.
I will identify our journal assignment for the unit, and how empathy expands my
I will connect my learning and prior knowledge to my letter assignment.
Posted Please obtain your ChromeBook, log into GoogleClassroom, and
Have login information written on board
Learning Targets/Agenda posted
(10min) Introduce Unit Letter assignment
Reference Appendix B document
Posted on GoogleClassroom for students to take notes during viewing
(35mins) Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer: 20:45 to 43:20;SKIP;44:50 to 55:25
During showing, students are to submit two questions and two comments to; students are encouraged to respond to their peers comments and
questions. Create a virtual dialogue of movie viewing.
Students are to take minimal notes during viewing to apply to their letter
assignment; this is found on our GoogleClassroom
Complete Letter assignment #1

Appendix B: YOUR World War II Narrative

Due: Completion checks every Friday for Unit entirety

This is your chance to allow your voice to be heard, opinions expressed, thoughts
spilled; all on paper! My mission is for you to connect your learning by writing a letter
and creating a World War II narrative from YOUR perspective. Write as if YOU lived
during the time period! Reflect your thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, concerns,
hopes, etc. as you explore World War II in depth.
This is a unit long project and will be worth 40 points towards your 3 rd marking period
grade. For those that fulfill and go ABOVE AND BEYOND, I may allow your grade to go
above and beyond. Be you, play your part, express yourself.
My reflection questions will come throughout the unit and I will check for completion of
these every Friday. If you do not complete what I have asked you to, then you will lose
Throughout the unit you will be given 8 chances to answer my reflection inquiry (or free
write) pertaining to what we are studying that week. This assignment will require YOU to
live as if it were the era we are studying. Your letters should REFLECT on the material
we are covering, viewing, reading, discussing, etc.
Again, WRITE AS IF THIS IS THE 1930S AND 1940S. Be creative, use your mind,
and connect your thoughts to what were covering. Express yourself!
Letter #1
Role: U.S. Citizen
Time Period: 1940
Situation: You and your friends have decided to attend a summer film. As you enter the
local movie house you are excited to watch a new film titled Why We Fight: Divide and
Conquer. (Remember this is an era before television, American got all their information
and news from these movies houses) As you watch the German armiestheir planning,
strategy, discipline, and overall mightwhat is going through your mind? What sticks
out to you? What fears, concerns, hopes, emotions, etc. do you have? Do you feel the
war currently being fought far away will be brought to America?
Address your letter to someone, ANYONE! Just write as if you are going to mail this
later today. REMEMBER, write as if this is 1940 and these events are unfolding before
your eyes.