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Sources: Feasibility Report

Title: Rising Drug Problem in the Carolinas

Reasoning of Source Selection:

For my proposal and feasibility report, I have chosen to establish solutions for the expanding use
of Black Tar Heroin among the streets of Charlotte, NC. In fact, the illicit drug has now found its
way into the hands of our youngest generations. Through the five research sources that I have
listed and described below, I will present the problem and several solutions to overcoming this
occurring issue. From academic sources, magazine articles, an interview, and State
Documentation, I will describe the dangers of the drug, and the descriptive reasoning on why its
occurrence needs to be omitted. The sources below document the most astounding statistics and
first hand experiences with the drug. It is now time to propose solid resolutions, before the
resolutions are too far to grasp.

Bradford, Ben. "WFAE." WFAE. 90.7 Local News, 26 Apr. 2013. Web. 17 Mar. 2015.

This source above has credit my on research with new information on how the drug has evolved
over the years. The document was constructed off the basis of medical professionals who have a
general idea on how the black tar heroin has started from over the counter pain killers. Also, the
authors demonstrate just how easy it is for adolescents to access ingredients for black tar heroin
in a place much of young adults are familiar with. I hope to use this article to create an image for
all readers, and a feasible solution to the problem of black tar heroin.

Briggs, Bill, and Yvonne Ward. "Charlotte, NC: Trying To Combat Heroin Drug
Issues." YouTube. YouTube, 14 Dec. 2014. Web. 17 Mar. 2015.

This source above does an exceptional job demonstrating the awareness of what is now
becoming an epidemic in the Queen City. WCNC published their latest video on YouTube, just
for knowledge of residents and individuals within the Charlotte community. News officials say
heroin is a growing concern on the streets of Charlotte, a most can find it easily assessable.
Charlotte is trying to combat the raising drug issues, as it may begin to affect the children in your
own household. I have chosen to utilize this source for more research information, and a quality
news source to prepare for a solution to this problem.

"Drug Disposal Information." Resources -. Office of Diversion Control, 2010. Web. 31 Mar. 2015.

I will utilize this source with reasoning of one of my sources. The Drug Disposal Act of 2010
will ensure that all prescription drugs are donated successfully to eliminate any future use and
transformation of the drugs.

Rab, Lisa. "Heroin in Charlotte." Web Tags. Charlotte Magazine, Mar. 2014. Web. 17 Mar. 2015.

Deanna Uhler, a mother of 21 year old, Alex Uhler, together were facing a major dilemma.
Deanna Uhler asked her son if he would like to help participate moving his grandparents in at
their new home in Texas. However, like most college students would agree, Alex confirmed that
he was too busy. In this case, being busy, was trying to stay on top of a drug addiction that had
grown very large in his nearby Charlotte communities and neighborhoods. Five days later, things
changed for Deanna, as her son took his last breath due to a drug overdose. As sad as the story is,
Deanna wanted to publish the story to inform others of her heartache that she had to experience. I
will use this magazine article published by Charlotte Magazine, to inform individuals of the
growing drug problems in charlotte, and how to protect yourself from the harm and trouble of
getting addicted.

Rivenbark, Jeff. "CMPD to Hire 50 New Officers." - WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic
for Charlotte, NC. WBTV- On Your Side, 28 July 2009. Web. 31 Mar. 2015.

I have found this source to back up one of my three solutions that I will propose. It shows how
officers are hired and where the money is coming from.

"SBIRT." / SAMHSA-HRSA. SAMHSA-HRSA, n.d. Web. 31 Mar. 2015.

The SBIRT is a medical screening process that looks for addition in all patients. This source will
help clarify how it could be a possible solution to the Black Tar Heroin growth in Charlotte NC.

S. Rep. Drug Control Update at 1-7 (2009). Print.

North Carolina leading officials published this documentation in 2009 to inform the community
on the growing drug problems in charlotte since the beginning of 2007. This informative
document clearly states numerous statistics and information on how the trend continues to
expand here in Charlotte. Through the 7 page document, there are charts and various other data
that demonstrate the rapid growth of the drugs, and where in Charlotte the drugs are being
targeted. This official documentation will help tremendously with my readers wanting to know
exact statistics. North Carolina is in the midst of drug problem, but with your help and superior
education, the citizens can help be the main cause of this arrest on drug abuse.