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Natalie G.

808 West Monroe Street
Alexandria, IN
January 26, 2015
Tammy Carney
Udder Angels Childcare Center
625 West Adams Street
Alexandria, IN 46001
(765) 724-5555
Mrs. Carney,
As an enthusiastic teacher with a passion to help children reach their greatest potential while providing
hands- on experiences that impacts knowledge to preschoolers, I would like to express my strong interest
in the position of a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Udder Angels. My desire and ability to inspire children to
love learning and encouraging positive behavior is sure to prove to be an asset to your school.
I am a dedicated and qualified early childhood teacher with a passion for childrens learning and care. I
have experience working in preschool environments with children four to- five years old as well as with
children five thru thirteen with after school programs. I have established skills in developing and
implementing early age curriculums that have proven to inspire our youth. My ability to create,
administer, and take part in different learning environments and actives provides a great opportunity for
students to reach their fullest potential and attain their learning objectives. I am currently employed as a
lead teacher of a Pre- Kindergarten class at Udder Angles Childcare Center in Alexandria, Indiana.
In my current role I am responsible for delivering creative learning and play activities for up to ten
children ages four-to-five years old. I have developed strong skills in creating fun and interactive
learning opportunities while continually observing and reporting on child development and conduct. I
have strong communication skills and the experience to build a solid rapport with children, families, and
I have experience working with children with special needs including those with behavior challenges
which has allowed me to better understand what is needed to help a child to thrive. I have expertise in
observation, documenting and executing activities that meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of
each child.
I believe that I would be a valuable asset to your team. I have attached my resume that provides more
details about my capabilities to be the Pre-Kindergarten Teacher at Udder Angles Childcare Center.
Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss future possibilities.

Natalie G. Harrison

Natalie G. Harrison
808 West Monroe Street
Alexandria, IN
Currently attending Ivy Tech Community College, graduating Summer 2015
Alexandria Monroe High School, Alexandria IN 2007-2011
CPR certified Experience 02/2017
Background check complete and finger printed 02/2014
Work Experience:
2014- Present, Pre-K teacher at Udder Angels Childcare.
- create curriculums
- accountable for Indiana state surveyor
- utilize ISTAR-KR
- encourage and promote team work among peers, parents and specialists
- instilling calm open communication while promoting availability
- develop learning opportunities following ages and stages
- disinfect and prepare areas for future use
- ensure safety is first while inspiring young minds
- monitor food vouchers for state reporting
- confirm children were picked up by appropriate care taker
2000- Present, provided child care for several families after school, weekends and during
school vacations.
- create safe fun environment to inspire young minds
- experienced in safe handling of breast milk and formula along with special
hygiene required of babies
2013-2014 After school program teacher at Udder Angels Childcare in home center.
- creating curriculums
- accountable for Indiana state surveyor
- encourage and promote team work among peers, parents and specialists
- instilling calm open communication while promoting availability
- ensure safety is first while inspiring young minds
- responsible for food preparation and clean up
Challenging Behaviors 12/16/2014
Social and Emotional 11/5/2014
Indiana Department of Education provided 1 Hour Training via a webinar format on the
use of authentic assessment and the ISTAR-KR assessment system that the Udder Angels
Childcare uses. 09/18/2014

CACFP, Civil Rights, Child Abuse, Fire Safety, Lesson Planning, Curriculum,
Assessments, Inclusion, Special Needs, State orientation Form, and Center Policies
Learning Environments 07/31/2014
CLIMBS, Social and Emotional 05/2/2014
Asthma Training for Child Care Providers (Modules 1 and 2) 05/2/2014
Fathers in Child Care 04/25/2014
Lets Get the Lead out 04/25/2014
Fostering Language Development Using Literacy Centers in Kindergarten 04/22/2014
Child Abuse and Neglect Detection and Prevention 04/16/2014
Fresh, Fast, and Fibulaes CACFP 04/15/2014
Fostering Language Development Literacy Across the Curriculum 04/15/2014

Indiana University Leadership Academy/Retreat 2012
Graduated from Alexandria Monroe High School rating in the top 20% of my class.
Ball State Science Fair Award, presented by U.S. Public Health Services as Outstanding
Student Award for recognition of an outstanding student project that creatively illustrates
the Surgeon Generals focus on promoting health lifestyles through the benefit of
physical activity, balanced nutrition and avoidance of tobacco and substance abuse.

Community Involvement:
Food pantry volunteer, involved with stocking shelves and bagging groceries.
Maternity center volunteer involved with many fund raisers and engaged with residents
assisting with family skills.
Migrant camp volunteer, assisted with many camp projects from passing out blankets to
those in need to weekly movies and refreshments for the camp residents.
Coats for Caring volunteer, setting up, passing out coats, and taking down.
Hoosier Outdoor Experience volunteer, (tent I worked in was American Camp
STEAM ( at Ivy Tech Community College I created the power point)


Fr. Paul Cochran, (219) 956-3343

Priest of Sorrowful Mother
165 S. Grace Street

Gina Leonard, (765)621-2515

City of Anderson Police Dept.
Intelligence, Criminal Analyst

Wheatfield, IN 46392

Anderson, IN

Sherry Chafin, (765)716-5525

Delaware County Clerk
Gaston, IN

Rachel Duckworth (765) 425-1974

Kindergarten Teacher
7609 West 200 South
Swayzee, IN 46986