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ANOTHER POSSIBILITY for solo electric guitar written at the suggestion of Wieck Hijmans, as a remembering of Morton Feldman's lost "The Possibility of a Work for Electric Guitar" Where there are no barlines tempo is free. Indicated tempi are are only suggestions. Wedges (A) = pause of variably free duration, from quite short to quite long. There may also be pauses indicated by the spacing of notes. re duration is free; if barred, extended to next 4 ZY = slide (glissando), with vibrato bar if available a = if vibrato bar available, raise pitch a fraction of a tone less than half x = some change of color or way of playing (plucking, striking strings, etc.) Chords that are "impossible" to play: consider one or more of the notes as grace notes preceding the rest of the notes. Christian Wolff ANOTHER POSSIBILITY Aes i. 8 = 2 : a ; = Wile =: "Sq a v ee t = 45 Ts pet asm = F * = —— “ te = SS ei a 7 Pag Spe = oe f — roa 373 re te "s TTF Fecptat From 17 AL Cepteewat yt Dy at ed By a or = oa ert Trat Psy ge OT mana Merle DEN eee mee et a 3 (PSB ab? a Si y pl | cE Play at strings indicated. Motes on line = that open string. Notes line = any higher, fingered, note on that string (always variable). ce are onal. If taken, may, of course, use different fingered notes. a4e Sy owe 5 Bian ta 2