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1.How does John Goodlad define classroom Climate?

A holistic concept that involves a set of underlying relationships and a tone or sense of being
and feeling in the classroom.
2. Diane Ravitch states that classroom climate must have two qualities. What are they?
Relaxed and tension free.
3. Identify what you consider the three most significant characteristics of classroom climate from
the list of seven provided by Vito Perrone.
List of Seven
1. Students have time to wonder and find a direction that interests
2. Topics have an intriguing quality, something common seen in a
new way
3. teachers permit -even encourage- different forms of expression
and respect students; views
4. teachers are passionate about their work
5. students create original or personal products
6. students do something = they participate in activities that matter
7. students sense that the results of their work are not
The three most important to me are 2, 4, and 7.
4. What two concepts do the authors indicate will help you examine classroom climate? Define
The two concepts are voice and space.
Voice- The multifaceted interlocking set of meanings through which students and teachers
actively engage with one another.
Space- the space between and among people, and the manner in which this space is
maintained and the type of space that is created determine climate.