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Temperature Changes in Earth’s Atmosphere You have been provided with a blank graph. Follow the instructions below to construct a model of Earth's atmosphere. 1, Graph the data below. Use a ruler to connect the points in the same order you plotted them. 2. Once you have connected all of the points, go over the line in a red colored pencil. ‘Altitude (km) ‘Temperature (degrees Celsius) 0 5 5 15 10 60 15 -60 20 -60 25 “55 30 -45 35 =30 40 =15 45 50 55 60 65 a 75 80, 85, 90 95 100 - 105 10 3, Draw a mountain on your graph between 3 and 30 degrees on the x-axis with a height of 10 kilometers. Label it Mount Everest and color it brown. 4, Draw a black horizontal line across your graph at each of the following altitudes: 12 km, 50 km, and 80 km. These lines will divide your graph into the 4 main layers of the atmosphere. 5, Label each layer of the atmosphere: Troposphere: 1-12 km Mesosphere: 50-80 km Stratosphere: 12-50 km Thermosphere: 80 km and above Read pages 518-519 so you havea good understanding of the each layer. Add the following L portant characteristics of amitoyour gb A. GP é All weather occurs in the troposphere: draw a cloud, some rain, or a lightening bolt 3 ‘We ive in the troposphere, Drawa picture of person, ahouse, ete f) & ‘j ‘The troposphere is the DENSEST layer of Earth's atmosphere. Make a note of this on your graph, DENSEST LAYER octtieose ‘You will notice that at the top of the troposphere, the temperature STOPS DROPPING. This is called the tropopause. Label the tropopause on your graph. Trope pavsé ‘The Stratosphere contains the ozone layer, Ozone ismade up of 3 Oxygen atoms. Draw ozone molecules across the top of the stratosphere, You will notice that at the top of the stratosphere, the temperature STOPS stvatopause, INCREASING. This is called the stratopause, Label the stratopause on your graph. ‘The Mesosphere {s the coldest layer of the atmosphere, garb GOLDER ST In the Mesosphere, meteoroids burn up due to friction, Draw and colora few Meteor: intheMesosphere, = CI You will notice that at the top of the Mesosphere the temperature STOPS DROPPING, ‘This is called the mesopause, Label the mesopause on your graph. MeSopause, jake a note of this on your ‘The Thermosphere is the least dense layer of the atmosphere: air particles are VERY far apart Make anote ofthis onyourgraph. © Least ° Dense ia ‘The lower part of the thermosphere is called the Ionosphere. The Ionosphere protects us from harmful radiation, Gas particles absorb high-energy radiation from the sun and produce auroras, or as we know them ~ the Northern Lights. Label the Ionosphere and color the northern lights on your graph. 4-22.23, uc “Above the Ionosphere [400im+) is the Exosphere, which extends above 600 km and blends into outer space. Label the Exosphere on your graph. Exegmhere = "Exit" Satellites like the International Space Station orbit earth in the upper Thermosphere. Draw a satellite on your graph in the upper Thermosphere/Exosphere e ba Kalla ; t ei a a s th Ferro nek i ean agairde: Name Date Chass ae REVIEW A Layers of the Atmosphere ¢ Understanding Main Ideas The graph below shows altitudes and temperatures for the four main layers of the aimosphere, Label the four layers ad then complete the statensentsthat{oliow. Altude (kun above sea level) nore ca tec ee catia Temperature (°C) 5. The coldest temperatures in the atmosphere occur at an altimde of sbout 6. The hottest temperatures in the atmosphere occur in the 7, Temperatures increase in the and layers of the atmosphere. | aa §, Asyou move up through the mesosphere, the temperature answer ¢ Building Vocabulary nese | If the statement is true, write tru. Ifit is false, change the underlined word! or words : to make the statement true. 9, The layer of the atmosphere where weather occurs is the thermosphere, Ubeth yy 10. The mesospliere is the layer ofthe etmosphere that contains ozone, Se LL. The exosphere is the outer layer of the thermosphere. | yrade 12. Most meteoroids burn up inthe stratosphere, _ 13. The troposphere is divided into two layers. ee 14. The rnosphere lies between the mesosphete and exosphere,