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Education Administration Artifact Reflection

Artifact Title: M & M statistics

Date: Annually: spring 2007-2014
Artifact Description
To help meet statistics and data analysis standards in Algebra I and Algebra II I created a
project using M &Ms in order to give students an opportunity to collect data and apply
knowledge of statistics and analyzing this data with an object they are familiar with. This
project was completed in two parts. The first to introduce statistics and proper data collection
techniques, and also as a project to analyze the data in order to better draw conclusions.

Wisconsin Administrator Standard Alignment

The M & M statistics artifact best aligns with the
Administrative Standard 1-7 planning and
which states:
The teacher plans instruction based upon knowledge of
subject matter, students, the community and curricular goals.

This artifact best aligns with Standard 1.7 because it demonstrates an ability to create lessons
and activities that operate at multiple levels to meet the developmental and individual needs
for diverse learners and help each progress.
The project begins with a basic step by step instruction of how to collect date along with a
discussion of why we may need to collect data. As the project progresses student begin to
analyze data collection methods and critique different methods for collecting data as well as
reflect on the methods used for the project. The lesson is flexible and is fit to ability of the
students to plan a data collection prior to collect or to reflect on the data collection process
after its completion.
Once data is collected student perform many tasks at multiple levels of questioning in order to
analyze and draw conclusions based on the data. The ultimate goal of the project is for
students to be able to use their data collection in order to make generalizations of what they
have found as well as make informed consumer decisions based on their data.

What I learned about teaching from this experience:

This artifact helped me to understand the importance of planning lessons and activities students can
relate to and apply to their daily lives. It allowed me to build questioning and foster thinking at
different levels in order to challenge all students without making any feel overwhelmed. They were
able to try new things both mathematically and by using technology to create graphs without
apprehension of making errors because it was done within a comfort zone of using an item they
were comfortable and familiar with. Plus, who doesnt enjoy the opportunity to have a treat after
completing a task.

What I learned about myself as a prospective administrator as a result of this experience/artifact:

As an administrator I plan to promote planning of strong activities that can incorporate many levels
of thinking, processing and tie in many topics into one cohesive activity. The trend of education is
to create more project based learning opportunities. As an administrator I hope to be able to build
opportunities that not only meet the needs of students in individual classes, but also across multiple
disciplines in order to build connections across academic disciplines in order to build a higher level
of understanding and application of knowledge.