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1 features:

File packaging

the consequential mechanism of file packaging ensures optimized loading of

the in-game maps.

Separate folder for user-made game modifications (mods)

with every new update, the game will be installed with a clean client and with
a separate folder for user-made game modifications (mods). This feature will he
lp to avoid possible conflicts of the game with mods.
players will have a better control over their mods. They will be able to use
mods by keeping them in a separate folder, without having to change game files.
Important to note before installing 7.1.1:
7.1.1 is the client update. Players will not have to download any files. Once th
e client is launched, it will automatically start downloading the update (approx
. 10 MB).
If players have installed any mods or changed the game interface, update 7.1.1 m
ay require a significantly larger volume of necessary files, up to 5 GB. To avoi
d this problem we advise players to uninstall World of Tanks from their PCs, dow
nload the full 7.1.1 game client, and install the game anew.