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FIRE ALARM SYSTEM INSPECTION REPORT [Customer Name:« - Building Name: Inspection Date: FER~OS , 201s Address:$ 7 PERTLOR. Inspectors: Contact Name: "" a. Make/Model: SUmnm7T $F - Seo Contact Number: YES NO. NA 1. Fire alarm pull stations operated satisfactorily? (See Device location sheets) a 2, Heat activated devices operated satisfactorily? (Gee Device location sheets) oa 3. Smoke activated detectors operated satisfactorily? (See Device location sheets) ea 4. Alarm bells operated satisfactorily? Gee Device tocation sheet) ae 5. In-suite buzzers operated satisfactorily? (See Device location sheets) Fa 6. Sprinkler, flow and tamper devices opesaied satisfactorily? (See Device location sheets) y= =a 7. Auxiliary fire alarm devices operated satisfactorily? a, Magnetic Door: 2 b.Blectronic Latches Z ©. Fan Control ee 4. Other: __JeLEv ATOR, HOTMING ee = 8. Fire alarm annunciator operated satisfactorily? (See Device loeation shes) a. AtPanel: Ren ez 9. Panel functioning correctly? ain % = 'b. Initiating: — c, Common Control 1 = 10. Fir alarm tested om DC, owe satiny? a ch = [5A min Dison ET. TI 223v owspoyn27.VDC ¢. Full load voltage: d, Battery stand-by voltage: 11 Fr alarm bateris ls replaced?” area ZX PAL RAW Type: GensTER= 2x PPM Dale: Den 13 12. Monitoring connections verified? Trouble” Soperisory «Alara Pz 13. Monitoring company phone number?___Acent. Tel 14. Ifthe system is a two stage — what is the time out period? NAD Miscellaneous Inspections & Tests: 1. Fire extinguisher maintenancelservice done? (See additional report) 2, Emergency lighting maintenance/service done? (See additional report) Min. 3. Kitchen hood or special fire suppression system tested? (See additional repr) 4. Are Fire phones and public address systems tested? 5. Fire hose maintenance/service done? (See atonal por) 6. In-suite smoke alarms tested? (See device location sheets) — cine Comments andlor Repairs: 275 ASTT Stamp Bbw o Actes) To CeeVeyo INPFT Ae D SIO Pvi7ES WHITE -Customer Copy ~ YELLOW-File Copy ~ PINK ~Site Copy SPRINKLER SYSTEM INSPECTION REPORT Head Office Customer Name: Work Site [inspection Date Fei 05, Beast Inspector, : ess 7 Dry Systems: Of | Make"T4 @e) | Mode! No.DAM- yp Wei Sysems gy | Make SAS SEN, Taine WED aay Contact Name: a ntact Number YES NONA | YES NO NA a. Areal systems in service? YZ ____ | a tsdey valve inservice and in good Areal fire protection systems same condition? af as las inspection? NEw Mc | 6, Isair pressure and priming water level «. Isbuilding completely sprinklred? 42 | normal? vw 4 all stock in storage rooms property «. Isaircompresorin good condition, below sprinkler heads? 4 — | © ail evet comet and untoader «. Are Fire Department connections free functional? of obvious obstructions, coupling 4. Were low points drained?” rings move freely? | Does this system require f. Fire Department caps in place? 3 | wimteriztion? e. Backflow prevent ested? AZ | fe Are Quick Opening Devices in service (Accelerator)? Ball drip strainer cleaned? Was dry valve trp tested?” Was full low test done? ‘When is next full flow test due? ‘Time water to inspectors test? ‘Are dry valves adequately protected ce LE’ 1, Areall sprinkler system main control valves open? ooo a: », Areall other valves in proper position? 7 «Are all control valves in good condition? 4 — — | _ trom vezing? Co {Are valves monitored by fire alarm m. Are valve house and heater condition panel? WL — | atistctory? oe PRESSURE TEST: SPRINKLER PIPING: Main Drain static. Residual 4. Are sprinkler heads in good Day System Cain BHCurour YO condition, not obsiricted and fee of Low Air (i applicable: 26 Low Water (if applicable). | corrosion or paint? 2 Wet System b. Are extra sprinkle heads & wrench (Excess Pressure Pump): Cutin_. C1 readily available? —— «, Is condition of piping, drain valves, wer check valves, hangers, pressure gauges open sprinklers stsfactoy? gd a, In area protected by wet system, does the building appear o be properly WATER SUPPLIES heated in al the areas, including blind ates, perimeter areas, and are all 2. Wasa ater ow tte andes exterior openings protected aginst Satisfactory? oe entrance of cold air? wf b, Isantficeze system operational and ALARMS: left in satisfactory condition? pein sag Antifreeze tested = a. Water motor gong tes stisfacioy’? «= __ «Ate alarm valves, water How indicators, b. Plow/pressure switch est okay? a as and retards in satisfactory condition? ___| ¢. Tamper/low airflow water test okay? == d. Alarm signal sent to fire panel & confirmed? % ‘Comments and/or Repairs: Tes. OK = ‘uomsod uado ayp 01 pousmy2a soaqea ors Adog siaysoy, squig Sdo3 oH MONA wrEpIbo> s40¢ Jo AULD “AIAN _-tenuyy yonuay won s9UU0> SSO, 1uouino ayp Aq paurpno STusuisumbar 2ouewo}i0d 24) ye pu fIqurosse axoge