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from Zone
NOW available from Zone Advanced
Protection Systems is the exacqVision
network digital video recorder, a hybrid The exacqVision family is enhanced by the
solution specifically designed to merge IP release of Version 2.6 of the exacqVision IP video
surveillance software. Key features in the Version
and analogue cameras into a seamless 2.6 release include exacqReplay – instant right-

and highly modular solution. click replay from any camera view, joystick support
– added support for all USB joysticks for PTZ
functionality, Arecont 5100 support - 5 Megapixel

IP camera, improved Axis integration a new 6×5
ONE Advanced Protection Systems is widescreen view, shortcut function key support -
distributing the powerful exacqVision function keys for help, hide navigation panel, hide
Network Digital Video Recorder, a hybrid toolbar, and full screen.
networked DVR that brings IP and With exacqReplay you can right-click on any live
analogue cameras together in a single interface. The window and see the last few seconds or minutes of
exacqVision family includes 32 analogue inputs and video recorded on that camera. exacqReplay then
8 IP inputs, and there are 16/8 input versions as well pops up a window showing that camera’s video for
as a 4/4 input system. the selected time.
At the top end is the exacqVision Pro 32/8 channel The window can be resized and displayed in-line
hybrid which has a global frame rate of 960 images or on another monitor. The video selection can be
per second. Performance is strong, with this camera “scrubbed” back and forth, and you can step through
delivering 4CIF resolution at 25 ips on all channels. the clip frame by frame, both forward and backward.
The system employs hardware compression on You can also right-click to bring up a menu where
all analog cameras using MPEG-4, with inputs you can save individual images, video clips, and
terminating at a 2U 19-inch chassis. even burn directly to a CD-R or DVD-RAM.
Along with support for analog cameras, the Another good feature is the addition of support
exacqVision solution offers support for standard, for USB joysticks to control the PTZ functions
PTZ and megapixel IP cameras from makers like within exacqVision client. Using a USB joystick, you
Axis, Sony, Arecont and IQinvision. It’s possible to can control not only specific PTZ cameras, analog or
add up to 64 IP cameras per server. IP, but also control fixed camera PTZ using digital
Client server architecture gives stability and PTZ functionality. zzz
security while the mix and match exacqVision IP
and exacqVision Pro systems allow easy addition
of IP and Analog cameras for a hybrid, scalable
enterprise video surveillance system, from one
camera to hundreds.
The user interface is common to both systems,
whether they be analog or IP, or both. The user
interface allows simultaneous record, playback, and
search and there’s also POS/ATM Integration. The
powerful text insertion and indexing allow for POS
and ATM video and transaction recording.
There are extensive Input/Outputs including
16/32 video inputs, a multiplexed video output,
alarm inputs and outputs, audio, serial ports (RS-
232 & 485) for POS/ATM and PTZ, and API for third-
party integration of video analytic software and
access control systems.

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