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1. Discuss how the practices that TecSmart identified support Deming’s 14 points.

TecSmart Electronics embraced Deming’s philosophy to the point that the company
established Deming Steering Committee to guide the process and champion for each 14
points of the philosophy. The company also invested to send its employees to Deming
Seminars to be fully aware of the philosophy. Listing the strengths of the company, more of
its practices are aligned in Deming’s 14 points.
1. Create a vision and demonstrate commitment. This initiative is related to
publishing to all employees a statement of the aims and purposes of the company
or other organization.
The company’s objectives of TecSmart are set by its senior management. The senior
management encourage and guide cross-functional teams to review and develop
individual plans to be aligned with the company’s objectives. The company’s objectives
are cascaded among the employees and each employee aligns his objectives to support
the whole company’s objectives/vision.

2. Learn the new philosophy, top management and everybody.
Senior leaders teach courses in TecSmart University related on change management,
customer service, quality and leadership, meet with customers, suppliers and
benchmarking partners and actively engaged in professional and community
organizations. Senior leaders as trainers are better way to impart knowledge to the
employees. As employees, it is better to see your leaders know and apply different
philosophy and cascading among employees.

3. Understand the purpose of inspection, for improvement of processes and
reduction of cost.
TecSmart used statistical methods when new product is introduced to design engineers
and customers to ensure that the design requirements are met during manufacturing and
testing. All processes are documented with proper statistical monitoring on the variation
and providing corrective action.

4. End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag alone.
In the list of the strengths in the case, pricing is never an issue and TecSmart is focused
on quality, service and value.

customer service. office staff and managers. Drive out fear. Optimize toward the aims and purposes of the company the efforts of teams. Creation of trust is in terms of empowering employees in decision making and managers to do coaching and process improvement. Leadership is being taught by the senior leaders of TecSmart and leadership is instituted through empowering its employees to make day-to-day decisions in work and managers do coaching to its subordinates. Institute training. Create a climate of innovation. . This creates open communication between the management and employees. Senior leaders actively participate in regular meetings to discuss company issues and answer questions of the employees.5. groups. The company also uses selfmanaged work groups wherein each employee is empowered to make day-to-day decision while the managers are focused on coaching and process improvements. TecSmart applies Six Sigma goals to most of its processes. The company has its TecSmart University wherein senior leaders talk about change management. Improve constantly and forever the system of production and service. 6. The company allows different work groups and cross-functional teams to do certain tasks. All employees are trained in a five-step problem solving process. 9. Teach and institute leadership. The company also allows to make process changes initiated by its employees. quality and leadership. 7. 8. staff areas. The collaboration of teams especially in product development is more effective to consider different processes and specifications that the new product may affect when produced. The average employee receives 72 hours of internal quality/service-related training and quality training mandatory for all salespeople. Create trust. TecSmart does survey on its employees on the feedback of implementation and employee opinions. engineers. TecSmart ensures that every employee’s objectives is aligned in the company’s goals.

learn and institute methods for improvement. Quotas are not discuss in the case while objectives are part of the company’s strengths. 11. The Baldrige criteria for Performance Excellence is formulated to allow the companies enhance their competitiveness to an aligned approach to organizational performance . It continuously embraces the constant changes in the technology and industry which prepares the whole company to act on these changes. Though objectives are not clearly stated if those are arbitrary. However. Eliminate numerical quotas for production. it can be a measure if each process complies with the Six Sigma and if it does not comply. As TecSmart plans to adapt Baldrige philosophy. TecSmart invest different training to employees and allow managers to coach their subordinates. 14. Transformation should always start in top management as they have the power to move the company to whatever direction they want to move. Remove barriers that rob people of pride of workmanship. Empowering and training them to be more equipped at work will bring them pride to love their work. How do these practices support the Baldrige criteria? Specifically. Working in teams with cross functional activities adds learning to each employee. other strengths of the company show that it embraces process improvements. learn the capabilities of processes and how to improve them. These initiatives will hone the employees to be the future leaders of the company. Eliminate MBO (Manage by Objective). numerical or with variation. TecSmart through its strengths shows that the company values its employees. Eliminate exhortations for the workforce. TecSmart clearly states its focus – quality. Instead.10. Six Sigma is part of their goals which is about quality of its processes. its initiative to start on top is a better move to transform the whole company. process improvement may take place. identify which of the questions in the criteria each of these practices address. 12. It does not sick to its current “system” but does strategic planning which covers all stakeholders for the improvement of the company. service and value. Take action to accomplish transformation. 2. the company does not stop there. 13. Instead. Encourage education and self-improvement for everyone.

Customer feedback and market research are also being done to be used for the planning. manages. Department teams develop detailed action plans with measurable goals while the CEO reviews progress monthly. . the criteria consist of 7 categories. some are already applicable to the criteria. and improves its data. analyzes. Relating these to TecSmart practices. To achieve such results. The after sales service is being provided by the company as there’s an assigned VP to handle the complaints and should be resolved in 2 with the following results: (1) delivery of ever-improving value to customers. market research. The company does not only focus on its customers’ information but also considering other stakeholders’ information such as suppliers. and employees. and industry leaders are the basis on benchmarking. expectations. 3. industry and employees which also affect the performance of the company. and processes. customer feedback. Leadership: How an organization’s senior leaders address values. and learning? The senior management of TecSmart is very active and hands on in terms of transforming the company in higher level especially in their move to support Baldrige. resulting in improved marketplace success (2) improvement of overall company performance and capabilities (3) organizational and personal learning. Strategic Planning: How an organization develops strategic objectives and action plans? How the chosen objectives and plans are deployed and how progress is measured? TecSmart has its process of aligning the objectives of the whole company from top to bottom to ensure that every employee’s goals will support the whole company’s goals. and employee opinion surveys. information and knowledge assets? TecSmart use internal and external data for analysis on its customers. and preferences of customers and markets? How the organization builds relationships with customers and determines the key factors that lead to customer acquisition. Details in the gathered information are being used to analysis to improve products. 4. Strategic planning is also in place where in all stakeholders from customers. satisfaction. suppliers. suppliers. Customer satisfaction data is acquired from sales representatives through phone calls. innovation. continuous improvement in the processes and learning of the whole organization. customer feedback. as well as a focus on customers and other stakeholders. services. These results are seen in the initiatives of TecSmart Electronics such as its value to customers through its quality products and services. visits and surveys as these are being reviewed during strategic planning. and industry benchmarking. 1. analysis and knowledge management: How an organization selects. It applies different processes to gather customer information and validate through cross referencing. 2. loyalty and retention and to business expansion? TecSmart is company that is customer focus and finds its way to get the needs of its customers through market research. gathers. All managers are given inputs for team analyses and also being discussed among the employees and suppliers. Measurement. directions. competitors. empowerment. Customer and market focus: How an organization determines requirements. industry. and performance expectations.

and technology. 7. and governance and social responsibility. Since there’s always an ever changing customers’ needs. TecSmart sends its employees to 72 hours of internal quality/service-related training. including key product. Strategic planning is also in place so that the management will the future plans and directions of the whole company which covers the product. It is a benchmark of standards for each processes and can be a basis for improvement if noncompliant. TecSmart has its continuous process of evaluating its performance through customer feedback. The company also empowers its employees and managers to be in-charge in day-to-day decision making and coaching for managers. the company should not be complacent and should be ready to act on these changes. Human Resource Focus: How an organization employee learning and motivation enable employees to develop and utilize their full potential in the alignment with the organization’s overall objectives and action plans? Examines the organization’s efforts to build and maintain a work environment and employee support climate conducive to performance excellence and to personal and organizational growth. The employees have an opportunity to have cross functional assignments to be more exposed and share their expertise to a new project / product. TecSmart invested trainings for its employees and put up the company’s university for its employees learning and helping them to be more equipped at work. operational performance. service and business processes that will be improved and introduced. industry’s practice. Imparting knowledge through trainings facilitated by its Senior management is an effort of two way learning as employees learn from the speaker and Senior management needs to learn what share in the training. products and services. service. The company also focuses and gives importance to its employees as they are part of the evaluation of implementation in Deming’s 14 points and assessment of quality through employee opinion surveys.5. examined are performance levels relative to competitors. What are some of the obvious opportunities for improvement relative to the Baldrige criteria? What actions would you recommend that TecSmart do to improve its pursuit of performance excellence using Baldrige Criteria? TecSmart has performed well and practiced Deming’s 14 points to maintain and improve the quality on its processes. financial and marketplace performance. employee opinion surveys and internal audits. Getting first-hand information to the affected stakeholders will help better examination on the company’s performance. 6. Also. human resource results. Process Management: Examines the key aspects of an organization’s process management. product and service performance. . and quality training. The company also trains its employees to have a five-step problem solving process to have a systematic way on how to handle challenges. TecSmart has been implementing Six Sigma goals most of its processes. Business Results: Examines an organization’s performance and improvement in key business areas-customer satisfaction. and business processes for creating customer and organizational value and key support processes involving all work units. At times. 3. competition. implementation of the philosophy is not always a smooth process and there will always be opportunities for improvement especially in embracing the new Baldrige criteria.

the company failed to detail the key result areas and performance measure of every employee and the whole company. Corporate social responsibility should be part of the initiatives of the company on how it can help in the society. what total quality management practices and principles should TecSmart adapt and how should they implement such principle? (Glenda) How can TecSmart identify areas that need most improvement to meet the criteria requirements for performance excellence? . The company may share medical products for free in public hospitals as part of their CSR. The VP should have an assigned team to handle customer complaints to be more hands on and fully monitored and responded within the turnaround time. TecSmart should reevaluate on the use of Senior Management in some of the major regular operational processes of the company such as a VP assigned to answer complaints and the CEO to review the progress monthly related to the proposed action plans. It also lacks to answer the question in the leadership criteria in terms of examining how the organization address its public and community responsibilities.In terms of process improvement. TecSmart has involved every employee in the decision making. Senior management should step up and be more active in governance for the whole company. The senior management should be in charged in decision making and planning as to the direction of the company. Lastly. A standardized performance measure which should be done on a regular basis should also be implemented to ensure that goals are met and whether the whole company is in compliant with Baldrige criteria. It does not mean the employees should not be part of the decision making but the senior management should still initiate the final decisions in the company. As CEO. Goals are defined but measurable key result areas should also be identified to properly measure whether targets are met. Problem Suggestion (ZEE): How can TecSmart improve its performance in excellence using different total quality management frameworks and principles? (Pink) In the pursuit of performance excellence. The company is paying high with these personnel and they are doing transactional processes wherein should be assigned in the middle management. monthly review of progress of the detailed action plans should not be part of his role as it should only be presented to him and someone should be assigned to spearhead the progress and ensure that action plans should be implemented within planned.

5.its kinda hard to determine what would be the problematic areas for improvement kasi it seems that they already perfected the Demings criteria =( Objectives Suggestion (ZEE): 1. To decide which total quality philosophy should the company adapt and implement. To apply criteria/ concepts / best practices based on the total quality management 6. To apply total quality management frameworks and principles in the areas that require improvement in TecSmart. To conduct evaluation on each areas/ processes to be able to apply improvement ACA1 Time constraints Feasibility Practicality Budget constraints ACA2 ACA3 . To determine which practices to improve or eliminate.-. 2. 3. 4. To improve the performance in excellence of TecSmart.