Savings play a key role in emerging markets where high rate of savings enable banks to go for circulation of money and to go for loans giving this results in growth of entrepreneurship in the economy Foreign Direct Investment boosts growth of economy faster but can crash down also faster because of removal of cash at any given point of time by the investor unless stringent rules aren't guaranteed by the country where this type of foreign direct investment is allowed Foreign Institutional Investors also play the same role as FDI with same policy how to provide stringent rules and regulations is basically for example amount of withdrawal by investors by country per day/per month monitored by say RBI of INDIA NEXT Private sector role should be basically entrepreneurship promoted if possible through companies by providing finance by company to its employees Its advantage would be enjoyed in the long run Specific segments which company wants to promote can be promoted through entrepreneurship by its own employees which company feels comfortable Specification of these types of industries can be specified through HR policy Example: TATAS promoting spare part units through its employees entrepreneurship by providing capital at cheaper rates than banks NEXT Opening up of accounts is done usually through reference,

some additional benefits like company accounts being used for loan giving to needy which aids the giver of loan an additional percentage of savings in the long run say period of 1 year and above savings without spending This type of policy can be used in Fixed Deposits and shifted to other types of accounts say current account Other types of accounts being used by banks can be by linking the accounts to financial instruments Think what can be those instruments to promote entrepreneurship by providing loans Example: - checks over a period of time not to exceed per leaf an excess of 10,000 rs would be awarded a cash prize of 1% on total savings made on that particular time frame (average) per year NEXT Educational institutions in some countries is being used by lending support in food consumption if child is sent to school up to a certain standard of class their should be some other type of motivation in sense that job guarantee in labor market once child completes certain standard of education within a specific time frame Educational institutions if made private would increase the expenditure of a family as they look out for more profits, If these benefits are provided with companies setting out educational institutions for its labor with funding on equal basis with Government, How its that This would make even companies happy with labor union leaders in their respective branches Example: TATAS having their own medical doctors taking care of labour free of cost in Jamshedpur, jharkand This extended to education also NEXT

Research and Development wing has to improve its standards over the period of time with enough investment made for looking at future growth of brands How can this happen, It can happen only if CEO of company sets up a statutory body to look at patents that are coming up in the market at regular intervals especially in its own home country Through 4c research can be shared between companies or done research together Technological advancement can be checked in its country if this policy is decided by Board Members Companies have to go for innovations of their brands on regular basis if they want to survive How to do it innovatively or say how would you manage these brands It is through 4c can play an important role in sharing information about industry segment wise in both research and innovation What are the steps needed to get/manage information on brands? Ans) steps needed to get/manage information under branding are

Step one
Prioritize information as per company core competency

Step two
Check out the database available in Internet based upon your core competency information

Step three
Streamline as per companies man power requirement

Step four
Prioritize information based upon the company product brand requirement

Step five
Brands which are successful has to be channelised first through information

Step six
Brands which are into losses or average sales, must be given least preference, because these as per jagadish, are selling based upon word of mouth and not the other mediums of communication

Step seven:
Check out the information between success and failure brands information and do SWOT analysis to get results

Step eight
Check out the working capital (cash in hand) to do research on successful products Continuing them on mature stage so that they don’t lose sales

Step nine:
Do SWOT on successful and unsuccessful brands based upon regular updating of information on brands relating to core competency NEXT Corporate speeches: Any speech made by company organization at different management meets must be recorded or distributed to employees Knowing about the company (its accomplishments/vision/mission) is the right of every employee As direction given by the CEO and board members must be key in sharing information for a company The different ways by which this sharing of information can be done is through a) Toll free numbers where company employee’s problem can be heard and shared with board members on selective basis b) Company CEO or management speeches to be highlighted/shown in specific rooms

c) Company brochures monthly to be distributed so that company progress can be highlighted with stakeholder’s information and their opinion to be highlighted These are some of few initiatives can be taken by the corporate CEO or board of directors in consultation with employees/stakeholders/consultants NEXT CHINA biggest problem in future as understood by jagadish Note to INDIA also As per CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) USA of china report As I read the report that rural sector problem of poverty is reducing, I was thinking how it could have been done The report never said how that poverty problem was solved It said by solving problem in coastal belt of china poverty elevation was done It was also specified in the report as per my knowledge that villagers mostly have shifted their base camp to urban cities, how could they shift Policy regarding rural elevation in coastal belts was taken as per report 30 years back as per my remembrance Repercussions Jagadish feels if any country has to reduce poverty in rural areas that too specially if looked at from India perspective What India is doing is constructing houses for rural areas and I suppose it is free of cost What happens if it is free of cost after some years say villagers wait for 2 to 3 years in that constructed houses built by government Villagers would sell that house on the spot to some real estate company for want of money and shift their camp to urban cities or towns for employment because they have free money This means you are generating money for rural sector free of cost

money reducing the price of houses in rural sector in near future because villagers have shifted to urban areas by selling house which were constructed say at 3 lakhs suppose and they sold it at 1 lakh for not knowing the price as was constructed by government for them Loss of capital gain Now what happens? These villagers have money freely and invested in houses in cities raising the dwelling charges in urban cities in due course of time China may have implemented it in policy of 30 years which would result by now a huge amount of house property gain unmanageable proportion Too much of demand less of supply of house Now what happens? Prices of commodities also would increase in city life where standard of living would fall down because of rural policy decision After few decade of implementation being taken place again because of free money being spent by rural sector people Unemployment becomes rampant in cities and villagers would not be shifting back to rural areas This would force government to increase tax bracket in cities because of lack of funds available to it because we discussed that their is loss of capital gain though marginal Because of free money earned by villagers without effort being made by villagers Why would tax bracket increase, It would earn because this construction of houses given by government to villagers is all over India Now what happens if tax bracket increases? Those who are in poor state of money have to pay money because tax bracket has increased So I said that standard of living has fallen down in the country

China must have been going through this phase if I am correct, I am not sure India might follow the same plight in future if my prediction comes true It is pure common sense Any thinkers on these lines What can be the solution as per jagadish is concerned if this data provided by me stands correct Shift the money faster from public which is free to central government to reduce money in supply But to be noted that with government owned companies issuing proper mode of financial instrument on behalf of government say mutual funds which concerns poor people That is where the money is being circulated as per prediction of jagadish mistake might have been committed by government to reduce poverty in country Now another question is the decision of china going in for coastal belt a right decision is now the question even though success has been tasted with reduction in poverty But as per jagadish is concerned this poverty has been reduced because maybe of free money being circulated with no capital gain enjoyed by government if jagadish is correct in interpretation How rural sector should be shifted from low level of standard of living to higher standard of living without shifting them from rural to urban cities Solution has been for a long time about concentrating on education One can debate that with education also shifting of knowledgeable people of village would take place to urban cities but at least problem of free money and economic turmoil can be stopped, It is coming up with intellectual knowledge capitalism instead of money power Which can be added advantage to the urban sector where this type of intellectual capitalism can be used by corporates for money making? That is sharing of knowledge

Another solution is that in order to stop this sales by villagers, government has to sign an agreement with village community as to not to sell their houses at any given point of time If this type of agreement is signed, this problem can be solved with construction of houses being done in villages with the help of village panchayat say in INDIA NEXT 4c concept of sharing products promotion between companies-------Retail Normally when companies promote each other Promotion of company products happen at regular intervals Some companies have their own retail stores, some don't Tie ups happen under each other for promoting their respective brands 4c facilitates promotion of products between companies product promotion through altruism But still problems exist in designing product promotion campaign Reliance Company for example has its own retail store to promote its products at a large scale Companies some because of lack of capital cant promote their products through retail sector of their own and promote products of their own through third party If under 4c companies come under product promotion and try to promote products say under reliance retail stores of say INDIA What problems can come? Say a tie up has happened with reliance by one company to promote its products with reliance Their is a question of shelf space, it can be sorted out with sales under mutual agreement If two, three, four companies come together and want to promote in reliance Then what should reliance retail segment do

Too many products, too less a shelf space If they go with product sales commission if done, their is loss to reliance as some products sell and some products don't sell They may even vary with each change in month as some company products sales would sell in one month and not sell as much in other months. What type of contract would benefit reliance? Jagadish feels that on that basis why not use monthly rent system where a fixed amount of money to be paid to reliance by companies which have come into contract whether product of that company sell or not in any months This type of contracts is applicable to any retail giant say food world, trinetra, Wal-Mart etc. If companies go in for same amount and fight for same retail shelf space for promotion and are ready to pay the amount even if the products don't sell reliance of India for example can ask for vision and mission of products it is selling in near future and based on which it can promote the products. NEXT Paper industry Birla company in India highlighted that paper industry will be lost in few decades down the lane because of lack of trees Now what is the solution? One solution every one knows is that a) Market space (Internet usage) b) Let’s see whether any artificial paper can be prepared or not Example: bonsai (trees, shrubs) Have to consult an agricultural expert say ICRISAT NEXT GENERATION GAP

Generation gap is defined as gap between two generations say between father and son or between mother and son or between two people etc As per records this generation gap is decreasing which means usually intelligence quotient is more than was seen previously between the two entities say father and son Example: father and son intelligence quotient difference previously was 5 years This has decreased to 3 years Which means understanding of terms, management jargon's usage etc has actually been learnt faster than normal, We say it as revolutionary in management but this generation is decreasing why because 1) Usage of information technology 2) Usage of more of brain power than physical work 3) Getting access to information which determines faster decision making by corporate 4) Availability of information Every thing now days are boiling down to strategic decision because now every one has access to same information How to now make strategic decision effective is now the question Working on core competency should be the main criteria as it gives faster access to decision making as it is most affected when decisions are made Something related to money making Second criteria is managing information effectively which has been touched previously by me Check out my managing information blog which has been discussed previously Making training and development part and parcel of management with consultants giving information to employees

Sharing of information within and outside corporate circle should be the criteria when it comes to giving information to stakeholders, employees Example: company blogs which are free to access for both stakeholders and employees NEXT How to provide education to poor people through corporate sector Normally poor people means it is farmers or villages is the natural thought process But another insight being given is workers working in corporate sector They are also poor people earning monthly wages Corporates can tap this poor section in their factories and provide education to their children Benefit: huge amount of goodwill with labor unions without any tension Future these children become workers can be termed knowledgeable workers with education and common sense workers working in factories How to provide this education Construct buildings to provide education is the natural theme But alas another strategy which is much cheaper to corporate sector is Provide Sunday classes when schools are closed or provide evening classes when students leave the premises in the evening by tying up with educational institutions for using their building premises Another way to provide education is during vacations NEXT Role of Information technology in crisis Recently I have been reading what is happening in china with Google and Microsoft being affected the most in ongoing debate about Information technology Internet

I have at last analyzed under commonsense that Microsoft recently released it VC, vc++ etc to the general public free of cost One of the retired employees has stated also in news that Microsoft is coming to standstill I don't know how much it is true but recent attacks in china as to accounts management is becoming very very scary Jagadish me feels that DOS, Linux (both character user interface) should be made mandatory for IT professionals as basics is most important Even windows was created through DOS (Disk Operating System) which is character user interface based programming If professionals can go back to these character user interface knowledge they can save the crisis which is looming large all over the world sincere suggestion to the world is it is as per my knowledge character user interface gives you more security than graphical user interface for simple reason it is character user interface which is difficult to comprehend and difficult to implement For creation of viruses, Trojans Think it over if I am correct in deciphering it NEXT How to earn and spend money when corruption is rampant by companies who want to invest in research or any other purpose Research is rampant across the globe done by many companies to survive, How to spend this wisely if companies think of allotting it to each other under one NGO Why not centralize the money under each country by companies and use it wisely Say 1 crore per month from each company to be allotted from the funds accumulated for mid cap and large cap companies

Why mid cap and large cap been given same amount so that mergers and acquisitions don't happen because if it happens because of free money circulated Economies would collapse soon Think Small caps can be allotted say 25 lakhs based upon its requirement All this money is used under research where a one page report to be submitted by company that wants to utilize the money for itself under vision and mission statement to be submitted to centralized bank under each country This total allotment of money which is accumulated in centralized bank has to be monitored only by one bank selected by the government Every 6 months profit and loss and balance sheet by bank has to be submitted to the companies who have given the money to it for research purpose to be done by any company END

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