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Mission Statement
We strive to enrich the lives of everyone that we come in contact with through
warms smiles, happy attitudes, and delicious Gourmet hot chocolate and snacks.

Our purpose is to deliver a warm cup of hot chocolate with desired flavors that are
not currently being sold in a convenient way. We want to warm the body and soul not just
through drink or food but also with a Cocoista that has a cheerful attitude.

The purpose of the policies is to establish a unified and consistent set of standards
for acceptable business conduct.

Changes, Amendments, and Modifications
Because of federal, state , and local laws, as well as the business environment,
periodically change 43 North reserves the right to amend the policies and procedures in its sole
and absolute discretion.

Effective Date
These policies and procedures shall become effective as of February 2, 2015 and,
at such time, shall supersede any prior Policies and Procedures, and on that date, the old Policies
and Procedures shall cease to have any force or effect.

Reporting Policy Violations
Any employee who observes a policy violation by another employee should
submit a written and signed letter (email will not be accepted) of the violation directly to the then
CEO. In the event that the violation is committed by the then CEO the violation should be to the

Satisfaction Guaranteed and Returns
In the event that a product is returned we will replace that product at no cost. If
the product is a beverage and over half is consumed than this voids any guarantee for

Inventory Ordering/Purchases
The purchasing manager will order all inventory with the approval of the COO.
The COO will follow budgetary set by the treasurer.

Inventory Receiving
After the purchasing manager receives the order the COO and the quality or
control manager will count and sign off on the correct forms. The form will be review by the
CFO and the CEO to be turned in.

Daily Inventory
At opening count the amount of inventory and record. At closing recount
inventory on hand. Included in report will be returns.

Reporting Discrepancies in Inventory
In the event of a discrepancy in any order the purchasing manager will fill out
correct form that is given to COO to be handed in with the invoice and will double copies.

Liquidating Inventory
All hot chocolate inventory left at days end will be thrown out. Baked goods will
be saved for the next days open with council from quality manager.

Transactions Received
Credit: Recording will be done by the software from the card reader.
All other transactions: Recorded in separate application.
Upon request a receipt will be recorded.

Cash on Hand
Two individuals will always have eyes on control. Deposits daily viewed by either
treasurer or COO.

Overnight cash holding
Cash that is received after cashiers office closure will be held by CEO with
records held in CFO’s hand. Subject to change depends on availability or deposit office


Inventory Ordering
● Receive report of inventory on hand

Calculate inventory needs
Place order after approval

Receive Order
Fill out appropriate forms

Inventory Receiving
Managing Inventory
● Opening Manager will conduct inventory count
with staffer
● All transactions will be recorded thus recording
● Closing Manager will conduct inventory count with
● Hot chocolate inventory not sold at days end will be
● Baked goods will be given to quality control for
inspection to be sold the next day.

Cash Procedures
● Cash Receipts
○ Receipts of purchases turned into
treasurer in 24 hours in duplicate
● Cash on hand
○ At opening two people count cash
○ Cash will be held in cash box with
two persons eyes on control.
○ EOB two people count cash.
● Record Keeping
○ two people sign off on cash from
cash count opening of business.
○ Transactions will be counted through
appropriate application.
○ EOB two people sign off on cash
● Deposits

○ EOB Treasurer or COO with another
person with record of cash count make deposits to cashier's office
in Kimball.
● Overnight cash hold
○ Cash box is delivered to CEO with
another eye witness.
○ Record of cash in box from count is
handed to CFO with eye witness.
● Customer Transactions
○ Greet customers with warm smile
○ Receive order
○ Prepare product
○ Receive payment
■ Cash
● Record
ed on application
● Provid
e change if needed.
● Receip
t on request
■ Credit
● Swiped
through application
● provid
e receipt upon request
○ Deliver product
● Equipment
○ Operations
■ On open retrieve tots
from storage
■ set up tent and
■ EOB whip down
everything with disinfectant wips
■ Food products are
taken to Emma’s Kitchen
■ Washed and dried
■ Stored in appropriate

■ Placed in storage in
○ Ordering
■ Follow same policies
as ordering inventory