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During the year 2014 due to power fluctuation the unit could not supply goods in time to

TTK Prestige who are one of the major customers of this unit. Nearly Rs.20.00 lacs was
supposed to have been supplied to them every month. Because of this the entire orders
were cancelled. Hence that year the unit could not perform well. They could not repay the

ad hoc of Rs.20.00 lacs given in 2014.

Now the same company after inspection of the unit have promised to give orders to the

tune of nearly Rs.3.00 crores.

Now Everest Stabilizers have also promised to start giving orders. In all the unit expects

to achieve Rs.600.00 lacs for the year ending 31.3.16.

In this year ending 31.3.15 they expect to achieve Rs.277.00 lacs. Because of the above

reason the units performance have been affected in 2015 also.

From the next financial year the unit has projected a turnaround in the performance which
they are hopeful of achieving. They have not requested for additional credit facilities. In
order to run the factory in a smooth manner they have requested for reducing the cash
credit limit to Rs.60.00 lacs & convert the balance of Rs.60.00 lacs as working capital

term Loan repayable in 60 monthly instalments from April 2015.

As per the projections:

Sales show a huge jump which in turn increases the profitability. Current ratio will be more than
1.25.TOL/TNW will be less than 4.DER will be less than 2.