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Published by Joshua/Jenny Duffy
January 2010
January 2010

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Published by: Joshua/Jenny Duffy on Jan 30, 2010
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January 2010 
“A servant gives service to someone, but a slave belongs to someone. We commit ourselves to do something, but when we surrender ourselves to someone, we give ourselves up.”Murray J, Harris

I think that when Paul refers to himself as a bond slave of Jesus (Romans 1:1) this is one of the most accurate, beautiful illustrations that could be given pertaining to the identification of a Christian. Jesus has freed us from bondage under the law, eliminating our struggle to please God without the aid of Holy Spirit (Romans 7:6) Jesus also freed us from the bondage of sin (Romans 8:2). People have this idea that if they are unrestrained and can do whatever they want, then this will equal happiness. The problem is that since our human nature is inclined to sin, this is inevitably what we’ll choose. Sin does not equal joy, peace or satisfaction. We only need to look at the very people in our own lives and even celebrities to see the sad results of people ‘doing what they want’, which is: drug abuse, suicide, divorce, depression, addiction, to name a few and ultimately death. What people anticipate will make them free actually chains them up and

makes them slaves. But we are no longer stuck on a one-way street of sin which leads to death. When Jesus comes into our sincorrupted heart, he sweeps it clean and replaces all of that garbage with the fruit of the Spirit which is His own nature. Although our flesh still has a tendency toward sin, we have power from Holy Spirit to resist the devil and his temptations. It may sound odd, but the Bible teaches that Jesus gave us freedom to become slaves. I’m not speaking of human slavery, but that we have been liberated to become a slave of Jesus (1 Peter 2:16). Just as Paul proudly declared himself to be, so can we also be a bond slave to Jesus. Deuteronomy 15:16-17 gives us a clear definition of what it meant to be a bond slave. After six years the master was to let his slave free. However, if the slave

loved his master, then the slave could willingly choose to remain with him and serve him for all his life. The bond slave identifies himself as belonging to his master by piercing his ear. The miracle of the Christian life is that we don’t serve God because we have to, but we serve God because we want to. When we meet God, everything changes. Our priorities, goals, plans, and entire lifestyle is suddenly not geared toward advancing ourselves. We want nothing else but God and to do nothing else but serve Him, and so we become His slaves. To be a bond slave means that we willingly give our life up to God because we love Him. He has set our hearts free from sin so that we may be able to choose Him and choose a life devoted to Holiness.

Prayer Requests
-recovery from our colds -a deeper intimacy with God and a greater prayer life -that God would convict the students of their sin, and their need for Jesus -to continue strong in our willingness to serve

"Your intimacy with God is the key source of your intimidation towards the enemy" -Graham Cooke

My Favourite English Class Just recently I asked one of my students in my English class for young adults, if he was a Christian. He had been coming to my English class for a while and I saw that he brou ght his grandmother with him to the Sunday service. He told me that he indee d became a Christian just a few weeks ago. When I asked him if he had a Bible he told me that he’s gone through two because he gave them away , but now he has the Book of Mormon. His grandmother had passed it along to him thinking it was just another Bible. I explained to him that the Book of Morm on isn’t the Bible and I told him the story of Joseph Smith and how Mormonism isn’t the same as Christianity. The next day was a rainy day and so not many students ventured the streets to attend school. Just he and another girl student showed up. I was able to give him a new Bible and told him to throw away the book of Mormon. At the beginning of the class, the Christian student turned to the girl and asked if she believes in Jesus, and she said she hadn’t made up her mind yet. I taught maybe 5 minutes of English that day. I sat down with them and we spent the hour talking about the formation of the Bible, the difference between Buddha and Jesus and the transformed life of a Christian. It was funny. When I stood up and turne d my back to write on the board, I heard the Christian student whisp er to the girl, “So now do you believe in Jesus?” He was maybe a little too eager for her liking and she still wasn’t sure, but I don’t doubt that God is working in her heart.

  Prayer is something we just don’t  do enough of. However, by disciplining our  body (1Cor9:27), we can form a habit of  prayer that will benefit us more than any  other act imaginable. The only reason Chris‐ tians don't prayer more is that we are not in  the habit of doing so. Because we are natu‐ rally lazy, we need to form an opposite  habit. Here are some practical things we can  do to make prayer an active part of our  lives:  are always looking at things that we  can pray about, we just don't realize it.  + When prayer doesn't change our circum‐ stances, it changes our character.  + In trials, don't pray "Get me outta this" but  "Get me through this". The former is a  prayer of abandonment, while the latter is a  prayer of development.      It is said that it takes 21 days to  form a habit. Lets begin today, and reap the  fruit of this inestimable gift. 

• •

Don't pray out of religious duty, but  worship Jesus, and as He loves on you  respond to Him in prayer.  Bother God with the little things, be‐ cause in time, these little things be‐ come the big things.  Read and pray the Bible, take your  time, meditate on it. (If you need to  choose between someone who has  read 10 chapters of the Bible this  morning, and one who has read half of  one (in the same amount of time),  choose the one who read half of one.  Chances are they got more out of it.)  Getting through the Bible is not a race.  Don't give up. If we stop praying, we  stop hoping. Perseverance is more  beneficial to us than convenience. 

• • •

Pray that God will give you a spirit of  prayer.  Start small, no one starts out as a  'prayer warrior'.  Set an alarm on your phone, or what‐ ever, to remind you at certain times of  the day, to pray.  Let the newspaper, or internet, or  whatever, be a living prayer list. We 

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