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CIS274 Advanced Windows Server OS

Chapter 14 Questions

Multiple Choice and Completion
1. What items listed below could be used to increase your servers speed?
a. Single-core CPUs
b. Adding memory
c. Installing a hardware RAID controller
d. Out-of-band management
2. You are training a new server administrator and are discussing server hardware. What
should you tell your new server administrator about server boot-up times?
a. Its quicker than a desktop pc due to the high-performance hardware
b. You should always have a cup of coffee in hand when booting servers because it
takes longer
c. It should not be monitored
d. Server boot-up time is slower
3. You just purchased a new Dell PowerEdge 2950 Server and want to upgrade the
memory. What type and speed of memory does your new server utilize?
Buffered 533/667 RAM
4. Name three server hardware technologies that address networking speed problems.
a. Link aggregation
b. TCP offload engine
c. Fiber
5. What type of RAID offers the best redundancy and performance?
a. RAID 0
b. RAID 1
c. RAID 5
6. What type of server disk attachment is same type of connectivity as desktop PCs
a. SAS

CIS274 Advanced Windows Server OS

Chapter 14 Questions
7. What server technology could be used to help combat power outages?
a. redundant power supplies
b. UPS
c. Fully buffered memory
d. Multi-core CPUs
8. Name three typical desktop hardware components that are NOT typically found in a
a. USB

b. audio

c. monitor

9. What term describes the ability of a server to continue operating after a hardware fault
a. resiliency
b. reliability
c. redundancy
d. retributioning
10.How many RU would you need to mount the following servers:

HP Proliant DL380 G4 One

IBM X346

Dell PowerEdge 4600 Three


10 points: Using resources available to you research and recommend a server with the
following performance constraints in mind:
Normal performance to support 20 users with AD, file and printer services, and

Maximum Power Redundancy.

Dual CPUs

4TB disk storage.

32GB Ram.

$4000 price limit.

Provide your detailed recommendation below.

I have a fivish year old Dell less than 6 feet from me that could support 20 users with
AD, file and printer services, and DHCP with only an up grade to the 80GB hard drive.
Id use that and pocket the $4000.