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Advertisement Lesson Plan

Grade Level/Subject: 4 / Social Studies

Central Focus: Advertisement

Essential Standard/Common Core Objective:

Date submitted:
Date taught: 3/16/15
Understand how market economy impacts life
in NC.
Daily Lesson Objective: Students will understand how advertisement plays a role in our economy.
21st Century Skills:
Collaboration: Work together as a team
Creating: Originality with advertisements

Academic Language Demand (Language Function

and Vocabulary): Advertisement, propaganda,
bandwagon, testimonial, emotional, card stacking,
name calling, repetition, name calling and plain
Prior Knowledge: Students should have seen various types of advertisements either on television, the
newspaper, magazines or heard them on the radio.


1. Focus and Review

2. Statement of
for Student
3. Teacher Input

Description of Activities and Setting

The teacher will ask the students close their eyes and
think of an advertisement that they have seen on
television, newspapers billboards or the radio. The
teacher will ask 2-3 students what made this an effective
advertisement. He/she will then introduce three ads for
students to view (examples of card stacking, testimonial
and bandwagon).
Students will be able to understand how influential
advertisements can be and what effects they have on
the viewers.
The teacher will share with students the definition of
advertisement and propaganda.
Advertisement: What a company uses to get
consumers to buy their product. A way to sell
goods in order to make a profit.
Propaganda: Information spread to promote a
cause. Used to support or threaten views. Rather
than intellect, it focuses on emotion.
He/she will then provide students with various examples
of propaganda (bandwagon, testimonial, transfer,
repetition, emotional, card stacking, plain folks, name
calling, logical fallacies, glittering generalities rewards
and imagery). These videos will be shown on YouTube
using the smart board.


5 min

15 min

4. Guided Practice

5. Independent

6. Assessment Methods
all objectives/skills:

The teacher will then explain to students what

bandwagon, testimonial, emotional, card stacking, name
calling, repetition, name calling and plain folk
propaganda are. He/she will show a popular image or
commercial ad example for each.
The teacher will then show the three advertisements
from the focus part of the section and ask students what
they are an example of after learning about each of the
They will show their understanding by writing their
answers on a white board and holding them up for the
teacher to quickly check. Students may move on to the
guided practice if they are able to understand which type
of propaganda the images are an example of.
Work as a groups to think of an example of each of the
advertisements explained in teacher input. They should
be prepared to share each of them aloud with the class.
The teacher should be walking around and providing
feedback. When the majority of groups are finished, the
20 min
teacher will get the students attention and one by one
ask each group for an example of the seven propaganda
they thought of examples for (bandwagon, testimonial,
emotional, repetition, card stacking, name calling and
plain folk).
Students will be required to create an advertisement for
the business they were assigned to for biz town (reality,
bank or food court). They will create a sketch of either a
build board, radio, newspaper or magazine. They will
5 min
have to use one of the seven propaganda tactics
discussed in the teacher input and write which one they
Students will be graded on their ability to accurately create an
advertisement that represents one of the propaganda discussed.
Students will be given a rubric to reference:
4 Points

3 Points

2 Points

1 Point

demonstrated an
example of an
discussed in
class, accurately
labeled and

demonstrated an
example of an
discussed in
class, with
accurate label,

demonstrated an
example of an
discussed in
class, but did not
have it accurately

Student did not

demonstrate an
example of an
discussed in
class, anything
labeled or


7. Closure

8. Assessment Results
all objectives/skills:
Targeted Students

but did not have

it colored.

labeled or


Teacher will explain to students that this is a rough draft

and that they will use this to share with their business
2 min
when creating a final advertisement for biz town.
Students were able to accurately create an advertisement that
represents an example of one of the propaganda discussed and has it
clearly labeled and colored. A total of 4 points represents proficiency. If
a student receives 2 or less points, then they did not master the
Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations: During The Focus
and Teacher input students will be strategically placed at the carpet to
avoid any distractions. Students with a 504 plan and/or IEP will be
placed near the teacher during this time. Teacher will walk around the
room during the Guided Practice and Independent Practice to make sure
students are completing their work and assist them when needed.
He/she will also provide them with a list of each propaganda technique
and an example to reference when needed.

(Include any instructional materials (e.g., worksheets, assessments PowerPoint/Smart Board slides, etc.) needed to implement the lesson at the
end of the lesson plan.)

Smart board slides, youtube videos, white boards/marker for each student, paper and pencil.
Reflection on lesson: Provided.