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Field Placement Setting Report
Anika Davis
Wayne State University
November 10, 2014



Agency Mission
My field placement agency is Gateway Detroit East Community Mental Health Center.
According to the agency’s website, their mission is “to provide individuals of all ages with
quality mental health, substance abuse treatment, and affordable housing using best practice and
evidenced based methods of care” (Gateway-Detroit East, 2013). This means that the agency
aims to service its members of all ages, without discrimination, using methods of care that have
been proven successful. It will aim to successfully provide its members with mental health and
substance abuse treatments that work and assist them in finding housing they can afford. Its
ultimate goal is to assist members with the treatment and successful management of mental
health and substance abuse disease for integration or reintegration into the community.
The agency was founded out of concern from a small group of community members and
professionals who realized that there was a steady increase in substance abuse and mental health
issues throughout Detroit. Initial funding for the agency, originally Detroit East, Inc., was
secured through the Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency. Detroit East
believed that the implementation of new practices and groundbreaking medications would foster
a more humane system of community-based mental health care. This new system would
encourage family support and rehabilitative therapy that would aid clients at becoming more
productive and independent citizens (Gateway-Detroit East, 2013).
The agency serves both adults and children, and their families, suffering from substance
abuse disorders and homelessness. It also services members who are severely and persistently
mentally ill and suffer from behavioral health problems. This population includes children who



have been sexually or physically abused, who have behavior problems in school or at home, or
who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and/or isolation.
Adults who qualify for services include those who have been found not guilty by reason
of insanity (NGRI) for crimes they have committed, substance abuse clients, those suffering from
depression, suicidal thoughts, uncontrolled anger, etc.
Clients of Gateway-Detroit East are often those who live well below the federal poverty
level guidelines, live in substandard housing, or are homeless.
Role as an Intern
As an intern, my role within the agency is to meet with our youth members ages 17 and
under. I conduct case management assessments and follow-up interviews. I seek resources to
assist clients in meeting their goals. I also work with the adult population, 18 years or older,
conducting case management assessments and initial intake forms. I occasionally handle walk-in
clients with miscellaneous request including letters for relief of jury duty, food vouchers, or
dropping of documents for their case manager.
Disciplines within the Agency
Therapists, psychiatrists, peer support, psychologists, dentist, medical physicians and
nurses are also employed by Gateway-Detroit East. As an intern, my interaction with these
disciplines is minimal. On occasion I will walk a member over to a nurse for a health assessment
or a psychologist might request that I perform a case management assessment on a client.
Social workers within the agency work to link the members to these disciplines as
required. Social workers often schedule appointment for clients to see their therapist or
psychiatrist. They also work directly with them to discuss the member’s progress, discuss current
medications and their side effects, as well as the member’s compliance with their plan of service.



Peer support often assists a social worker in speaking with a client or offering them additional
support if their case manager is not available. To ensure the success of our members it is
essential that all disciplines assigned to a member communicate and consult with one another.
How Clients enter the System
Clients enter the Gateway system through many different referral systems. All referrals
must be screened through the Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Authority
(DWCCMHA) Access line. Access will register the client with DWCCMHA and complete a 45
minute telephone screening. During the screening the potential client will speak with a clinician
who will determine if the individual is eligible for services through Gateway. This clinician will
also determine the level of services need by the client. Our adult clients can be referred by the
hospital after being hospitalized. Hospital referrals include substance abuse, mental health
patients, and adult foster care clients. Some clients are referred by their primary care physicians
as well. Our NGRI clients are referred by the court system or psychiatric hospital. Children six
years and under can schedule directly with a provider and go through the intake process.
The first eligibility requirement is that the individual must be a resident of Wayne
County. They must suffer from severe and persistent mental illness and/or a significant physical
impairment that accompanies a co-occurring chemical dependency. DWCCMHA has established
other eligibility criteria which is disclosed during the screening process.
During the intake process the client must sign certain documents that will be scanned into
the medical system (GEMS). If the individual has a guardian, the guardian must be present at
intake to sign these documents. Each member is given a booklet that describes his or her rights
and responsibilities as a member of Gateway-Detroit East. At the end of the intake process the



member will be advised of the staff assigned to him or her which could include a doctor,
psychiatrist, therapist, and case manager.
Progressing through the System
A client will progress successfully through the system by meeting with his or her case
manager (if assigned) on a monthly basis. Keeping all scheduled appointments with the therapist,
psychiatrist or other staff members assigned to the member. Remaining compliant with the plan
of service they developed with their therapist and updating goals and progress. Once a member
has achieved all of his or her goals on a treatment plan they can either chose to set new goals or
terminate from the system.
Terminating the System
A member who fails to keep scheduled appointments or cooperate in achieving goals he
or she has set for a ninety day period can be terminated from the system. A client’s services may
be terminated if they no longer have medical insurance, although they would be referred to an
agency that could continue care. Also any member who has been inactive with the agency for
ninety days may be terminated from care.
Agency’s Commitment to the Community
Gateway-Detroit East is committed to providing community members with quality
mental health and substance abuse care in order to improve the quality of life for its members,
their families and the community. The agency is also determined to continue to assist its
members in obtaining quality, affordable housing and educational resources. These goals are
continually worked on through the various programs offered at Gateway-Detroit. ACT is a
program offered for members who have been consistently non-compliant with medications,
frequent emergency room and crisis patients who do not follow-up on an outpatient basis. This



program is an outreach program that provides most of its services in the community or member’s
home. These services are available 24 hours and the team is made up of a nurse, therapist, social
worker, peer support specialist and psychiatrist. Case management services are offered to assist
and link the client to other services, resources, and providers. Co-Occurring and Integrated Dual
Diagnosis Treatment are also services offered at Gateway-Detroit. These programs are for
individuals with mental health and substance abuse disorders. Group therapy is offered on a daily
basis as well as scheduled individual therapy. HUD program is offered for members with a
mental health disorder who are 21 years of age or older. This program offers subsidized housing
for homeless participants. That is just a few of the programs offered for adults at Gateway to
ensure they continually work to meet the goals of the agency.
Programs offered at the children’s level prevention services to educate children on mental
health issues and some of its causes. Topics covered include underage drinking, drug use, anger
management, self-esteem stress reduction, and more. Services for children are offered in schools,
community centers, faith-based organizations, homeless shelters, etc. Home based services are
offered for minors who suffer from psychiatric issues. Psychologists are available for many
services including crisis intervention, psychotherapy and psychological testing.
As you can see Gateway-Detroit East is a great agency offering an array of services to
assist its members. Gateway-Detroit East has remained committed to servicing Wayne county for
over 40 years and continually strives to improve on the services offered to ensure they remain up
to date and the most effective, evidence based treatments.



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