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Assessment Technology

LaMonica Cole
EDU 225
April 6, 2015
Instructor Sean Diana

Assessment Technology

Part 1: Assessment Technology

The following formative assessment will be used to gauge whether the students in my
3rd grade Math class have mastered the basic multiplication skills that were introduced in 2nd
grade. The data received from this assessment will be used to determine whether the class needs
to spend more time on basic skills or can begin the next level. Click on the following link in
order to view and take the assessment. Multiplication is fun:
pin=5446-3030-2643. Below you will find the answer key to the assessment:

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35 x 2=______

17 x 6 =______

4 x 3 =______

15 x 0 =______

Assessment Technology

8 x 9 =______

10 x 10 =______

27 x 1 =______

2 x 2 =______

8 x 6 =_____

13 x 4 =______

Assessment Technology

Part 2: Blog Post

Assessment Technology
Student Assessment Technology
In order for an instructor to be productive in engaging, motivating, reaching and teaching
their students, assessments are necessary to collect data to gauge whether or not students are
retaining the information provided and applying the strategies to master the basic skills of a
particular subject matter. Technology plays a vital role in collecting data from formative and
summative assessments. Formative assessments come in the form of quizzes, chapter tests and
practice test that the teacher can create in her own or use one that is online. A summative
assessment comes in the form of local, state and national assessments or benchmarks.
Technology to Facilitate Ongoing Efforts to Assess Student Learning
Using technology to facilitate ongoing efforts to assess student learning is very important
because teachers are required by law to meet certain standards. These standards assist teachers
with documented research that will guide them to a more productive and effective teaching style
which in turn will provide the students with better learning habits. Using technology also makes
calculating information easier by processing all the information into a compiled report. Teachers
use the data from assessments to determine how well students comprehended the information.
Teachers are students in this situation also because they are learning different ways to teach if
their way is not conducive to the students learning style.
RMcity This program will be used as a formative assessment and will allow me to view
their areas of opportunity early so that they can be addressed.

Assessment Technology

Reflex Math This program will be used as a formative assessment to determine my

students Math levels. The assessment reports will be assist with lesson planning.
Istation This program will be used as formative assessment because each student is
assigned a unique login and can go through the different modules while their results are being
Formative and Summative Assessments
Formative and summative assessments are both used to measure the understanding of
what a student has learned over a specific time frame. The differences between the two are
formative assessments are given on a regular basis so that teachers can modify or adjust a lesson
if the students are not grasping the concept of the subject matter. Formative assessments are
considered practice tests leading up to a summative assessment. Summative assessments are
given periodically to access if a student has mastered the subject material. Technology can be
used in both assessments by creating actual test assessments, calculating the scores and creating
reports to show students achievements.
Pros and Cons of using Technology to Facilitate Assessment
With any assessment there are advantages and disadvantages to using them. A few pros
are that it allows students access to resources and assessments while away from school. They are
convenient and at the students and teachers fingertips. Teachers can utilize the time saving
aspects of technology by creating test, quizzes and other resources online. They can also have
assessments graded online. Disadvantages of utilizing technology in the classroom is that
students spend class time on social media and sites that are not school appropriate. There is also
opportunity for cheating. Students are able to take pictures of the assessments and send to their

Assessment Technology

The integration of technology to facilitate ongoing efforts to assess student learning is
vital in the classroom. Not only does it allow students to get a better understanding of their
strengths and weaknesses but it allows teaches to have a better understanding of their strengths
and weaknesses as well.

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