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Shining Bright Poems

Shining Bright Poems

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Published by Shirley Billingsley
Shining Bright Poems is a collection of poems written by Shirley Billingsley
Shining Bright Poems is a collection of poems written by Shirley Billingsley

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Published by: Shirley Billingsley on Jan 30, 2010
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Shining Bright A Poem Book By Shirley Billingsley

The Beast
The beast Never ceases, Screaming, Inside my mind, Never staying behind. I am told, One day, It will release it's hold. Then one more day, I will see, When the sun is bright, And again, I will see.

A Crazy World
What could be worse, All the hurt, Opening my purse, For an I.D. For the policeman to see. Your not going to jail, You won't need bail, You do have criminal trespass, But, she was the harass. My only child, Playing games for a while, In her life, With games for mama and strife.

That's Just Mama
Trouble It comes in multitudes Especially When there are family feuds The End Times There is a Scripture That says, families will split, I feel like I've been stepped on, bit. The hurtful way, Put on display, For all to see, And who cares? After all, it's just me.

the smell of fresh air. Ah.In The Garden As the sun rose. A bird and a butterfly. . Sitting in the morning dew. Looking up. Upon the garden bench. A buttercup. Each day comes as new. I felt that I must pose.

Knowing all the same. . That in reality .Just A Game I played a little game. Just a game. This was really and simply.I would not win. Knowing all the while With a little smile.

And. Thus. Just to see what was there? I Did look around. in Prayer I did finally begin. He sent angels to watch over me. He didn't stop. That none other did see.Look Around Did You ever look around. To finally bring me in. . God was standing there. I was shown miracles and taught lesson. It took Him a long while.

at risk to die. And fast as we may. A lie. We. For them we do pray.Sinful Nature Beautiful as a rose. Their souls . Speaking. . Many people will we meet. Yet shallow and sweet.

He'll be making honey later. That came from out in the woods. His name was Boston Berry. And all the nectar they hold.Boston Berry There was a little bee. He'd zip to this flower. He really will . And what a story to be told! . In all the neighborhoods.you know! He's coming for the flowers. Then zip to that. Giving you a tip Of his little hat. He loved all the flowers. Because he loved the flowers so. And he will be back tomorrow.

From times of old. And plays it's role in traditions It was a form of pagan worship. Picked out a tree that very night.Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree How great thou art. Attaching candles to the tree. Fooling all can't you see While it looks the part. If the story be told Martin was walking on a starry night. A Christian tradition. It came to be. . Thus being it's primary mission.

The Time Of Christmas Twas the time of Christmas With not a sound. When the glorious Crown came about All the angels Gave a big shout. Glory Hallelueah! Glory Hallelueah! . There was merriment and singing Bells were ringing Love was abound Many glorious sounds. All was quiet. Stars twinkled brightly Such a beautiful night. While waiting on the Crown.

Poem Hey Santa Are you listening? My Christmas lights. Fulfill all these things. For you.Hey Santa. I will sing! . Are glistening! I want my mom To be well! I want to hear Those sleigh bells! I want dad Not to drink any more beer! Are you listening? Santa. And. do you hear? You.

and ribs. On this day. Fire crackers popping. A bell should ring. Baked beans. Throughout the night.Independence Day July 4th Independence Day. For we gained freedom. The display is often quite a site. Babies dressed. . In bright colored bibs. Let's go celebrate. Smoked chicken.

gratitude. When all the kids. Spankings as needed. Kept us safe. Fed us with honor. Dad has fought. Dad Worked hard for many days. and life’s true ways. Fathers Day Is a time to re-call All dad has done. To keep us safe and well. Laughter and play that we can re-tell. To keep us safe from a hard fall.Fathers Day Poem Fathers Day Fathers Day Is full of cheer. Come from far and near. love. .

. Every day. In the weeds. if you may. Perhaps. Only to find a baby bunny. I looked very closely. A a rabbit hopped away. To and fro. Those hens seem to be the ones To lay. They layed them. I'll keep that one. You know.hide under the trees.Easter Poem Rabbits hopping. Rabbits . I haven't seen one lay an egg. Those special eggs.

Spring Poem Spring Early morning. . birds. Azaleas planted. In the woods. Letting nature take it's course. Spring is here. bees. All are here. As it should. Butterflies.

. their all they gave. Not a one would turn around. Their honor. In their graves. here they can be found.Memorial Day Poem Memorial Day There. In honor of their country. They lay Resting. They gave. Fighting for freedom. Their life. Each of them had a job to do.

I like the birds. Nothing fancy. Just today. That’s not too often heard. The birds need to feel safe. The birds seem to like it. Not one to be sold. .Poetry I painted a bird house. It's colored to match the woods. But one of old. The bird house is not new. It's shaped like a country church. Nothing bright. In every way. They sing like a choir. Out of sight.

. many days. We cried. Filling Those cotton sacks.Cotton Sack . Hurting fingers.Black History A Better Life The hills Seemed to roll As We paid our toll. Carrying. Most of the weight on our backs. Numbing hands. For a better land. Hoping for a better life. Praying. Many. A better way.

Valentine Love Poem You Need to Be Mine Be my Valentine Sweet Sweet Love of mine .

Love Is Fine Valentine Poem Love is glorious. I am sending you this special note. We will keep roses. In this tiny little vase . Come be my Valentine. Full of grace. Because. You are mine. Love is fine.

And spoke his word with an honest sound . Yet there was no place to run or hide. With one foot. Now he's President Of our land. Inside the door.The President President Obama He took a chance He took a stand. He's changed our world. He stood his ground. The garden gate Was not open. Forever more.

Don't procrastinate. To tuck in the flap. Settle down to a quite rest.Our Best Christmas . . There is food to lend. To find our very best. So get busy. There's food to cook. And be sure. Put down the book. Now. To celebrate. Don't hesitate. Packages to wrap. Many reasons.A Christmas Poem Joyous seasons. You’ll awaken. Chores to tend.

Thanksgiving Dinner In the kitchen From dusk until dawn Making a dinner To last all the day long. This is a great time of the year A time to be thankful Full of cheer. . Family is coming So seldom and rare I am preparing the best For all to share.

Just two months ago. Did i abide. I can see. Barely seeing. Her kittens were born. As i built a shelf. Of Me! She lay where. Around all morn. Every day. No reason why. In silence. One kitty i left. Why? It suddenly reminded me.a Poem By Shirley Billingsley Lonely Tabby Working outside. She looked and searched. A thought. Impailed. The cat followed me. Without a cry. It dissapeared. . The loneliness now. Upon my mind today. The grey in her fur. Once her kittens were.Lonely Tabby Lonely Tabby . All but one of her kittens. I gave away. As i searched for a nail.

Much will come en-route. Think of the date. Look back at the calendar. . Many changes. Came about.Lent This is a time We should celebrate. In the future.

And an open ear. With a watchful eye. I'll watch you closely Far and near. but for your sake: A glass of tea. And take my break. if you please. I'm a jack Of all trades.Pug A glass of tea if you please. I work hard. .

As it does best. The chicken nest.The Snake To kill A snake. Goodbye snakes. I would not Hesitate. Are hatched so small. . Eating the eggs. It gets inside. Moth balls Are put to the test. Wish you well and your best. The little chicks. That snake Just devours them all.

jumped up With a smile.A Simple Rhyme Peter ran a mile. . Fell over a pile. And.

On a rainy day.Early Morning Sun Waiting. it’s just May. Heat. Is it the same with you? . Will we do? So hot. And. What. So hot.

Ending in a death. Most likely. without the zest. They claim we should have. What do you fear? What do you do? Are you ready? What is there to say? We live a life. Are coming For me. and for you. Strive to do our best.End Times The end times. .

Journey Forward Life Is a journey. A path to follow. Going backwards. Or. To go forward. each of us. But we can succeed. In the middle of the stream. Within. Is a task. We must find the answer. Changing routes. Coming to a stand still. Choose wisely. just. Life is not easy. Whether we choose. Going forward. . That. a pipers dream.

A prowler. A little fear. I take out my paper.God Is Good Little noises. Protected by prayer. Beginning to write. Quietly. stepping outside. All was good. In the shadows. Struck midnight. I could hear. Silently praying. Tiny pangs. God is always there. Trying to hide. . My shield. my hood. As the clock.

The Prayer Firing a shot. Giving something/ someone. Into the night. I found. I didn’t need. The gun. The perfect seed. Thank you Lord. When I was in need. A terrible fright. Was good enough. A prayer. It brought About the final deed: Protection. .

Then suddenly. Meaning. Words Tangle up in the mind. They are fighting. A page. As though. Take flight. But. Freedom: As a word Comes to light.Writers Block The art Of writing Does not always come easy. Lays blank. As the brains whirls. . The pen does not twirl.

Put up the nests. I watch the birds. Fill the feeders. Little cheeps. Is quite absurd. Lets me know. . And listen for a new sound to be heard. I hear many say.All In A Day Watching birds. I don’t think they are absurd. Mama bird has done her best. The different types of birds. I like the color of feathers. And. Coming from a nest. I like to hear the little birds.

Add some butter. . If you please. A meatloaf Would be good today. A wonderful thing. Squash pickles Canned from home Just this May. Fix them with cornbread.The Garden We planted peas. An added side dish. To that bread.

keep that in mind. Can be Soothing to the soul. When nothing happens. don’t be a free willy. In the park. Especially. for what may be behind. .A Walk A walk. For being silly Until then. Not after dark. Listen To all the sounds. But. Always. Then. You can laugh.

In every shade and hue. The sun. We worked hard. Planted. A game of spades? I’d rather be Sitting in the shade. To start. so hot this year. Seeds saved. Bulbs from friends. Some of the plants were charred.Relaxing Ever play. . To get a small start. Looking at all the flowers Of new. to begin. Plants purchased.

Then. Suddenly. Until the spring. Watching. we are alive. We Seem to hover indoors. And hide away. As the weather Once again changes. And then. . It blossoms. Going to and fro. Have you found that? Are you like the clover? During the winter. We dawn our wintry clothes. For bursts of spring Then.Life Life Is like a clover It is born It grows. It withers away. Not to be seen. Waiting. Until the following spring.

When it snows. Are God’s footstool. And. The clouds come. That makes you wonder. They come Often. . It is something. Even when there is no thunder. The clouds.The Clouds Clouds I am sure. They come. Come when it rains. Must have a reason. In every season. And lightens too. You know. Providing somewhat. They come often. They. Of a shade. On a bright sunny day. They come When it thunders.

Wondering Did you ever wonder? What makes the world go round? Did you ever wonder? What makes sound. blue eyed cat. . Man has not perfected one thing. or animal. Not a human. sound? What makes a flower bloom? With so many vibrant colors? What makes them smell so wonderful? To grow short. blind? Or deaf? I guess only God Can explain these things. After all. perhaps a diamond ring. Or tall and looming? What makes a white. That leave us wondering.

Why would one do that? Be different. Life is full of lies.Playing Do you play? Suck up. Have a good day. To go out to lunch? Life is full of why’s. You really cannot afford. So. . With a tip of my hat. For another’s approval? Join in. Just for the sake of being one of the bunch? Spend money.

A little tarnished. Get back. That just won’t bend. When it comes to dogs.Tabby Cat Attack You better. One slap. She gains her command Laying low. She’ll stand. She put up a fight. She has a spirit. An opossum came. A little out of wind. . Her ground. During the night.

Turkeys Don’t tell me. . I watched at dusk. I found the hard way. So don’t tell me again. Descend from a tree. A lie. Don’t tell me. With no slats provided. And . As I watched my turkey. a lie. As my turkeys tried to roost. Those turkeys. Because. That a turkey does not fly. Just today. That a turkey does not roost. Yep. those turkeys do roost. a lie. do fly. I know that is a lie. Not even a boost. A lie.

Bar-b-cue. For all to look. My recipes. Shake and Bake.Mrs. I am well know. Then bound them in a book I get a lot of looks. I write. Not many remarks. Shake And Bake My T-shirt Reads. Mrs. Not any flirts. And to bake. When I wear my special shirt. To cook. . On paper.

Why. Why. Allowed to eat? If I find that I am poor. To help someone else and idea to find. I think I’ll use it. Come into my mind. Wouldn’t someone help. Suppressed.Why? If I were poor. I be doing that today? If I find that I am hungry. Would I need to stay. Why. Shouldn’t I be. That way? If I know. . To hide their given gift? Should not we help them? Give them a lift? Many questions. Then why shouldn’t. How to write. Get out of that way? Why are people.

Give him the honor. Devil. Causing upsets. Gives us the power. would you. And say come in? If the devil. Upon the floor? Or. and sing. Came into your life. And. How would you handle him? I would simply say. To control. Everything. . Your in trouble. Then to God.The Devil If the devil. I would give praise. I would command him out. This is just not your day. You see the Lord. Would you hide. All kinds of strife. Came knocking At your door.

All these things. A canner. Neatly tucked away. Hidden away in my head. A sewing machine. With promises. Out in my shed. That I will use it One day.Rocket Scientist There is a writer. Hidden away in my closet. What do you suppose? I’d have a diamond ring? . Sits quietly waiting. A poet. If I could combine.

Today? . Would you be broke tomorrow. Today: What would you do? Would you throw It all away? Would you Think of your mom and dad Or the kids That you raised. Just handed to you. And once again sad? Life is short. What would you do? Given such a chance. Time is ticking away.Million Dollars If you had A million dollars.

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