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(CASEW [CASENAME [DATE FILED [WHO FILED CASE [cause OF ACTION INEPO33623 ose Castaneda v. Life Casualty Insurance 10/15/1988} [8.2milion Settlement /fraud _ SAb(72 |GP003849 [Estate of Luis Castaneda 7/7/1994) [Gross Mismanagement to loot |6co14382 rly deMent v. Jose castaneda 4/5/1995] [See GP 003849 to provethe conspiracy! Sua/fz-| lsc 128253 tas Castaneda v. County of Los Angeles 5/22/1995) civil ights, murder ‘Schiavelll [scosisaa 3/21/2003] [Defendant stole milions (mereado Fume oss 00253 2/48/2005)in Pro Per (SCis not “new' [ary fles IRS late, Estate Tax free ann Da Vonon lossoosas 3/28/2005|in Pro Per SCis NOT "new" "UY Atty forges signatureinsetlement aaa icc 036176, ‘tas Castaneda v. Sonia Maria Mercado Est. 10/26/2005 |In Pro Per "apparently Luis left million in his..." Deva mon} [sc039473 —|Felicitas Castaneda v. Washington Mutual Inc 8/16/2007 Filed by Chad T-W Pratt Esa, [Declaratory Relief of $133,626.25 Simpson [6C.039459 __|Felictas Castaneda v. Susana Castaneda, Evelyn Ramirez '8/14/2007]Filed by Chad T-Pratt Esq. [Financial Elder Abuse, Quiet Title Ame lar 013952 Estate of Felicitas Castaneda 7/1/2008 ‘Conway / MacCarley|Probate Beason’ Hose Theta jC.044923 _ state F. Castaneda v. Washington Mutual in. 3/26/2010] f $113626.25 Dev [sum co4a7as, 3s Costaneda v. Susana Castaneda, Ramirez | 3/1/2030] lesConversStmpsan IGP 0154141 _ Estate Felicitas Castaneda v. Washington Mutual Inc. 8/9/2010} Lege T [cP onsans Castaneda v. Susana Castaneda, Ramirez | — 8/10/2010 (fuer | IbC.402096 [Sonia M. Mercado v. Jose Salazar Castaneda 11/17/2008 | Paz, Mercado. miter los 118244 — [sonia M. Mercado v. Jose Salazar Castaneds 12/12/20 az, Mercado [scosat0s exv. jose Castaneda Qiost47S 1/6/2008] [sc 045202 3s Castaneda v. Law Firm Jack K. Conway | 5/10/2010} [cC047300 [ose Castaneda v. judge Joseph Francis DeVanon Esa. = S/2/2011| la-068-1007 [Castaneda v. mal Counts Ese. Order to pay! _« 6/15/2073 [See GC 082105 Co-Consi \6ees4 [0902583 [estate of Castaneda v. Chase, WAMU ELA 10/28/2013 chair Maislen: "You g0taf lac 486355 [ose Castaneda v, Detective Tim Hazelwood EVAL @Au/2012| poe using Sheri to harass lac 286355 [Ose Castaneda v. Los AngelesSuperior Court 6/29/2012 [Court Corration (DeVaren “Let me get M-inT-07 SLM FC % soma rtercade 07 chad t-w Per