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Communications 1010
Philip Anosike
30 March 2015
Blockbuster Presentation Outline
By: Alexa Hanson-Wagner, Michael Waters, Shania Begay, Paulina Munoz, and Patrick Goff
Involve the Audience

What do you know about Blockbuster?

What do you think happened?

Problem Solving Steps:

1. Define the problem: Blockbuster is losing business due to competition and poor
2. Analyze the problem: (The movies were expensive, had to drive, there was an incredible
late fee)
a. Inconvenient:
i. The movies are more expensive: $5.00 per rental for 5 days
ii. You had to drive to get there, took time.
iii. Late fee: $1.00 per day late
b. Competition
i. Netflix and Hulu plus are online movie websites
ii. More accessible
iii. Cheaper
iv. On-demand
c. Poor Advertisement
i. Used to have commercials and billboards for the store locations, but not
for their online website.
ii. $20 million advertisement budget
1. Used on TV, where not many people watch TV anymore.
(Put visual aid in PowerPoint about decline)
3. Establish criteria for a solution (cost constraints, time table, who to satisfy?
a. Advertisement budget
i. Should not go over the $20 million budget.
b. Time to be up and running
i. 4 months
1. Available for kids on summer vacation
c. Who to satisfy?
i. Children
1. Nag parents
2. Watch more movies
ii. Young adults
1. Watch more movies when they procrastinate
2. Date night

iii. Families
1. Family night/ date night
4. Consider possible solutions of the problem, brainstorm:
a. Online store:
i. On-demand
b. New Name:
i. Blockbusted
c. Video Game Rentals
i. Can rent from online
d. More blockbuster express
i. Blockbuster Express is like Red Box, DVDs from a vending machine.
e. Deals
i. Discounts to children for certain childrens movies and shows
ii. Buy 5 months, get one free
f. Advertisements
i. Media
ii. Billboards
iii. Transportation
iv. Commercials
v. Confusing/loaded/funny advertisements
1. Perk your interest
vi. What they should have done with the advertisement budget
1. Put the money towards media
g. Better selection of movies
i. Newer movies
ii. Access to movies right out of theatres or a higher price
h. Better Prices
i. Clarity on the information
5. Evaluate and decide on a solution
a. Advertisement
i. Problem before: Ads were on TV
1. Very few people watch TV now
2. Ads did not reach many viewers
ii. Advertisements with deals:
1. If you join the blockbuster membership, you get this
iii. Transportation ads:
1. Ads on TRAX
2. Many college students use public transportation.
3. By putting ads on TRAX, it reaches out to the preferred target.
iv. Ads on YouTube
1. Reach many high school students
2. Short little commercials before the YouTube video starts
6. Implement the solution
a. Where is the $20 million going to go now?
i. Social Media:
ii. YouTube:

iii. Public Transportation:

7. Follow up on the solution
a. Surveys
i. What do people think about the website?
ii. How did people find out about the website?
b. Keeping Up with Competition
i. Always be watching the competition and see what theyre coming up with
c. Continue brainstorming new ideas to stay ahead of the game.
i. New ideas never hurt.