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MARCH 2015





Colour confdence




124 DREAM GARDEN Country style inspires

Breathtaking views over Cape Town are rivalled by

the beautiful interiors of this family property.

the romantic feel of a fower-flled city space.

vintage furniture create shimmering Art Deco style.

154 THE SWISS GARDEN We discover a newly

restored Alpine fantasy, complete with a grotto,
man-made mountains and a thatched cottage.

*95 LONDON TERRACE Bold colour and lively

158 DESIGN AWARDS Dynamic planting and

pattern are a perfect foil for sleek mid-century pieces.

use of space distinguish the winners of the Society

of Garden Designers prestigious competition.

*82 1930s HOME Sophisticated blues and

*104 PARIS APARTMENT A fashion designer

has given her pied--terre a certain je ne sais quoi.


110 BE INSPIRED Use lighting to make a chic

55 THE GRAND TOUR We take our cue from

scheme, as demonstrated in the Paris apartment.

European trips of the past with stylish interiors that

mix antique and contemporary with aplomb.


65 IN SEASON Our guide to bleeding hearts,

our CoVEr

which bring distinctive charm to spring borders.

90 FORMAL STYLE High hedges frame

exuberantly planted spaces in a Scottish scheme.

*134 ACCENTS OF RED It may be daring

but this revitalising colour will bring energy and
famboyance to rooms throughout the home.


pieces to make starting the day extra special.

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 7


19 H&G EDIT Events, shopping, gardening and style

ideas, plus the latest news from the design world.
45 TRAVEL The elegant streets, boutique hotels
and fne dining of Palma de Mallorca.

47 MOVERS & SHAKERS We visit Bert & May and

admire its hand-made artisan tiles in beautiful tones.
51 H&G DESIGNER AWARDS Our shortlist of the
talented individuals in the running to win.
165 KNOWING YOUR ONIONS Delicious dishes
that celebrate alliums, from garlic to shallots.
194 WE LOVE The Palihouse hotel in Santa Monica.




114 KITCHEN Dark cabinetry makes a bold statement.

*118 BEDROOM An elegant composition in blue.
*120 BATHROOM Copper lends an industrial edge.
*122 CONSERVATORY An inviting garden room.
*127 PATTERNED FLOORING Decorative looks for
carpet, tiles and wood give interiors strong character.

152 ADVICE Celia Rufey answers your queries.


21 SKY AT NIGHT Furniture and accessories that

will take a starring role in any scheme.
*29 DOOR FURNITURE Stylish handles, knobs
and escutcheons are the key to well-dressed doors.

37 ALPINE WATERS Paints, textiles and papers in

a palette of greens and blues inspired by Swiss scenery.
44 H&G TRAVEL European breaks for less.
*147 STYLISH SOFAS Our choice of the latest
designs, shown in blue, the shade of the moment.

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& Gardens for the price of one,
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8 | H&G | MARCH 2015

*150 DRESSING TABLES A chic selection.


151 H&G TRAVEL Offers in the UK and Spain.

173 H&G TRAVEL Take a great British rail break
or a cruise in Northern Europe.

175 ADDRESS BOOK Contact details for stockists.

MARCH 2015
Deborah Barker
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ManaGinG editor Jane Akers 020 3148 7313

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PerSonal aSSiStant Vera Purbrick 020 3148 7311
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GrouP advertiSinG director Alex Russell 020 3148 7570
ManaGinG director lifeStyle Fiona Dent 020 3148 5650
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director lifeStyle
ceo, tiMe inc. (uk) ltd. Marcus Rich 020 3148 5102

HouSeS & GardenS editor Arabella St John Parker 020 3148 7306
newS editor Luisa Ferdenzi 020 3148 7308
interiorS editor Emma Thomas 020 3148 7307
aSSociate decoratinG editor Ali Brown 020 3148 7315
decoratinG StyliSt Laura Vinden 020 3148 7304
art director
actinG art director
art editor
Senior deSiGner

Erika Short 020 3148 7300

Andrea Lynch 020 3148 7309
Paula Randall 020 3148 7301
Christina McQuillan 020 3148 7899

cHief Sub-editor/ Catriona Summerhill 020 3148 7291

Production editor
dePuty cHief Sub-editor Becky Ambury 020 3148 7292
Sub-editor Andrea Johnson 020 3148 7296
executive editor featureS Bernie Herlihy 020 3148 7344
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Charlotte Luxford 020 3148 7138
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Media director

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It Is InterestIng that many of us decide to
embark upon home improvement projects in spring, so
much so that it leads to a substantial rise in sales at homes
and DIy retailers. I started thinking about paint, fabric
and wallpaper for our bedroom in January and will be
buying this month, once Ive made up my mind. Its been
a while since we decorated this room and I cant wait to
have a complete change. the previous owners of our house
knocked two smaller rooms together to make a bedroom
and an en-suite bathroom, so we have a reasonable space to play with, which might
mean I can add a longed-for dressing table, perhaps chosen from our selection on
page 150. I dont think I will manage to persuade my husband to use the striking reds
that Katrin Cargill has in our decorating feature on page 134, but I would like to create
a look that has just as much impact. I am considering adding pattern with either
wallpaper or, as our gallery of ideas on page 127 shows, an eye-catching foor covering.
If you want inspiration for other areas of your home, take a look at our design
solutions section, where youll see how the professionals have created a dramatic
kitchen for a keen cook, page 114, a bathroom flled with the warming tones of copper
and bronze, page 120, and a spacious conservatory in soft creams, page 122.
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Cover photograph
Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

| H&G | march 2015


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The people, products and places creating a buzz this month

We love the simple

silhouettes and modern
aesthetic of these decorative
pieces. Use together for an
effortlessly smart scheme.
Vienna carver chairs, H90xW59xD61cm,
899 each plus 1m of fabric, Tom
Faulkner. Soho lamp, L142xdiam45cm,
1,088.57, Julian Chichester. No25
artwork by Fieroza Doorsen, 41.5x29cm,
1,500, Wilson Stephens & Jones.
Artwork by Michael Vaughan (on foor),
109.5x89cm, 1,800, Vaughan. Cushion
in Heritage, cotton, 90cm sq, 57,
Jennifer Phelan at Print Block. Pebble
vinyl fooring, 200cm wide, 28m,
The Colour Flooring Company. Sopana
rug, 630sq m, Gideon Hatch.

Styling Emma Thomas and laura vindEn

PhotograPh Emma lEE


H&G EDIT | shopping





Sky at


Furniture and accessories

with celestial appeal
1| Creates an atmospheric glow.
Eclypse wall light, H35xdiam27cm, 2,990,
Tristan Auer for Pouenat at Frenchy Furniture,
020 7622 9786,

2| The moons surface mapped out.

Moon canvas, 132x169cm, 250, Graham and Green,
020 8987 3700,


3| Oxidised fnish for rustic appeal.

Alice mirror in Grey, diam50cm, 400, Slow,
0039 055 221673,

4| Casts a constellation pattern on walls.

Starry light in Matt White, H23.5xdiam47cm,
915, Anagraphic, 0036 30 499512,

5| Suitable for use indoors and out.

Knockout table, H45xdiam30cm, 800,
Friends & Founders at Staan Tollgrd,
020 7952 6070,

6|Hand-knotted in wool and silk.

Spacecrafted rug, 2,380sq m, Jan Kath at
Front London, 020 7495 0740,

feature Laura Vinden

7| Reminiscent of the lunar landscape.

Drum stool, H46xdiam39cm, $3,650,
Amma Studio,

8| A striking addition to the table.

Mars plate, from 16, Amara,
0800 587 7645,

9| Sleek and characterful design.

My Moon My Mirror table, H29xdiam100cm,
from 828, Moroso, 020 3328 3560, l


march 2015 | H&G | 21


keeping it cooL
Add a little panache to your party
with the new Asher range by
Ralph Lauren, 020 7535 4600, It teams white
porcelain with smart black leather
in a collection that includes a
champagne bucket (shown),
H25xdiam22cm, 195, serving bowl,
H15xdiam33cm, 195, and tray,
H7.5xdiam37cm, 150.

Be sure to visit Homes & Gardens

recently redesigned blog, Living Beautifully,, to see dream
rooms and gardens, plus a round-up
of exciting events and openings.

More than 100 years after Carl Hansen opened his frst workshop in
Odense, Denmark, the brand is coming to London, taking over a three-storey
building in design-led Clerkenwell. The shops ground level will house a gallery
space with inspirational room sets, the frst foor will feature renowned design
classics such as Hans J Wegners iconic Wishbone chair, Shell chair and
Heritage chair (above), while the second level will showcase a range of
furniture by Rud Rasmussen, Denmarks oldest carpentry business.
Carl Hansen & Son, 16a Bowling Green Lane, London EC1R 0BD,


touch of luxury If you are like

us, one look at the hand-stitched table linen from
the new range by Ilinka Collection, 020 7373 3365,, will have you dreaming of
summer days. Spanish-born designer Ilinka Lukic is
motivated by a desire to make everyday rituals more
pleasurable, so the range includes bedlinen and bath
towels made from the fnest cottons, linens and satin.
Tablecloths (above) start at 560. The shop is open by
appointment and items can be tailored to your request.

Known for offering a

wide array of leathers
for interiors in custom
colours and fnishes,
Edelman Leather,
020 7351 7305,,
has added a new range
of trimmings to its
portfolio. Available in fve
styles and 14 colours,
they are ideal for
cushions, sofas and rugs,
and start at 14.80m.

march 2015 | H&G | 23


The National Trust has
teamed up with craft buyer
Genevieve Sioka to present
a curated selection of work
by leading UK potters,
glassblowers, ceramicists,
weavers and sculptors. The
designers were chosen for
their use of natural materials,
as well as products that show
both traditional skills and
contemporary aesthetics.
The range is available online
and in selected National Trust
shops across England.
Contact 0844 800 1895.
Filigrana vase in
Gold, H17cm, 75,
BTU Studio Glass
at National Trust.

Download Homes & Gardens from
homesandgardens and enjoy the complete
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Shaker it up This simple yet elegant

pantry cupboard, shown in Lead, is the latest
addition to deVOLs Real Shaker kitchen
range. The beautifully crafted free-standing
piece has built-in spice racks, a slate shelf and
two large drawers, and costs 2,615. Contact
020 3837 5900,

well said
Keep your parsley, sage,
rosemary and thyme in
good order with these
herb markers, crafted
from sawn-off silverplated forks with
hand-stamped letters,
26 for four, The Cutlery
Commission, thecutlery Also
available are Spoon
plant markers, 22 each,
stamped with a message
of your choice the smart
way to denote the prized
specimen in your life.

24 | H&G | March 2015

Craft work
We love new furniture and accessories company Atkin and Thyme,
0844 409 9834,, owned by husband-and-wife team
Nick and Victoria Atkin. Their mission is to showcase the skill of the
craftspeople they work with, so pieces are offered in small quantities to
ensure quality of construction and materials. The collection of 120 items
includes the Etienne glass top console table, above, which costs 449.


Perfect PartnershiP
Two British brands, Multiyork and Monsoon, have joined
forces to create an exclusive range of sofas, chairs,
footstools and cushions. The Multiyork design team has
reworked and recoloured 15 prints from the Monsoon
Home archive to complement the shapes and sizes of
its furniture, including this Greenwich large sofa in
Alcindo Dots in Dark Grey, H89xW180xD94cm, 1,229.
The collection of 71 fabrics, which features a mix of
patterns and plains, is also available by the metre.
Contact 0845 303 7134,

sunny outlook

As spring arrives, turn

your attention to the garden. Find design ideas, planting
inspiration and shopping guides for all things horticultural
at House to Home,

all in the mix


American paint brand Valspar,

known for its unique tinting
technology that can match
any colour the eye can see
(apparently around 2.2 million
shades), is set to go nationwide
in the UK. The company also
offers a wide variety of fnishes
for interiors and exteriors,
including Premium Walls &
Ceilings, a paint and primer
in one, which costs from 16.98
for 1 litre. The paint is available
exclusively from B&Q, 0333
014 3098,

Is it a bat, is it a bird, is it a plane? No, its the Burgon

& Ball Weed Slice. Given its distinctive delta wing shape,
we think B&B missed a trick with the name, but that
aside, this nifty new tool from the British heritage brand
aims to turn us all into happy weeders. The high-carbon
steel slices through roots and stems, while its 148cm-long
handle puts an end to stooping, yet allows weeding from
the borders edge. The tool costs 24.95 from garden
centres and

26 | H&G | MArcH 2015

PhoTogRAPh bolton (wood)


The latest addition to Smegs Victoria range cooker collection
is this fabulously compact and stylish TR931P, which teams
classic good looks with an easy-to-use induction hob, all in
a 90cm-wide design. It costs 2,199 and comes in chic cream
or sleek black enamel. Contact 0844 557 9907,

H&G EDIT | shopping



is he c
ou lassi
ele and
on curv
th ceou
es s to
es he a
ign ng
or lar a
ll-d d un
res ex
se pec
oo ed,








1| Beehive Brass escutcheon,

H5.5xW2cm, 11, Holloways of Ludlow.
2| Goose-neck twister door lever, L12.5x
D7.5cm, 185.50 a pair, Turnstyle Designs.
3| Horn handle with two bronze knuckles,
L30xD4.5cm, 235.20, Ochre.
4| Fossilised wood globe, D9xdiam6cm,
160 a pair, Chloe Alberry.
5| Black faceted glass doorknob,
D9.5xdiam6cm, 30 a pair, Pushka Knobs

at Not on the High Street.

6| Ebonised Edinburgh Bun doorknob,

D6xdiam5.5cm, 44 a pair, Willow & Stone.

7| Glass and brass escutcheon, H7xW2cm,

18 a pair, Lassco.
8| Egerton doorknob, D5xdiam5.5cm,

499.20 a pair, Collier Webb.

9| Artisan series Kalahari DK 5910

door handle, H5xW6xD6.5m, 247.63,

David Scott for SA Baxter. e

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 29

H&G EDIT | shopping







1| Leather Accent lever handle in

Antique Bronze, L13.5xD4.5cm,

315, Haute Dco.
2| Twig bronze handle, L40cm,
247.50, Philip Watts Design.
3| Studio Line pushplate
No.5966PP, H23xW6.5cm, from
3,000, The Nanz Company.
4| Link turning handle, L12xD6cm,
247, Collier Webb.
5| Chester handle with Bristol keyhole
backplate in Matt Black, H15xW14x

30 | H&G | march 2015

D5cm, 89.75 a pair, Jim Lawrence.

6| Place Vendome door handle
with small backplate, L11cm,
215.78, Srie Rare.
7| Spahn large door pull, L20.5x
D2.5cm, 175, Holland & Sherry.
8| NS1026 door knob, D6xdiam6cm,
294, The Beardmore Collection.
9| Saint Pancras brass escutcheon
keyhole cover, H7.5xW4cm, 16.70,
Jane Knapp. l

Styling Harriet Loraine-SmitH PhotograPhS ania WaWrZKoWiCZ



ArtisAn mAker

notes from abroad

A key trend for the new season is beautifully encapsulated in the
Fusion range by John Lewis, 0345 604 9049,, which
offers a refned take on global style. Colourful and fresh, the look
celebrates cultural diversity with eastern-inspired patterns, such as
that featured on the Miko pouffe (above), H35xW70xD70cm, 160.

purple reign
The time for sowing seeds, bulbs and tubers is upon us and, this year, we
recommend a dramatic palette in the imperial shades of purple and claret alongside
hot pinks tipped with cream and white. Among the dahlias from Sarah Raven,, we like the Cardinal collection (left), 14.95 for four tubers. Chiltern
Seeds,, offers a deep purple to white perennial, Daucus carota
Dara (right), 1.92 a packet, while Geranium pratense Purple Ghost, 24 for three,
with dark foliage and white blooms, is another gem from Hayloft,

32 | H&G | March 2015

Spring clean
These eco-friendly cleaning
products caught our eye for
their simple package design
and the fact that they are
exclusively made from
plant- and mineral-based
ingredients. Brought to the UK
from the US by furniture brand
Another Country, 020 7486
they cost from 12 each.

photographS Jonathan buCkleY (dahlias), paul diXon (katie spragg)

Exhibiting a distinctive illustrative style, designer

Katie Spraggs work includes screen-printed porcelain
jewellery (top right) and bottles (above right)
alongside her latest creations, The Gift Shop range
of stoppers and bottles (above left). We caught up
with her to fnd out more about her approach.
Can you tell us about your background? I graduated with a degree
in wood, metal, ceramics and plastics from the University of Brighton
in 2010. Since then, I have been developing my practice through
residencies, commissions and teaching. I have also exhibited at
the V&A, Somerset House and the Museum of London, as well as
producing pieces for Paul Smith and Liberty.
You use a variety of materials; do you have a favourite? I work
mainly in ceramics, which I love for the diversity of processes they
offer. Clay also makes a great canvas for my illustrations.
Can you describe the design process? Almost everything I make
starts with a story, which I research by looking for visual inspiration
in museums, books and online. This lays the foundations for my
drawings, and I create a collage from these before experimenting with
form, colour and processes in clay. The Gift Shop bottle stoppers are
slip cast from moulds taken of found objects and shapes I have turned
in plaster. I then add detail with water erosion and illustrate them with
underglaze pencils before adding coloured glazes.
What are your plans for the next few years? I am currently
studying for an MA in ceramics and glass at the Royal College of Art.
Through this I hope to learn new techniques, which will allow me to
diversify. Its very exciting and Im not exactly sure where it will take me.
The Gift Shop bottle and stopper set, from 36 each. For more
details, contact 07756 467319,

H&G EDIT | reader event


Homes & Gardens has joined forces with bathroom specialist CP Hart to offer
readers a day of inspiration with leading interior designers and experts

reating a bathroom sanctuary is about so

much more than choosing fxtures, fttings and
tiles. Thats the reason weve invited some of
the most creative and knowledgeable minds in
the industry, including interior designers Joanna Wood
and Peter Young, as well as CP Harts Rachel Martin and
Daniel Cook, to offer the inside track on putting together
a scheme that looks beautiful and functions perfectly.
The event will take place on Thursday 19 March, at
CP Harts 20,000 square foot fagship showroom; a
short walk from Londons Waterloo station. The day
begins with coffee and a guided tour of the room sets
and inspirational displays, before the designers give
their insights into what makes a great bathroom, with
time for questions afterwards.
The discussion will be followed by a light lunch, and
the chance to get more advice from the CP Hart team.

34 | H&G | MARCH 2015

the itinerary
When Thursday 19 March.
Where CP Hart, Newnham Terrace,
Hercules Road, London SE1 7DR.
hOW MUCh Tickets cost 20
each. To purchase, contact 020
7384 2476 or email homes&
10.30aM Coffee on arrival.
11aM Tour of CP Harts fagship
showroom at Waterloo.
11.30aM Panel discussion.
12.45pM Two-course buffet
lunch with wine.

IN persOn

ClOCkWise, frOM tOp left Joanna Wood,

Daniel Cook, Rachel Martin and Peter Young.


We were excited to discover UP Move, the latest activity tracker
from Jawbone, which not only counts your steps and tracks
your sleep habits, but also has a smart coach for guidance.
It costs 39.99, a great buy if you are a newcomer to wearable
technology. Find it online at


Famous for its shoe polish in the 1940s,
Detroit-based company Shinola has been
making beautifully crafted watches,
leather goods and journals, such as this
paper cover journal, from 6, since 2011.
To see an edited selection of its goods,
visit its frst UK shop at 13 Newburgh
Street, London W1F 7RS,

Stroke of geniuS
Follow the trend for bold, painterly pattern with the new Aegean cushion
collection by Amy Sia, 07450 080384, The Australian
accessories designer was inspired by her travels to the Caribbean
and the Mediterranean, hence the vibrant mix of shades. Handmade
in the UK, the cushions have a digitally printed pattern with a cream
reverse. Available in two sizes, 45cm sq and 30x50cm, they cost
70 each including a duck feather pad.

Now that spring is around the corner, its the perfect time to share our latest garden furniture fnd. Offering
a 21st-century take on an 18th-century classic, the C1715 range, which includes these benches, H88.5x
W150xD45.5cm, 1,613.46 each, is made of laser-cut metal that has been folded, welded and woven to look
like traditional canework in a large format. Powder coated in a range of colours, the furniture comes with
cushions featuring a trompe loeil cane motif. 22 22 Edition Design, 0033 1 71 75 99 38,

Matki-one is one of the

most sleek shower
enclosures we have
seen for some time,
offering wall frames in
White, Soft Black or
Architectural Bronze,
and door details that
can be matched to
your scheme. from
822 for a door.
Contact 01454 322

march 2015 | H&G | 35


Stone Blue, Estate Emulsion,

38 for 2.5 litres, Farrow & Ball.

Bowery Blue, emulsion, 33

for 2.5 litres, Abigail Ahern.

Alpine wAters
Inspired by dramatic Swiss mountain scenery,
we combine saturated indigo with soft sky
blues and rich forest greens to create a room
scheme with depth and sophistication

Teal, Flat Emulsion, 36

for 2.5 litres, Paint Library.

Dark Aster, emulsion, 36

for 2 litres, Paint by Conran.

march 2015 | H&G | 37









1| Satine 2531 in 19 (top) and 18, silk mix,

138cm wide, 112.60m, Sahco. 2| Tache
Toile in Forest, linen, 140cm wide, 99m,
Dominique Kiefer at Rubelli. 3| Cityscape
tiles, 10x7cm, 10 each, CeramArt Regina
Heinz. 4| Plain Linen in Ringabella N-039
(top) and Sacre Bleu N-034, linen, 134cm
wide, 96m, Fermoie. 5| Marmorino
wallpaper in Teal, 79 a roll, Designers

38 | H&G | MARcH 2015

Guild. 6| Heavy Velvet carpet in Atlantic

Blue (left) and Night, wool, 114sq m,
Jacaranda Carpets & Rugs. 7| Fresco
wallpaper in colour 2, 79cm wide, 62m,
Helen Green. 8| Franklin stair runner in
Indigo, wool, 61cm wide, 115m, Roger
Oates. 9| Cord in Charcoal, 1.3cm wide,
10m, Zofany. 10| Khalessi in Blu, viscose
mix, 140cm wide, 125.80m, James Malone

at Avorez. 11| Milano Wool Flannel in

27 (top) and 25, wool mix, 140cm wide,
74m, Clementine Oliver. 12| Promenade
tile in Marina, 20.3cm sq, 305sq m,
Waterworks. 13| Coddington, wool/linen,
148cm wide, 150m, Hodsoll McKenzie
at Zimmer+Rohde. 14| Cocagne, cotton,
140cm wide, 75.20m, Casamance. l



H&G EDIT | reader event

meet the designer

Enjoy the wit and wisdom of Nina Campbell at this springs London Design Week 2015

n Sunday 8 March, the frst day of London Design Week, we are

offering H&G readers the chance to hear Nina Campbell, one
of Britains most respected interior designers, talking about the
fve London homes she has lived in over the past three
decades. Her discussion with Homes & Gardens executive editor, Giles
Kime, as part of the Conversations in Design series, will offer an insight

into her design philosophy, the secrets of successful interiors and a

fascinating look at how she creates her collections of furniture and
accessories, plus her fabric and wallpaper designs for Osborne & Little.
Before and after the event, you will also be able to see new fabric,
wallpaper, furniture and lighting from some of the biggest names in
interior design at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.


Interior designer Nina Campbell will be talking about her approach to decorating as well as the design of her most recent London home (above).

the details
WHEN 11.30am on Sunday 8 March. WHERE Design Club, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London SW10 0XE.
tickEtS When booking in advance, tickets cost 7.50 each (usually 10). To book, call 020 7352 1900 or email,
quoting Homes & Gardens. To fnd out more, visit

| H&G | Month 2014


woven through time

Mourne Textiles was founded by award-winning Norwegian weaver
Gerd Hay-Edie in 1954, and enjoyed high-profle collaborations with
designers including Robin Day. Today the journey continues, with Gerds
daughter and grandson taking the reins at the workshop in the Mourne
mountains, Northern Ireland, where the original looms and machinery
imported by Gerd from Norway are still used. One excellent reissue
is the Milano rug (below), combining looped-wool yarns and handtwisted unspun feece; a made-to-order rug measuring 175x117cm
costs 2,250. Contact 020 7274 5664,

fuLL Of fAntAsy
Cole & Son, 020 8442 8844,, can always
be relied on to come up with unusual wallpapers and, inspired
by classic childrens stories, its new Whimsical collection is
no exception. The 15 designs are charming and nostalgic, and
include three borders and some reworked patterns from the past.
The Secret Garden (above) offers an amusing take on a traditional
foliage design, with seashells and garden snails combined in an
underwater jungle scene. It is available in two colourways, Emerald
Green (shown) and Misty Sage, and costs 78 for a 10m roll.

Clementine Oliver is the new fabric brand by designer Liz Harris, formerly of Osborne & Little, Andrew
Martin and Evitavonni. It includes wool fannels, wool satin and wool herringbone, all 74m, and faux suede,
35m, in fresh, sophisticated colourways. Contact 07974 193663,

3 Of tHE bEst Nursery furNiture

1| Minimal
and modern.
Curved cot bed
in Classic White,
xD69cm, 739,
Wood Collection
by Oliver at nubie,
01825 724160,

2| Inspired by
Eliza changing
table in french
Grey, H81.5x
390, Piccoli & Co,
020 8675 3900,

3| Soothing
and smart.
Ro-Ki rocker
in Dove,
795, Olli
Ella, 020
7713 8668,

march 2015 | H&G | 41


The understated
elegance of Soak &
Sleeps expanded
bedlinen range has
caught our eye. It
includes patterned,
coloured and textured
linens, plus cosy
bedspreads and
throws, such as this
Corriedale handwoven
throw, 285. Also, the
company has launched
a monogramming
service for everything
from pillowcases to
towels. For details,
contact 01483 437762,

sTuDy DaTe Join gardener Edward Flints monthly Monday workshops at Great Dixter in
East Sussex and learn the art of propagation, how to plant bulbs in grass, gardening in shade and much
more. The cost is 80 per day; six for 400. For full details, visit

BOOK cOrner
Our favourite reads
this month encompass
the disciplines of gardening,
design and food

42 | h&G | March 2015


1| Secret GardenS
of the cotSwoldS,
Victoria Summerley, 20,
frances lincoln Publishers.
This beautifully photographed
book offers tours of 20 private
gardens located throughout
the chocolate-box villages of
Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.
You will fnd wonderful examples
of great design, compelling
planting and inspired sculpture,
alongside the stories behind these
paradises from the gardeners,
designers and owners.


2| haPPy, amanda talbot,

25, Murdoch Books.
Based on the premise that our
homes should make us feel
recharged and restored, this
thought-provoking book looks
at how to create happy living
spaces through design. Divided
into useful sections including
colour, light, fow and location, it
is a satisfying read, packed with
ideas, interviews, quotes and
inspirational images from homes
across the world which currently
lead the happy design trend.

3| MarMalade: a
BitterSweet cookBook,
Sarah randell, 20,
Saltyard Books.
Indulge your inner Paddington Bear
with page after page of delicious
recipes for making and cooking
with marmalade. Learn how
to perfect the set, balance the
bittersweet favour and experiment
with ingredients, then read on for
ways of using your concoctions,
from the likes of marmaladeglazed bacon sandwiches to
rhubarb and marmalade trife.

FEaTurE sarah balDwin, arabella sT john parker, jane akers,

luisa ferDenzi PhOTOgraPhS rhapsoDy (BOOkS)



Stockholm AND copeNhAgeN


Six days, from 869 per person.

Selected departures from June to September 2015.

eight days, from 889 per person.

Selected departures from april to october 2015.

Holiday includeS:

n Return flights from Heathrow,

Gatwick, Manchester or
Edinburgh, taxes and transfers.
n Five nights in four-star
accommodation with breakfast.
n Tour of Stockholm, including the
Royal Palace. High-speed train

from Stockholm to Copenhagen.

Visit Copenhagen and Roskilde,
including the Viking Ship museum
and Roskilde Cathedral, and
Frederiksborg Slot known as
the Nordic Versailles.
n Escorted by an experienced
tour manager throughout.

Holiday includeS:

n Return flights, taxes

and transfers.
n Seven nights' half-board in
four-star accommodation.
n Sightseeing including
Agrigentos Valley of the Temples,
Baroque Palermo, charming

hill-top Taormina, a trip to

Europes tallest active volcano,
Mount Etna, the medieval
cathedral and cloisters at
Monreale and Syracuse,
birthplace of Archimedes.
n Escorted by an experienced
tour manager throughout.

DuBrovNik, the DAlmAtiAN

coASt AND moNteNegro

BerliN, DreSDeN,
meiSSeN AND colDitz

eight days, from 789 per person.

Selected departures from april to october 2015.

Five days, from 539 per person.

Selected departures from april to october 2015.

Holiday includeS:

n Return flights from most UK

airports, taxes and transfers.
n Seven nights half-board in
three- and four-star hotels.
n Tour Dubrovnik and
Montenegro, and visit Krka

National Park, Mostar and its

famous bridge, the Roman
Emperor Diocletians palace
in Split and the medieval
port of Trogir.
n Escorted by an experienced
tour manager throughout.

Holiday includeS:

n Return flights from Gatwick,

Heathrow, Stansted, Luton,
Bristol, Manchester, East
Midlands, Dublin, Glasgow or
Liverpool, taxes and transfers.
n Four nights in hand-picked,

four-star hotels, with breakfast.

n Visit historical Berlin, the
Meissen porcelain studio, Colditz
Castle and take a fascinating
walking tour of Dresden.
n Escorted by an experienced
tour manager throughout.

From prices are per person, based on two sharing and subject to finite availability. Additional entrance costs may apply. Images used in conjunction with Riviera Travel. Offer operated by and subject to the booking conditions of Riviera Travel
Ltd. ABTA V4744, ATOL 3430, a company wholly independent of Time Inc. (UK) Ltd. When you respond, Time Inc. (UK) Ltd and other group companies may contact you with offers/services that may be of interest. Please give your mobile or
email details if you wish to receive such offers by SMS or email. We will not give your details to other companies without your permission; please let us know if you are happy for us to do so.

To book, call 01283 742330 or viSiT



1| Browse lifestyle store

Rialto Living, which stocks
interiors finds from across
Europe. 2| Cafs line the
Plaa Major. 3| Palmas
impressive cathedral
beside the beautiful bay.
4| The stylish lounge at
Hotel Can Alomar.


5| Take a leisurely stroll around the
harbour, home to an array of super
yachts. 6| The citys ancient streets
are rich in architectural interest.



Palma de mallorca

feature jane akers, photographs istock, getty images/douglas pearson

The capital of the biggest Balearic island has

been enjoying a revival, with new boutique
hotels, frst-class restaurants and designer shops
creating a buzz on its elegant, historic streets







If youre in the market for retail

therapy, base yourself at the
new luxury Hotel Can Alomar,
Set in a magnifcent neo-gothic
building on the tree-lined Paseo
del Borne, its right by the citys
designer stores. Rooms from
180. Aesthetes should head
to the decorative Hotel Can
Cera,, in the
attractive old quarter, rooms
from 165, while those pining
for a sea view could opt for
the tranquil interiors of Hotel
Calatrava, boutiquehotel, rooms from 180,
which overlooks the Bay of Palma.

For an evening of fne food, book a

table at Simply Fosh, simplyfosh.
com, run by chef Marc Fosh,
the first and only Briton to win
a Michelin star in Spain. His Misa
Braseria and Bar, misabraseria.
com, offers a cheaper daytime
alternative with a three-course set
menu costing only 14. The Tast
Club,, has a stunning
interior by one of Spains leading
designers, Lzaro Rosa-Violn, as
well as delicious Mediterranean
fare. Sample the local tapas at
La Bveda, tabernadelboveda.
com, near the harbour. Its a Palma
institution, and justly popular with
locals and tourists alike.

Explore the streets off the main

boulevards for independent stores
and art galleries. Dont miss Rialto
Living,, a lifestyle
emporium and caf that sells art,
designer fabrics, furniture and
accessories. Just around the
corner, at Tara Salgado, tarasart.
us, beautiful handmade leather
handbags are bound to test your
willpower. Keep up your energy
with a visit to a bakery such as
Forn Fondo, ensaimadasmallorca.
es, to sample the islands famous
pastry ensamada, while Fornet
de la Soca,,
has a beautiful display of
Mallorcan delicacies to take home.

Breathe in the sea air with a walk

along the promenade before
heading into the old town to
admire its architecture, including
the gothic Le Seu Cathedral.
Stroll up towards the atmospheric
Plaa Major for a spot of people
watching. Art lovers will enjoy the
Es Baluard,,
contemporary art museum
housed in a 16th-century fortress,
and the Fundacin Juan March
museum,, for artworks
by Picasso and other illustrious
names. Take a trip out of town on
the old Soller railway, trendesoller.
com, for dramatic views of the
Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

march 2015 | H&G | 45

H&G EDIT | movers & shakers

tile designers

bert & may

Lee Thornley and Harriet Roberts experiment with natural
pigment and pattern to create hand-poured artisan tiles that
are perfectly in tune with contemporary interiors

Lee and Harriet, aka

Bert & May, outside their
east London warehouse
and showroom.
march 2015 | H&G | 47

H&G EDIT | movers & shakers

esponding to a demand for natural

colour in a beautiful muted palette
of matt shades, Lee Thornley and
Harriet Roberts launched their specialist
tile business, Bert & May, in September
2013. With a frm belief that colour is as
important as design, the company creates
original artisan tiles using traditional
techniques, alongside oering a vast
array of reclaimed stock from Europe.
Tell us a little about your backgrounds.
Ive always been interested in design,
says Lee. After a period of living in Spain,
in 2008 I decided to build a hotel using
reclaimed materials. It was supposed to be
a modest B&B but ended up as a luxury
boutique hotel, Casa La Siesta, in Cadiz.
Visitors made me realise that there was
a demand for reclaimed foors in the UK,
and I eventually began to export them.
It was while staying at Casa La Siesta in
summer 2013 that Harriet started chatting
to Lee. I recognised the foor tiles, as Id
seen them at Sunbury Antiques Market
just outside London, she says. I was
looking for a change of direction after
nine years of working for an international
bank in the City. My strength is in business,
but Ive always had a creative side and
I love everything to do with interiors.
What happened next? The pair decided
to go into business together, thus Bert
& May was born; the name combines
Lees nickname, Bert, and Harriets middle
name, May. Based in east London, the
company sells a huge range of reclaimed
tiles, as well as wood fooring from Europe,
and creates its own tiles using non-synthetic
pigments. In order to meet the demand
for greater quantities of our own designs,
we restored an original hand-operated
press. This allows us to produce encaustic
tiles in the traditional way, says Lee.

48 | H&G | March 2015

Where do you fnd design inspiration?

In east London, says Lee. The whole
area is one big fabulous design hub.
Harriet sees their role as fostering creativity.
We are always looking for designers who
will make something interesting.
The pair visit major design fairs Tent
London, Clerkenwell Design Week, Design
Junction and Maison & Objet as well
as graduate shows. We are also involved
in hosting events with The Hackney
Society, which aims to preserve the areas
heritage, and Print Club in Dalston, which
is great for fnding new talent, says Lee.
Where do you source materials? The
reclaimed tiles are from Spain, France
and Italy. On a recent salvaging trip to
Spain, tiles were sourced from Andalusian
town houses and the entire contents of
haciendas were bought at auction.
All of our pigments for making
cement tiles are from Andalusia, says Lee.
Historically, natural pigments were used
there, resulting in a palette of muted matt
tones, as opposed to harsher synthetic
colours. We also design glazed tiles in more
vibrant shades, which are produced in
Turkey. We are colour specialists, so we
never just take the easy route.
How are your encaustic tiles made?
It starts with a sketch. We review the
designs weekly and the team decides which
ones will be put into production, says Lee.
A metal mould is made and we select the
colours. All the tiles are produced in Cadiz.
The liquid cement is mixed with natural
pigment, and each individual element is
hand poured. The tiles are pressed, rather
than fred in a kiln, then dipped in water
and left to dry naturally in the sun for two
weeks. Its a simple but time-consuming
and labour-intensive process, says Lee.
Each tile takes fve to six minutes to make,

and one craftsman produces a maximum

of 150 a day. The fnished tiles are packed
and sent to our yard in Yorkshire.
Describe a typical day. Lee commutes
from Harrogate and is based in London
four days a week, while Harriet lives in
north London. As the business has grown
280 per cent, sta has increased, too. Lee
runs a sales team of three and works on
marketing collaborations, while Harriet
oversees the business and production sides,
but theres a lot of overlap. We share a
strong sense of the direction the business
should take and my role is very much
about keeping that on track, says Harriet.
We constantly feed back to the team, so
we dont lose sight of objectives.
Each morning begins with a core team
briefng at 8.30am, at which the days
agenda is set. Orders are worked through,
priorities discussed with the tile maker,
new colours researched and samples
requested. Then we force ourselves to go
o-site for meetings and to have space to
think, says Lee. Its tempting just to sit
here and be part of the machinery, but we
need to get out there every day.
Whats planned for the business? Things
are getting even busier. Were working
with The Conran Shop on window
installations for its fagship London and
Paris stores, says Harriet. There are
also plans to head further afeld. Weve
been looking into recreating our design
studio model abroad and scouting out
old factories and warehouses in New York
and Copenhagen. Bert & May is also
launching En.caustica, a diusion line
of beautiful handmade tiles that will be
available from around 20 outlets. l
Bert & May, 67 Vyner Street, London
E2 9DQ, 020 3673 4264,


small antique cement tiles are

among reclaimed stock from France,
Italy and Spain; the Bert & May
signature is imprinted on the
underside of its artisan designs; the
company serves as a platform for
other designers, such as Smink
Things, whose glazed tiles are
displayed in the showroom on a
scaffolding rack; the vast selection
of antique offerings includes these
Frieda glazed tiles from Spain; the
starting point of every tile is a sketch
the company is contacted by up
to ten new designers every week;
reclaimed wood is also a large part
of the business; the muted palette of
matt shades is a defining feature
of Bert & Mays encaustic tiles, which
cover the floor of the east London
warehouse and showroom (centre).




the finAl countDoWn

On the eve of the presentation of the 2015 awards, we unveil this years shortlist, which
includes work by emerging designers as well as some of the biggest names in the industry

The Judges

s domestic design adds so much to our experience

of everyday life, we feel its important to seek out
and celebrate those who have succeeded in creating
brilliant pieces, from furniture and fabrics to lighting
and kitchen accessories. Since their launch in 1999, the
Homes & Gardens Designer Awards have shone a spotlight
on the originality of a wide range of exceptionally talented
individuals, including Jonathan Ive, designer of the iPod,
and Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, whose names now
dominate the global design stage.
This year, the standard of entries was higher than ever
before, and the shortlist, which offers a revealing insight
into current trends in contemporary design, was the subject
of intense debate by the judging panel, which included
experts from a wide range of disciplines. The winners will
be showcased on our blog,, and in
our May issue, on sale 2 April.

Barbara Chandler, Design writer (chair)

Ruth Aram, Director, Aram Store
Linda Clayton, Journalist
David and Tanja Fisher, Designers, Fish & Co
Matthew Hilton, Designer
Robin Levien, Designer
Lucio Longoni, Homeware buyer, Urban Outftters
Jimmy MacDonald, Director, Tent London
Nick Munro, Designer
Amelia Thorpe, Journalist

Deborah Barker, Editor-in-chief

Giles Kime, Executive editor
Emma Thomas, Decorating editor

design highlights from pAst AwArds

FRom lEFt Chandlo
dressing table by
Doshi & Levien,
Furniture Designer
award winner; Sonne
light by Naomi Paul,
and Chimney lights
by Benjamin Hubert
for Viaduct, both
winners of the Young
Designer award;
Andrew Graham
Dixon, Art critic, Paul
Cocksedge, Product
Innovation winner,
Will Hobhouse,
Chairman, Heals.






FRom FaR lEFt

Alejandro Villarreal,
Furniture Designer
award winner;
Zero-In table by
Barber & Osgerby,
Furniture Designer
award winner;
the bar of Ham Yard
Hotel, designed
by Kit Kemp,
Interior Designer
award winner.

march 2015 | H&G | 51




ShortliSt 2015
We reveal the entrants who are in the running for
this years Homes & Gardens Designer Awards
from ToP Woven woollen

textiles by Eleanor Pritchard,

Surface Designer nominee;
Slice & Sharpen chopping
board by Joseph Joseph,
Kitchen Product Designer
nominee; Tableware by
Stuart Carey, Use of Materials
nominee; Space range by Map
for Sabi, Bathroom Product
Designer nominee; Kerning
sideboard by Samuel Chan,
Furniture Designer nominee.

The judges were impressed
with the affordability of these
great furniture designs.
n Tomoko Azumi,
STA dining chair for zilio A&C,
n DAviD Ben-GrunBerG &
DAniel WoolfSon,
D*Table for the D*Haus
n BeTHAn GrAy,
Genevieve range, Bethan
Gray for John lewis,
n SAmuel CHAn,
kerning sideboard,

The judges found the products
that made it on to the shortlist
pushed the use of materials
in exciting new ways.
n Tom HouSDen,
updown pendant,
n reiko kAneko,
Terracotta plates and bowls,
n STuArT CArey,
n DAniel SCHofielD,
Tarnish collection,

52 | H&G | march 2015

From tiles to fabrics and
wallpaper, this category
reects the growing focus
on texture and pattern in
domestic design.
n mAriAnne Smink, Smink
Things tiles and wallpapers,
n eDWArD BArBer &
JAy oSGerBy,
mews tile for mutina,
n klAuS HAApAniemi,
Homeware collection,
n eleAnor priTCHArD,
Woven woollen textiles,

The design of cabinetry,
furniture and accessories has
become ever more innovative.
n THe DeSiGn TeAm,
The fourth Wall for poggenpohl,
n viCToriA mArrioTT,
metallics, Concrete & Driftwood
ranges for roundhouse,
n SAm lloyD,
Heals Discovers Sand Cast
kitchen bar stools,
n riCHArD & AnTony
Slice & Sharpen chopping board,

This years shortlisted designs
demonstrate the growing
creativity in this sector.
n pAul CrofTS, kisdon for
n mAp, Space range for Sabi,
n DiCk poWell,
Dea Bathroom collection
for ideal Standard,

Creating good-looking lighting
that is as effective as it is
attractive is a rare skill.
String light for flos,
n piA WSTenBerG, processed
paper and glass lights for

Nurturing new talent is
essential, and the calibre of
the entrants was impressive.
n SeBASTiAn Cox,
Chesnut & Ash range
for Benchmark,
n SevAk zArGAriAn,
unearthed collection,
n luCy kurrein,
panel chair,

Sourcing and presenting
the best of great British
design is an important skill
which requires creativity,
commercial instincts and
deep product knowledge.
n HeAlS,
Carmel Allen,
Creative director,
n THe SHop floor
Denise Allan and
Samantha Allan,
n mAGmA,
marc valli & montse ortuno,

clockwise, from ToP lefT

Pendants by Pia Wstenberg,

Lighting Designer nominee;
Heals, Retailer Award nominee;
Sand Cast stool by Sam Lloyd,
Kitchen Product Designer
nominee; Design Event and
Soane, both Backer of British
Design nominees; Unearthed
collection by Sevak Zargarian,
Young Designer nominee.

This award recognises a
collective, organisation
or individual that has
championed British
design or craftmanship.

n THe neW CrAfTSmen,

mark Henderson, natalie
melton and Catherine lock,
n SoAne BriTAin,
lulu lytle,
n DeSiGn evenT,
karen nairstone,

march 2015 | H&G | 53



Grand Tour
Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of collecting
beautiful artefacts from travels around Europe, we
mix the ancient and contemporary to stylish eect

Modern shapes, such as an angular table lamp and curved plate, form
a crisp counterpoint to the statuary on this draughtsmans-style desk.
FURNITURE Delwyn desk, H71xW122x

D71cm, 898, Anthropologie. Grey

lacquered goat skin chair, H94xW85x
D49cm, 12,000 set of eight, Talisman.
ACCESSORIES Neoclassical decoration,
part of the Seymour chimneypiece,
H139xW178xD27cm, 7,440, Jamb. Mahl
stick, L140cm, 15; Carb Othello pencils,
1.60 each; Abraxas inks, 14.25 for 30ml;
all Green & Stone of Chelsea. Iron utility
scissors, 24, Anthropologie. Decorative
books, 28 each, Trowbridge Gallery. Tyra
marble plate, diam30cm, 126.25, Broste

Copenhagen. Colour palette plate, diam10cm,

45, John Derian at Designers Guild. Head
of Victorious Athlete, H44xW25xD25cm,
350; replica Alexander with Spear, H20.5x
W8xD4cm, 165; both The British Museum.
Mini pith helmet, 200, Puckhaber
Decorative Antiques. Montana horn box,
H6xdiam15cm, 175, India Jane. Perfect
pencil, 200, Amara. Mutatio lamp, H30x
D8cm, 515, Le Klint; Spade mug, 45; both
The Conran Shop. Marble pencil holder,
36, Pentreath & Hall. Goose feather pen,
29, Quill London. Antique capital, Jamb.

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 55

Allow a collection of
stone plaques to sing out by
choosing subtle furniture,
such as the ne leather chairs
and marble and metal side
tables shown here. A rug
with an architectural design is
the ideal accompaniment.

FURNITURE Simplied Crillon chairs,

H81xW70xD79cm, from 4,500

each, Soane Britain. 9 Carrara
marble table, H44xdiam40cm,
870; 9 Carrara marble base table,
H50xdiam40cm, 828; both Piero
Lissoni at Cassina.
ACCESSORIES Kadu standing lamp,
H154xW15cm, 740, Paolo Moschino
for Nicholas Haslam. Architettura
teapot, 325; Architettura cups and
saucers, 150 a set; all Fornasetti
at Liberty. London chess set, 80,
Skyline Chess. Ovington lantern in
Antique Verdigris, H46xdiam48cm,
3,840; stone plaques from
antique replaces; Altamont stone
chimneypiece, H114xW127cm,
4,560; all Jamb. Fire screen, H57.5x
W70xD17cm, 155; reside tools,
L69cm, 80; all Garden Trading. Paris
rug, 243x305cm, 8,004, Luke Irwin.


arrangement of objects
and curios is perfect for
bringing decorative interest
and character to a beautiful
carved chimneypiece.

chimneypiece in Bath stone, H135.5x
W152.5xD24cm, 4,560, Jamb. Oil
study of Neo Classical statue, 600,
Puckhaber Decorative Antiques. For
similar coral, try Hawker. Wood
pigeon, H28xW28xD26cm, 400,
Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam.
Ten-sided obelisk, H24xdiam3.5cm,
45; eight-sided obelisk, H16x
diam3cm, 25; both Pentreath & Hall.
Montalcino marbled cup, H7.5x
diam9cm, 71, Belgrave Place.
Nebuchadnezzars Tomb with
Roman Emperor cameos (shown
far right), H12xW16xD9cm, 150,
Pentreath & Hall. Nice & Simple
candlestick in Black, H8xdiam7cm,
9.25, Grehom. Small vintage
jar, 10, Designers Guild. Clouds
plate, diam19cm, 95, Astier de
Villatte at Liberty.

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 57

THIS PAGE Teaming a simple modern table with classic dining

chairs brings a traditional style up to date. Placing the

furniture by a window shows o its silhouettes to great eect.
FURNITURE Heron dining table in

Optic White, H75xW160xD90cm,

1,498, Calligaris. Ebonised side
chairs, H85xW49xD52cm, 2,650
set of four, Max Rollitt.
ACCESSORIES Glazed Hex pendant
in weathered brass, H35xdiam21cm,
415, Davey Lighting. Fruit holders
in Carrara marble, H6.5xW30x
D17.5cm, 365 (open ends) and
475; Atipico at Monologue. Lara linen
napkins in Silver, 42cm sq, 5.49

58 | H&G | MARCH 2015

each, LinenMe. Replica bust of

Hermes, H30cm, 175, The British
Museum. Colour Pop juice glasses,
6 each, Anthropologie. Deco
marble balls, diam5cm, 5.10;
diam10cm, 9; Alfred soap candle
plate, H3xW25xD15cm, 41.20; all
Broste Copenhagen. Marbled clay
tall urn, H27xdiam29.5cm, 120,
Pentreath & Hall. Verona rug,
Persian hand-knotted wool,
243x305cm, 7,292, Luke Irwin.

RIGHT Drama can be created by layering numerous nds in a

statement cabinet. Delicate tonal variations allow each piece
to stand out, while black accents ensure the look remains strong.
FURNITURE Similar cabinet, try Hawker.
ACCESSORIES Similar coral, try

Hawker. Decorative books, 28 each,

Trowbridge Gallery. Librarian bust,
H39cm, 330, Kathy Dalwood. Vase,
H30cm, 200, Astier de Villatte at
Designers Guild. Soane Museum
faade, H20cm, 75; Classical foot,
H11xW17cm, 25; all Sir John Soanes
Museum. Replica bust of a Noble Mede,
H28xW26xD12cm, 295; replica bust
of Hermes, H30cm, 175; both The

British Museum. Fossilised wood

bookends, H19x W14cm, 200 a
pair, Tom Dixon at Liberty. Head of
Victorious Athlete, H44xW25cm,
350; replica Parthenon Frieze
fragment, H33xW43cm, 225; both
The British Museum. Vintage jars,
small, 10; large, 35; Designers
Guild. Canova lion, H11xW21cm, 29;
Acanthus bookends, H17cm, 45 a
pair; both Sir John Soanes Museum.
Spade mug, 45, The Conran Shop.

60 | H&G | MARCH 2015


for a
single muted colour in an
eggshell nish for walls,
panelling and window
frames will create a blank
canvas, allowing furniture
and curios to stand out.
FURNITURE Ebonised side chair,

H85xW49xD52cm, 2,650 set of

four, Max Rollitt.
ACCESSORIES Deco marble ball,
diam10cm, 9, Broste Copenhagen.
For similar horse bone, try Hawker.

Well-chosen pieces,
such as the leather-covered
towel rack and screen with
a coral motif, chime nicely
with the travelling theme.

FURNITURE Four-panel screen,

H150xW44cm (each panel), from

60 for uncovered panel, The Dormy
House. Screen covered in Aristote in
Corail 03073/01, from 125 a roll,
Manuel Canovas. LC9 stool with
leather seat, H45xW50xD36cm,
516, Charlotte Perriand at Cassina.
SIMILAR PAINT Charleston Gray,
Modern Emulsion (walls), 42 for 2.5
litres; Estate Eggshell (woodwork),
21 for 750ml; both Farrow & Ball.
ACCESSORIES Leather towel rack,
H80xW67xD36cm, 595, Paolo
Moschino for Nicholas Haslam.
Dupatta Kadhi towel, 70; slate
hand towel, 16; both Designers Guild.
Abalone shell, 15; Natural sponge,
15; Japanese sisal brush, 6.50;
all Tinsmiths. Jai spa back brush,
15, John Lewis. Head of Thalia,
H39xdiam18cm, 375, The British
Museum. Amber bag of salts, 13,
Ct Bastide at The Conran Shop.

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 61

A daybed layered with

mattresses gives an Eastern
avour to this reading corner
where a sense of adventure is
suggested by books and maps.
FURNITURE Mon Prince sofa, including
three back cushions and two mattresses,
H63xW200xD90cm, 2,020 plus
14.9m of fabric, Caravane.
FABRICS Cushions in (from second from
left) Track in Charcoal, cotton mix, 137cm
wide, 39m, Ian Sanderson. Pasha in Ebru,
cotton, 140cm wide, 46m, Osborne &
Little. Victoria 09, linen, 137cm wide, 127m,
Lizzo. Mattress (second from bottom) in
Marden L/280, cotton, 134cm wide, 96m,
Fermoie. Curtain in Prussian Blue, linen,
150cm wide, 35m, Volga Linen. Curtain
lined in Pendeen in Navy F4142/04, linen,
152cm wide, 75m, Colefax and Fowler.
ACCESSORIES Similar hanging lantern,
Windsor lantern in Antique Bronze nish,
H84xW46, 4,560, Jamb. Classic curtain
pole in Beeswax, 20mm, 17p per cm;
Cannonball nials in Beeswax, diam4.5cm,
17.20 each; all Jim Lawrence. Velours
Lav Glacier cushions, 40x55cm, 47
each, Caravane. 1861 world map, 19.95;
Boeme Bandana cushion in Teal, 30x60cm,
65; both Liberty. Standing lamp No1
in Blue, H190xW120cm, 1,395, Muller Van
Severen at Viaduct. Giant Julius Caesar
bust, H80xW55cm, 195, Rockett St George.
Old marblised books, 150 set of ve,
Appley Hoare Antiques. Decorative books,
28 each, Trowbridge Gallery. Ikat 8 rug,
243x305cm, 8,448, Luke Irwin. 

62 | H&G | MARCH 2015


The distinctive ower of this charming perennial
heralds the arrival of spring to our gardens

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 65

With their heart-shaped blooms dangling like tiny lockets

from long stems that arch up and over lacy foliage, dicentras or bleeding hearts, as they
are more familiarly known have long been a gardeners favourite. The distinctive owers
are a combination of two swollen outer petals surrounding smaller inner petals that are in
turn fused around the anthers, the whole combining to look like a bleeding heart.
Ground-hugging and shade-loving dicentras appear from late spring to early summer,
in shades of red, pink, purple, white and yellow. They are a genus of the perennial
Papaveraceae (poppy) family, and the most prevalent variety found in our gardens is the
early-owering Dicentra spectabilis. Originally from China, this attractive plant with
bright-pink owers was introduced to Britain during the 19th century by Robert Fortune,
a Scottish plant hunter and botanist, and has been popular ever since. It has been the
subject of much scientic and genetic analysis and, in 2010, the plant was elevated to its
own genus and D. spectabilis is now known botanically as Lamprocapnos spectabilis.

ABOVE The deep-pink

blooms of Dicentra
King of Hearts have
a long owering
period and hang from
short stems above
feathery foliage.
spring to summer, the
nodding pink owers
of D. peregrina appear
in twos and threes
along racemes.

D. Burning Hearts
is a compact plant

with long-lasting
scarlet blooms and
blue-grey leaves that
are nely dissected.
their pure white petals,
clumps of Lamprocapnos
spectabilis Alba will light
up a woodland garden.

D. formosa subsp.
oregana x peregrina has
luminous pink-white
owers that contrast
with the dark-red stems
and blue-green foliage.

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 67



Easy to grow and fully hardy, dicentras

are best sited in a moist, humus-rich soil.
Position in semi-shade and enrich the soil
with leaf mould or compost.
As clump-forming plants, they generally
remain compact and do not need dividing,
which is fortunate as their brittle roots do
not like to be disturbed. If necessary, divide
them in late autumn or early spring.
You can take root cuttings of 8-10cm in
March. Re-pot and grow on young plants.
Move to permanent positions in October.

Dicentras are associated with woodland

plants that thrive in similar conditions. For
a late-spring spectacle, plant under shrubs
such as owering dogwoods Cornus orida
and C. kousa and vibrant rhododendrons.
They also work well in groups in the middle
or front of a border. Mix with aquilegias, ferns,
hostas, euphorbias, epimediums, Geranium x
oxonianum and late-owering tulips.
The foliage can die back after owering,
so combine with summer-owering plants to
maintain interest in the border and ll gaps.

68 | H&G | MARCH 2015


cucullaria bears yellowtipped white owers in
spring. They resemble
miniature trousers,
hence the plants
common name,
Dutchmans breeches.

Gardeners cultivate
dicentras not only for
their delicate owers but
also for their attractive
foliage. Pictured are the

elegant and nely cut

leaves of D. eximia.
creamy white owers of
D. Aurora make a dainty
foil to other plants from
late spring to summer.
BELOW Lamprocapnos
spectabilis has been
valued as a woodland
plant for its pretty
rose-red and white
owers and lush foliage
since Victorian times.

iNspiriNg spaces
Our choice of irresistible homes and beautiful gardens

PhotograPh Helenio BarBetta

This monTh, enjoy breathtaking

views over Cape Town as seen from a
smartly renovated house in South
Africa (page 72) and be transported to
the 1930s by shimmering Art Deco
style in a Luxembourg home (page
82). Colour and pattern take centre
stage in a London terrace (page 95),
while a Paris apartment is testament
to its owners fashion-design nous
(page 104). In our scottish garden
formal lines and exuberant planting
make a fne combination (page 90).


At first

This once dated 1930s house has been turned into a dream family home by
making the most of its captivating views of Cape Towns Lions Head mountain
Words Rebecca Davies photographs waRRen heath

72 | H&G | March 2015


As it is relatively old by
South African standards, the
front faade of the Boltmans
house has heritage status.
The couple love to entertain
on the terrace and enjoy
the stunning scenery.
For similar outdoor seating, try
the Yland range, Oasiq at Chaplins,
020 8421 1779,


Russell replanted the plot

at the back of the house to
create a lush green haven
where the family can unwind.
Caf chairs, from 67 each;
trestle bench, from 267;
garden table, from 352;
all Hope Garden Furniture,
0027 21 448 7485,

74 | H&G | march 2015


Tracy and Russell widened all

the doorways and installed
bi-folding glass doors, allowing
light to flood the living areas.
Similar sofa, Roma large corner
sofa, 5,995, Heals, 020 7896
7451, Similar foor
light, Arco foor lamp, 1,565,
Aram, 020 7557 7557,


Mirror ball pendants and

a hand-crafted circular
dining table soften the
rectangular lines of the units
in the adjoining kitchen.
Copper pendant lights, 245
each, Tom Dixon at Atomic
Interiors, 0115 965 7920,

76 | H&G | March 2015


Reclaimed Argentinian floor

tiles link the open-plan
kitchen and dining areas.
Similar tiles, Encaustic Banes
tiles, 14.40 each, The Reclaimed
Tile Company, 020 3022 5557,

I like to combine old and

new, says Tracy. Here she
has teamed modern furniture
with a vintage chandelier.
Similar pouffes, Moroccan leather
pouffes, 130 each, Graham and
Green, 020 8987 3700, graham For a similar
chandelier, try Norfolk Decorative
Antiques, 01328 856333, antique

rom the moment she saw the view from the

front windows of what is now her family
home, Tracy Boltman was determined that
the property would be hers. She and her
husband, Russell, had been scouring Cape
Towns leafy Higgovale district for months before they
stumbled upon the two-storey 1930s house and, at frst
glance, they did not think it was anything special.
The building was extremely dated, with crumbling
tiles and some rather questionable decorating choices
that had their origins in the 1980s. But then Russell
and Tracy walked into the main bedroom and, as
Tracy describes it, her jaw dropped. Before them lay
an uninterrupted vista of Lions Head, the rocky peak
next to Cape Towns more famous Table Mountain.
As soon as I saw it, all I could say was Wow, she
recalls. I know youre not supposed to do that in front
of the estate agent, but I just couldnt help myself.
The sight was breathtaking.
So much so that there was really little more to
be said and, not long afterwards, Tracy and Russell

bought the property and moved in with their then

six-year-old daughter, Ani. There, though, the fairytale
came to a temporary halt as, for the next three years,
the family put up with the unappealing interiors
while they concentrated on other things in their lives.
Then Tracy became pregnant with twins and the need
to renovate was more urgent.
While overseeing large-scale building work may
not sound like the ideal scenario for an expectant
mother, Tracy believes that being pregnant may
have helped her to stay calm. I really dont know the
reason but, honestly, I felt no stress at all. I enjoyed the
experience and, fortunately, the timings worked out
perfectly. Her insouciance is admirable as Sofa and
River were born just one week after the builders left.
Today, the house is perfectly suited to the needs
of a busy family with two four-year-olds and one
near-teenager. The original cramped kitchen and
sitting room have been knocked through to create an
open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, which
means Tracy can keep an eye on the little ones while

March 2015 | H&G | 77

cooking dinner or help Ani with her homework at

the dining table. The children are homebodies and
love being here, says Tracy. The twins race round
and round on their little motorbikes. Its almost like
a miniature racetrack for them. There is a separate
playroom, too, though Tracy confesses that it is more
of a storeroom for toys as the children use the entire
house for their games.
The children are not the only ones to beneft from
the new design. Before, the house was so dingy that
we never entertained, says Tracy. Now we have people
round all the time. The Boltmans favourite place
to relax on these occasions is on the front terrace,
from where they can enjoy the spectacular sight of
both Lions Head and Table Mountain. These are now
also visible not only from their bedroom but from
many of the other rooms too, thanks to the installation
of folding glass doors that blur the boundaries and
bring the outside in.
While Tracy and Russell created the new layout
together, Tracy was largely in charge of the decoration,

78 | H&G | March 2015

and went about choosing furniture and accessories

in the same laid-back manner with which she had
approached the building work. I didnt have a plan,
she says. I just bought what I liked and made it work.
And work it does; the scheme is an effortless blend of
old and new pieces, from the vintage Argentinian tiles
on the kitchen floor to the contemporary copper
pendants above the dining table.
Russell, meanwhile, has made his mark inside
and out by choosing the artwork for the walls and
the plants for the garden, including an impressive
collection of cacti and bonsai trees.
Tracy and her family are delighted with the
renovations to their home but, for Tracy, the view that
frst captured her attention will always be the star
attraction. I say this quite often, but I believe that
Im truly blessed to live here. Whatever Im doing
just waking up in the morning or getting the children
ready for school Ive always got these amazing
mountain vistas right there outside my windows.
Ill never get bored with them. l


Beds with raised sides are

ideal for four-year-old
Sofia and River.
Similar bed, Sundvik bed,
135, Ikea, 020 3645 0000, Similar ceiling
light, FL/Y pendant lamp, 165,
Kartell at John Lewis, 0345
604 9049,

The table supporting the

basin is a reclaimed butchers
block, while baskets made
from old grain sacks are used
to store towels and bath toys.
For a similar butchers block,
try John Cornall Antiques,
0781 397 5175, johncornall


Unusually, the original floors

here are made of American
oak rather than the Oregon
pine found in most other 1930s
properties in Cape Town.
Similar chandelier, Winchelsea
chandelier, 1,625, Oka, 0844
815 7380,


A claw-foot bath painted

in aubergine adds a splash
of colour and warmth.
Similar bath, Lincoln bath,
1,425, CP Hart, 0845 873 1100, Similar foor
tiles, Toulouse Pont-Neuf tiles,
8.99 each, Fired Earth, 01295

I love the touches of pink Ive

sneaked into this room, says
Tracy. Id paint the wall pink
too, if Russell would let me.
Spati queen-size four-poster
bed, 443, Weylandts, 0027
860 103 400,
Similar rug, Empress rug, 1,475,
Graham and Green, 020 8987

March 2015 | H&G | 81

1930s HOME


Sophisticated shades of blue and luxurious
vintage furniture abound in a Luxembourg
house that shimmers with Art Deco style
Words Natalie WaiN photographs Birgitta WolfgaNg Drejer

82 | H&G | mARCH 2015



A chorus of blues energised by sumptuous

textures and mirrored furniture gives this
room its sense of elegance and poise.

Friend and interior designer Jean-Claude

Lazard discovered these original 1930s
partition doors squirrelled away in the attic
during renovation work on the property.

Maxalto Lucretzia sofa, from 7,533, Antonio Citterio

for B&B Italia at Keith de la Plain, 01233 770555, Vintage lamps in Cobalt, 1,134,
each; silk shades, 205 each; all Porta Romana, 020
7352 0440, Lalit rug in Asphalt,
from 2,200, Meridiani, 0039 02 966 91 61,

Interior design, Jean-Claude Lazard, Mobilier

Bonn, 00352 22 32 01, Small surface
coffee table, 1,586, Vincent van Duysen
for B&B Italia at Chaplins, 020 8421 1779,

mARCH 2015 | H&G | 83


Theres a lovely balance in

this room between the sofa
and the table, the proximity of
the kitchen and the view of the
garden, says Christian. This
is where we spend most of our
time; its a very cosy, liveable
part of the house.
Allen sofa, from 15,290; Square
Huber side table with marble top
(above), 2,890; both Minotti,
020 7323 3233,
Blob lamps in Turquoise, 1,680
each; silk shades, 202 each; all
Porta Romana, 020 7352 0440, For Christian
Voigt prints, try Karl Hutter Fine

As well as the original Art

Deco features in the house,
the garden was a major draw,
says Christian. A row of
hurricane lamps along the
lawn creates a magical feel
during the evening.

84 | H&G | MARCH 2015


I bought this 18th-century

cabinet on a whim, although
I didnt know where we would
put it, recalls Christian. Its
been moved all over the house,
but eventually we settled on
the hall. Its grand proportions
suit this expansive space.
For a similar 18th-century
French cabinet, try Brownrigg,
01666 500850, For similar
artwork by Kibong Rhee, try
Tina Kim Gallery, 001 212 716


A wall filled with treasured

tomes and an artwork that
references childhood holidays
(right) give a welcoming air
to this smartly chic room,
used for entertaining.
Collection Mtiers oval dining
table with Calacatta Carrara

86 | H&G | MARCH 2015

mable top by Enzo Mari,

19,810; Collection Mtiers
dining chairs by Jean-Michel
Frank, 2,720 each; all
Herms, 020 7499 8856, For similar
vintage trumpet foor lamps,
try 1stdibs,

t is cocktail hour in the Hansen household; an entirely ftting prospect in this glorious
homage to Art Deco style and the bygone glamour of Hollywoods golden age. As
Martini glasses clink on the drinks trolley and light from crystal sconces pool on mirrored
cabinets, Christian, the man of the house, eases into a capacious white sofa in the relaxed
family living room. Gazing across the expansive garden, the jet-setting Luxembourg
entrepreneur enjoys a rare moment of calm. Winters can be very harsh and dark here so, as well
as incorporating all of the design elements my wife Sarah and I love so much, it was important to
create a bright, comfortable interior, he explains.

Taking inspiraTion from The pasT

It was Christians penchant for Art Deco design and architecture, combined with the propertys
lofty proportions, that attracted the couple to the 1930s house prior to the birth of their daughter
Elisa, now 21 months old. Its in a period style that I feel a great affnity with, says Christian.
The house lacked character, but had good architectural bones, so that was our starting point.
Beautiful original features, such as the dramatic chequered marble foor and the intricate
wrought-iron balustrade in the entrance hall, which are reminiscent of Claridges hotel in London,
formed the backbone of the property, but it was family friend and interior designer Jean-Claude
Lazard who helped to dress the house with a masterful selection of furnishings and accessories.
The formal sitting room is a triumph of old-style glamour, where a shimmering 1930s
revival armchair happily co-exists with decadent plush velvet sofas and carefully chosen
vintage mirrored cabinets add a touch of sparkle to the scheme. My wife is from Manhattan,
Christian offers by way of explanation. Its diffcult to bring a girl from New York to Luxembourg
without making a subtle nod to her heritage.


The striking monochrome

tiles and wood-panelled walls
are original features. We
polished the floor and were
sparing with accessories
as this space needed little
embellishment; it speaks
for itself, says Christian.
Antique French chandelier,
MLD Antiquits, 0033 1 40 10
83 63,

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 87

Decorating with blue


The jungle-motif wallpaper in

this bijou space (above), which
links the main bedroom and
bathroom, hints at Christians
passion for travel.
Equateur wallpaper, 115 for
118cm repeat, Herms, 020 7499
8856, Similar vintage
mirrored chest of drawers,
Canonbury Antiques, 01707

Sarah loved this vibrant

curtain fabric, says Christian,
so it was showcased in the
dressing room (above right) and
adjoining bedroom (opposite).
Curtains in Equateur Imprim,
353 for 114cm repeat, Herms,
020 7499 8856,
Hocker ottoman, from 1,764;
Vanity Fair armchair, 4,272;
both in Cobalto, Poltrona Frau at
Interior Supply, 020 7352 0502,

88 | H&G | mARCH 2015

As you step from one room to the next, a preference for shades of blue begins to become apparent,
from delicate watery tones to deeply satisfying indigo, suffused with glimmers of silver-grey in
deep-pile rugs and dustings of luxurious silver leaf on the ground-foor cornicing. Blue is a very
special colour for Sarah; shes always felt happy around it and it fts in perfectly with the house,
explains Christian. Its also very restful and welcoming, which can come as a surprise to people.
Sarah designed the colour palette for each room with meticulous care, and relied on Jean-Claude
to painstakingly match her selection with a bespoke blend of paint to achieve the desired shades.
We started with the wall colour before expanding upon the scheme with accessories and soft
furnishings to complement it, recalls Christian.

aDDing a personal touch

Although Christian and Sarah have a predilection for Art Deco, they have also thrown a smattering
of 18th-century and contemporary pieces into the mix, such as the antique cabinet and chandelier
in the entrance hall, which were impulse buys from Paris, and the white Minotti sofa in the living
room, which was chosen for comfort. We love to combine styles, says Christian, adding that the
house was never intended to be a shrine to the 1930s.
A treasured collection of personal photographic artwork also features throughout, including a
stylised image of Central Park in Manhattan a favourite spot of Sarahs and a Slim Aarons
photograph of the pool at Htel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap dAntibes, where Christian learned to
swim as a child. The artwork in the house also refects my love of travelling, he says. The tiger
painting on silk in the study reminds me of some very special times I spent in India, which
also inspired the wallpaper in my dressing room. From these touches, it is clear that Christians
attention to detail is paramount to his success in both business and the creation of an interesting
home. As he says, If you are going to do something, then do it the best you can. l


Sophisticated creams, electric

blue flourishes and rich
textures were chosen to
create a serene scheme in
the couples bedroom.
Piu Notte bedside table in
Cobalto, 2,028, Poltrona Frau at
Interior Supply, 020 7352 0502, Large
Pasteur lamps in Ash Blue, 905
each; silk shades, 147.50 each;
all Porta Romana, 020 7352 0440, Skyscraping
photographic artwork by
Slinkachu, Andipa Gallery,
020 7589 2371,

mARCH 2015 | H&G | 89

LEFT a tantalising
glimpse of the walled
garden and avenue of
fowering cherry trees.
Hosta Walk, framed
by high yew hedging,
leads towards the
Gold Garden.

formal style

High hedges enclose glorious individual spaces in this
exuberantly planted garden on the east coast of Scotland
Words Caroline BeCk PhotograPhs andrea Jones

at the centre of
the White Garden
is a fountain and
pool, bordered by
clipped box.

90 | H&G | march 2015

Branches laden with

cherry blossom arch
above roughly textured
columns of Irish yew,
which form a contrast
to the smooth curves of
neatly clipped topiary
in the sunken Garden.

march 2015 | H&G | 91

here is a real capriciousness to

Scottish spring weather that
makes you catch your breath. All
the clichs about four seasons in
one day are never more true than
at this time of year, when a sunny morning full
of expectation can be followed by a blizzard
in the afternoon. There is a week, however,
usually in April, when winter seems to loosen
its grip, everything starts to relax and life in
the garden begins again. It is one of the most
exciting moments of any gardeners year.
Winter can linger too long at Gallery
garden in Montrose, which is strafed by icy
blasts from the Cairngorms, but when it does
finally disappear, the garden turns green
almost overnight, as if galvanised into action
by a starting pistol. It looks full of promise,
says John Simson, the owner, and although it
has not got the colour of the summer months,
the garden is healthy and vigorous.
John moved into the 17th-century house
with his late wife, Anne, in 1995 and although
neither would have described themselves as
gardeners, they knew which style they wanted.
They had visited Crathes Castle garden in
Aberdeenshire and liked the interconnecting
garden rooms, subdivided by formal yew
hedging, and wanted to recreate something

92 | H&G | March 2015

similar at Gallery. The one-and-a-half-acre

walled garden had been kept ticking over
before the Simsons bought the property but it
needed improvement so, in 1998, they
commissioned Veronica Adams, an old university friend from Oxford, to redesign the site.
Anne and Veronica had both studied art
at Ruskin College and worked on the garden
together to create the formal look you now
see. Framed by hedges of yew, holly and privet
and punctuated by clipped box and densely
planted with perennials, the rooms are all
different and some are colour-themed, as in
the White Garden. The Simsons were fortunate to have gardener Ron Stephens join them,
and his frst task was to lay out, double dig,
manure and introduce almost 500 plants to
the new Summer Garden. John recalls the
plants arriving: They all looked very wee and
I wondered how they would ever fll the space.
Sadly, Anne died in 2006 and so did not see
the way in which the garden has developed
and become the rich, structured place that it
is today. A great deal of care is taken with the
planting, which is layered and exuberant
without ever being too distracting. Someone
once told me that gardens are either theatres
or stamp collections, and Gallery is most
certainly a theatre, says John. It is true that

each area has its own ambience, like a series

of stage sets, made even more distinct by the
high hedges that subdivide the whole garden.
The Gold Garden is the most recent
addition, having been extensively replanted
in the past few years and in spring, with the
intense foliage and fowers of laburnum and
trees such as Zelkova serrata Kiwi Sunset,
it looks sensational, somehow even brighter
against the backdrop of the white house.
It is at this time of the year, before
everything has properly broken into full leaf,
that you can catch tantalising glimpses of the
whole garden through the semi-transparent
bones of the hedges, and see the green and
gold of spring emerging after the winter,
bright with anticipation. l
orientation a rectangular, north-facing walled garden

of one-and-a-half acres, built in the 17th century.

soil type largely neutral, but has been improved

over the years with manure.

special features the garden is subdivided with formal

hedging into smaller rooms, such as the White Garden

and the Gold Garden, which are designed to be at their
best at different times of the year.
The garden is part of Scotlands Gardens and is open
on selected days; visit for details
of opening dates in 2015.

illustration scott jessop

OppOsItE pAGE Offset by

the 17th-century house, the

sulphur-yellow leaves of Zelkova
serrata Kiwi Sunset (Japanese
elm) make a vibrant display
in the centre of the newly
replanted Gold Garden.
AbOvE lEft In contrast, the
White Garden is planted with
hostas, euphorbia and graceful
alliums in more muted shades.
AbOvE RIGht Sheltered by
a blossoming apple tree, a
metal bench in the informal
Summer Garden is surrounded
by lush plantings of hostas
and geraniums.
bElOW lEft Decorative planters
flled with spring-fowering
bulbs add splashes of interest
throughout the garden.
bElOW RIGht An impressive
laburnum, dripping with yellow
racemes and under-planted with
box mounds, is a spectacular
sight in the Gold Garden.

March 2015 | H&G | 93


Bursts of bold colour and pattern are set against a canvas
of mid-century pieces in Karine Roussels family home

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 95

96 | H&G | MARCH 2015



The tree-patterned
wallpaper is a nice
match for the table and
bookshelves, which are
custom made from oak.
A sofa (previous page)
upholstered in a
striking tropical pattern
creates a comfortable
spot near the window
in which to work.

Tall, slim door frames

help to emphasise the
ceiling height, while a
run of deep cupboards
beneath the staircase
keeps the area clear.

Interior design, Karine

Roussel, 07799 626548,
Woods wallpaper, 70 a
roll, Cole & Son, 020 7376
Similar cowhide rug,
Glamour Gold cowhide,
440, The French Bedroom
Company, 01444 415430,
frenchbedroomcompany. Sofa in Rainforest
221314, 42m, Sanderson,
0844 543 9500,

Vintage CH24 Wishbone

chair by Hans Wegner for
Carl Hansen & Son, from
493, Skandium, 020 7584

A striking photograph
adds an unexpected twist
to this simply furnished
space, where a pair of
Italian armchairs, a Hans
Wegner coee table and
a Moroccan rug testify
to Karines passion for
mid-century design.
Photograph, Phoebe
Rudomino, phoebe Vintage Beni
Ourain rug, Franois Gilles,
07803 237217, francois Chevy throw,
250, Tori Murphy, 07958

98 | H&G | MARCH 2015



The warm hues of the

oak furniture and
oor are enlivened
with a hit of green from
a potted rubber tree,
which lends an exotic
touch to the space.

A large strawberry tree

provides shade for
relaxing and socialising,
while bright seating
and cushions bring
a colourful element
to the courtyard.

Glass candlesticks, from

80 each, Chehoma
Atelier dAmbiances at The
Conran Shop, 0844 848
Tolomeo Mega Terra oor
lamp, 575, Artemide at
John Lewis, 0345 604

Acapulco low armchairs,

314 each, Made In Design,
020 7692 4001,
Tio coffee tables, from
386 each, Chris Martin
for Massproductions
at Twentytwentyone,
020 7837 1900,


Geometric tiles and

reupholstered vintage
bar stools stand out
against the blue-grey
of the cabinetry.
Bespoke Hex Arrow
cement tiles, Popham
Design at Ann Sacks,
020 3055 0802, annsacks.
com. Bar stools in Torre
in Turquoise, 97.69m,
Casamance at Fabrics &
Papers, 01273 495500,

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 99

rom the outside, Karine Roussels south London home

appears to be an unassuming Victorian terrace but,
inside, the bright, open-plan interior is punctuated
with pops of colour and pattern that lend an exotic
avour. For me, colour is very important; it brings joy
and life to a scheme, says the French interior designer, who bought
the property with her nancier husband Jerome when they moved
to London from their native Paris in 2001.
Another feature of the design is a generous dose of practicality.
With four children aged from nine to 21, the Roussels needed a
home that could cope with the rigours of family life while exuding
an air of eortless chic. Karine tells us more.
Did you make any structural changes to the property? When we
bought the house, the layout was very dierent: the kitchen was
in a small space o the dining room, while a utility room
was housed in a lean-to conservatory, which didnt encourage
access to the garden. Before we moved in, I recongured the
ground oor by building an extension to be the kitchen; this
enabled me to widen the dining room to create a sense of ow,
from the sitting room through to the garden at the back of the
house. The second phase of the works happened eleven years later,
when we needed more space and storage. I designed an entirely
new basement level, creating a bedroom and a bathroom for our
elder son, Thibaut, a studio for me and a large utility room. This
time, we lived in the house throughout the works, but thanks to
good builders and a microwave it was bearable.
How did you make the basement so bright? I was adamant that I
didnt want a dark, low-ceilinged space, so the rooms are nine feet


Bright wallpaper
and a contemporary
bunk bed (above
and right) make this
an inviting space for
11-year-old Camille.
The rattan mirrors
were found at antiques
fairs in Provence.
Amber in the Sky bunk
bed, 1,939, Perludi at
Mood, 01242 323855,
Lovebird wallpaper in
Mustard Yellow, 44 a roll,
Isak, Similar
mirrors, Rattan mirrors,
315 set of ve, Graham
and Green, 020 8987 3700,

100 | H&G | MARCH 2015

high. I also designed a large light well for the back of the house;
with glass doors, it is also provides Thibaut with a narrow patio
outside his bedroom. My studio has a partially glazed partition
wall, so that light streams in from both the oor above and the
window at the front of the house.
Why are colour and pattern so important to you? Colour makes
a home happy and dynamic. I was born in Brazil and spent my
rst ve years there, which could explain why I gravitate towards
bold shades. I love geometric prints, which is why Ive used them
with concrete tiles in the bathrooms and the kitchen. I think
that, over time, Ive become braver with my choices when I rst
installed the kitchen, it was pale grey with an oak oor; now, the
tiles, dark grey cupboards and 1950s-style wallpaper all create
a stronger, more graphic look.
You also appear drawn to mid-20th century pieces. I think the
simple, elegant shapes of this era are hugely versatile and can be
combined with dierent styles. Weve bought various pieces over
the years and, while I tend to choose quite classic designs, I like
occasional quirky touches, such as the wonderful canary yellow
pendant lights in my studio, which are 1950s originals.
What are your tips for keeping clutter at bay? Good storage is
crucial. Our front door opens directly into the sitting room so, to
avoid living in a sea of coats and shoes, Ive created a bank of
cupboards where part of the kitchen once was. Ive also put storage
under the stairs in the basement and incorporated a run of units
into the light well. In the sitting room, I had wooden bookshelves
made to t the alcoves on either side of the replace. 



A slick concrete sink and

bench with industrial
lines are a pleasing
counterpoint to graphic
tiles, with a round
mirror breaking up
the angular style.

White walls and a pale

grey oor highlight
the beauty of the
glossy butterscotch
table and a vibrant
rag rug that Karine
found in Marrakesh.

Bespoke basin, Lowinfo,

020 7458 4404, lowinfo.
com. Kai lever basin taps,
249 each, Crosswater,
0845 873 8840,

Victor orange lacquer

desk, 3,795, Roberto
Lazzeroni at The Conran
Shop, 0844 848 4000, Louis
Ghost chair, 197, Philippe
Starck for Kartell at Heals,
020 7896 7451,

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 101


A pair of boards, found in

Thailand and thought to
have been part of a boat,
make a striking sculpture
in the otherwise serene
and textural space. The
seagrass rug was made
from four small mats
whipstitched together.
Seagrass squares, from
19.50 each, Pentreath
& Hall, 020 7430 2526, Floor
in Cornforth White, Floor
Paint, 56 for 2.5 litres,
Farrow & Ball, 01202


Silvia found the dining table,

which dates from the same
period as the apartment, at
the March aux Puces de
St-Ouen, the largest fea
market in Europe.
Similar light, Stchu-Moon 02
suspension light in gold, from
413.95, Cattelani & Smith at
Arredare, 028 9146 0067, For similar
antique parquet foors, try
Drummonds, 01798 860100,

Paris aPartment
This immaculately dressed home in Le Marais is
every bit as stylish as its Italian designer owner
Words Jennifer GouldinG PhotograPhs Helenio BarBetta

104 | H&G | March 2015

March 2015 | H&G | 105



Throughout the apartment,

lighting is used to great
decorative eect. Here, Silvias
beloved Zettelz pendant light
provides a delicate but dramatic
focal point. At ground level,
rather than have one large rug,
vintage designs have been
grouped for a bohemian look.

The minimal form of a 1950s

wall lamp by Jean Prouv
chimes beautifully with the
pretty woodland mural.

Zettelz 5 pendant light, 761,

Ingo Maurer at Twentytwentyone,
020 7837 1900, twentytwentyone.
com. Knller foor lamp, 1,100,
Ingo Maurer at Darklight Design,
0118 988 2294, darklightdesign.
com. Ptolomeo bookcase, 774,
Aram, 020 7557 7557,

The unusual kitchen table,

which has a hand-painted glass
top, is a one-off piece from
Spazio Rossana Orlandi, one
of Silvias favourite shops. It
looks even more striking
against the black cabinetry
topped with marble.
Cabinetry in Pitch Black, Estate
Eggshell, 53 for 2.5 litres, Farrow
& Ball, 01202 876141, farrow-ball.
com. Portoro marble worktop,
from 2,400sq m, Lapicida,
0800 012 2220,

Potence wall lamp, 966, Vitra

at Skandium, 020 7584 2066, Fret Noire
wallpaper mural, 3x3.72m,
480, TapetenAgentur, 0049 221
932 8182,

A piece of contemporary art

by Milanese artist Barbara
Nahmad is a colourful,
playful juxtaposition to
the antique chandeliers.
For similar panelling, try
Finepanel, 01892 544228, For similar
antique chandeliers, try Norfolk
Decorative Antiques, 01328
856333, antiquelighting

espite the fact that Italian fashion designer Silvia

Reinhold runs her business out of Turin, it is Paris
that holds the keys to her heart. The painstaking
care she has taken over the renovation of her pied-terre in Le Marais is testament to her love for the
place, and the interior is imbued with her innate sense of style and
elegance. Decorative original details and clean white walls provide
the perfect canvas for her statement furniture and condent use of
accessories, many of which have been sourced from local markets.

Why do you base yourself in Le Marais? My main home is in

Turin, but I often come to Paris for business. Also, I adore this city;
it makes me feel happy and free, particularly Le Marais quarter
with its small, quiet streets its so calming. My apartment is near
Place des Vosges. Its a peaceful neighbourhood with lots of art
galleries, charming boutiques and little coee shops.
What was so appealing about this apartment? It was built in
1905 and is a typically Parisian building, which I like. But I really
fell for its positive, tranquil atmosphere and the many windows
overlooking the green trees of the boulevard, which make it
wonderfully sunny. It was like a dream for me.
What condition was the interior in? It was an artists atelier
and home all the principal rooms were lled with drawings and
paintings and it was in a good state, with original wood oors,
doors, cornices and marble replaces that all work really well.
For me that was magical. Although the decoration was very pretty,
I decided to change everything.
Including the layout? Yes. I added glazed doors from other parts
of the house between the kitchen, dining room and sitting room
to make it a more open-plan space. I love the way this extends the
views. I also recongured the sleeping area to create four bedrooms
and four bathrooms.
It sounds like a big project; did you have any help? A friend
of mine, Christophe Fenwick, who lives in Paris and works in
fashion, provided assistance. He took care of the renovation and
oversaw the building work. Then Marco Lobina, the owner of
Rezina, a company specialising in resin oors, helped with the
bathrooms. However, I did much of the decorating myself.
Can you describe the process? Before I started decorating the
apartment, I stood in each empty room and imagined how it
should look. Then it was just a case of nding the pieces I saw in
my minds eye. For the sitting room I envisaged a touch of yellow,
so when I saw a beautiful 1956 Paolo Bua yellow velvet sofa, I
knew it was the right one.
What inspired the other elements of the dcor? I added
mirrors to reect the trees of the boulevard and I began to collect
unique pieces old photographs, paintings, small items of vintage
furniture and strange little rugs so that everywhere I look, there
is something that gives me pleasure.
Creating interiors comes naturally to you, then? Ive always
been interested in decoration and design, and I love antiques

markets, especially the March aux Puces de St-Ouen; the

people are so friendly and theres always something new to see.
Where do you fnd inspiration? Design magazines and blogs
inspire me, and places such as Spazio Rossana Orlandi, a shop
and gallery in Milan that sells unique and vintage furniture. It
could also be something as simple as the colour palette of a
scarf that I can imagine suiting a room.
Do your fashion sensibilities infuence you? For me, black is
important in fashion so I used it in details such as the front door
and the dining chairs. It gives breadth and light to other things.
Who are your favourite designers? Paola Navone is someone
I very much admire, and my sofa and beds are all her designs. I
also love Ingo Maurers creations. His Zettel light is in my
sitting room and in both my shops.
How would you describe your style? I like to mix things up
and look for pieces that touch or excite me. I love imperfections.
Houses and dresses must not refect a trend, but your soul. l

I love imperfections.
Houses and dresses
must not refect a
trend, but your soul.



The peeling painted frame

of the mirror is a pleasing
contrast to the clean lines
of the fxtures and fttings
elsewhere in the bathroom.

Above the bed (below left)

is a mixed media piece by
contemporary Roman artist
Cristiano Petrucci. A neutral
paint colour highlights the
apartments original freplace
and cornices (this page), and
is an eective foil for Silvias
mid-century accessories.

In-Out washbasin, 1,695;

Square tap, 2,526, Agape Design
at West One Bathrooms, 0333 011

Utterly simple but effective,

this scheme is given dashes of
colour with bright throws.
Walls in Lamp Room Gray, Estate
Emulsion, 38 for 2.5 litres, Farrow
& Ball, 01202 876141, farrow-ball.
com. Vertigo pendant light,
690, Petite Friture at Heals,
020 7896 7451,

Milos bed, from 1,180, Paola

Navone for Orizzonti at Kelly
Hoppen Interiors, 020 7471 3350, Walls
in Clunch, Estate Emulsion, 38
for 2.5 litres, Farrow & Ball, 01202
876141, Gubi
Grshoppa foor lamp, 565,
Nest, 0114 243 3000,

illuminating ideas

over the top

a low-hanging pendant is the perfect way
to highlight a display table, drawing the
eye to the area when lit, while also being an
important part of the composition. laerdal
pendant, H29xdiam34cm, 465, aditi
studios, 07977 514274,

Paul Nulty


be inspired

Focus on LIGHTInG
Follow silvia reinholds lead by choosing standout designs that
are not only practical but create a warm and inviting atmosphere

HeiGHt of style

duaL purpose
neat and compact, this design will add a dash of
mid-century modern style to schemes. type 1228
wall light in carmine red, H18xdiam17cm, 95,
anglepoise, 02392 224450,

This tall foor lamp proves that

industrial-style task lighting
can be elegant as well as
functional. Available in a black
or Grey fnish, it has a sleek
minimalist shape and features
a smart copper-inner shade.
Area foor lamp, H150cm, 275,
Alexander & pearl, 020 8508

Wall lamps
Add a light touch to your rooms with an eye-catching wallpaper

Illuminate 75625,
44 a roll, Harlequin,
0845 123 6815,

110 | H&G | MARCH 2015

Lamps Flock W0008-01,

97 a roll, Clarke &
Clarke, 01706 242010,

Exclusive 2577,
41 a roll, eco,
0046 3323 6430,

n Producing contrast and drama

with lighting is vital to creating a

cosy and comfortable home. Put
different styles at various levels
around rooms to create pockets
of illumination and shade.
n Concealed lighting creates an
arresting but soft effect, while
accent lighting can make dark
wood fooring and furniture
look less heavy by casting
shadows and adding depth.
n Complement high-level ttings,
such as chandeliers, with below
eye-level options, such as table
lamps, so attention is not drawn
to the ceiling, as this can make
the room feel less inviting.
n In a sitting room, add low-level
lighting to alcoves, corners and
curtain pelmets. This will soften
angles and enhance textures.
n Spotlights set under kitchen
cupboards will provide good task
lighting that harmonises with
overhead lighting and produces
a more informal space.
n In bathrooms, shine light directly
on to the face from the mirror using
wall lamps or integrated lighting.
This type of illumination is more
fattering as it reduces shadows.
n Put lights in wardrobes and
above or below artwork in a
bedroom to create depth and
intimacy. Conceal bulbs with
diffused or solid shades.
n A common mistake when
choosing lighting is to put too
much emphasis on the design
and not enough on the quality
of light. Colour temperature
for LED bulbs is indicated in
Kelvin (K) units. The lower the
K value, the warmer the light,
so 2700K is usually warm, while
4000K can be rather cold.
Paul Nulty Lighting Design,
020 7401 3635, l

feature Ginevra Benedetti photograph (taBLe)

table light,
196, seletti at
Made in design,
020 7692 4001,

37 pages of inspired ideas for every room in your home




Dream rOOmS This month we bring you fve delightfully
diverse schemes, from an elegant blue bedroom (page 118)

and a smart bathroom featuring gleaming copper (page 120)

to a generous conservatory in creamy shades (page 122).
INTerIOrS Enliven a scheme with bold accents of red (page
134) and set the scene for an inviting breakfast (page 142).
IDeaS New looks for patterned flooring (page 127).
SHOPPING Our choice of the latest stylish sofas (page 147)
and contemporary dressing tables (page 150).
aDVICe Celia Rufey answers your design queries (page 152).

March 2015 | H&G | 113


in the
DESIGNER Matt Higgs,

Chamber Furniture,
01959 532553,
BUDGET Kitchen prices
start at 35,000.

Dramatic dark
wood and strong
symmetry make
a bold statement
in this spacious
kitchen, precisely
designed for a
passionate cook

CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE PROJECT? My client was in the

process of transforming a house built in the 1980s, by

adding a substantial extension at the back. Her aim was
to create an open-plan room designed for family life, with
spacious kitchen, living and dining areas with direct access
to the terrace and garden beyond. The old kitchen was
dark, and the idea was to introduce as much natural light
as possible, with foor-to-ceiling glass doors and a large
roof light. The new room is nearly 12 metres wide and its
scale takes your breath away.

We started with a list of appliances. My client is a keen and

knowledgeable cook, and her son is a chef, so she asked
for a room that was practical and designed for plenty of
use. It also had to be smart and inviting for guests, as the
family likes to entertain. She had already researched the
top-of-the-range ovens, hobs, fridge and freezer she wanted,
so we began by focusing on the best place to install them.

housing the fridge, freezer, ovens and larder run along the
wall furthest away from the doors to the terrace. It makes
sense to site the bulkier items away from the main light
source, as the brighter areas are usually the more pleasant
places in which to sit and relax. A large island is the main
food preparation zone and cooking station. Its also a hub
where family and guests gather, perching on comfortable,
deep-buttoned red bar stools, which add a splash of colour
and match the kitchen equipment on the worktop.

The induction hob and a teppanyaki plate are ftted into

the island, allowing the client to face her guests on the bar
stools while she cooks. A downdraft extractor provides
unobtrusive table-top ventilation: the roof light meant
a ceiling or suspended model wasnt suitable. From this
cooking zone, its only a few steps back to the sinks,
positioned directly opposite the hobs, or to the side to the

114 | H&G | march 2015

march 2015 | H&G | 115

tall bank of cabinets to collect ingredients or put dishes in

the ovens. There is also plenty of storage in this kitchen,
so that surfaces can be kept free for food preparation.

Our goal was simplicity: the cabinets are clean-lined,

contemporary and handleless, and arranged symmetrically.
In such a large room with a substantial amount of furniture,
it was essential to ensure that the space did not look
cluttered. At the same time, the furniture needed to have
presence, hence its strong, linear design. To lighten the
effect, a section of glazed wall cupboards was used to
break up the run of wood units.

from the mellow tones of the limestone fooring and

selected cabinets in oak. The timber is naturally warm in
colour and its straight grain is accentuated by its scrubbed
fnish, which is tinted in a graphite grey for a modern look.

Dark stained wood adds

real defnition in a large
space such as this.
Dark, dramatic wood adds real defnition in a large space
such as this. We tend to think pale colours emphasise the
light feel of a scheme, but too much of that in a room can
look insipid. Here, we contrasted the dark grey wood with
light, cement-coloured worktops, made of 80mm-thick
engineered quartz, which is durable and scratch and stain
resistant, so ideal for a busy kitchen. The strength of the
design comes from its symmetry and simplicity, which
allows the beauty of the materials to shine. l

sources Nordic Square
Twintaps, 1,310, Quooker,
0808 102 0673, quooker. Blanco Claron 550-U
sink, 482; Blanco Claron
340-U sink, 427; both
Blanco, 0844 912 0100, Pop-up socket
port, 286, EVOline, 01225
330242, Light
Jerusalem honed
limestone foor tiles, from
45sq m, Floors of Stone,
01509 234000, foorsof Pendant lights,
from 120 each, Holloways
of Ludlow, 020 7602 5757,
Adonis bar stools, from
279 each, The Chair
People, 0845 124 2477,



116 | H&G | March 2015

TOP LEfT Wooden dividers

in the deep drawers make

it easy to stack plates and
bowls and also prevent them
from sliding around.
TOP RIGHT The sleek Nordic
Square design from Quooker
offers matching boiling water
and mixer taps.
aBOVE Chamber Furniture
produced the white painted
shelving unit to house the
TV, media equipment and
extensive collection of recipe
books, and to act as a screen
between the kitchen and the
formal dining zone beyond.
LEfT The downdraft extractor
rises from the worktop
when required and is neatly
concealed when not in use.
RIGHT The island worktop
overhangs on two sides,
creating an area where
guests can pull up a bar
stool and chat, shielded
from the working zone.


Stained oak kitchen, from

35,000; Stone Italiana
worktops and splashback,
from 800sq m; all
Chamber Furniture, 01959
532553, chamberfurniture. BO 480 oven, 4,103;
BS 484 combi-steam oven,
4,408; WS 482 warming
drawer, 1,331;
VI 461 induction hob,
2,274; VP 414 teppanyaki
plate, 1,996; AL 400
table ventilation system,
4,399; RC 472 fridge,
5,123; RF 413 freezer,
4,568; all Gaggenau, 0344
892 8988,
Similar microwave, M6022
SC, 799; G6260 SCVi
dishwasher, 1,250; both
Miele, 0330 160 6600,


March 2015 | H&G | 117

H&G desIGN dream bedroom


Rebekah Caudwell,

Optical wallpaper
83/8035, price on
request, Cole & Son, 020
7376 4628, cole-and-son.
com. Rosette plaster
casts (on wall), 85 each,
Pentreath & Hall, 020
7430 2526, pentreath-hall.
com. Woodhouse bed,
from 1,786; Channing
consoles, 2,950 each;
Georgia tall lamp, 550,
all Jonathan Adler,
020 7589 9563,
18th-century Swedish
sofa, 11,000; Rougier
lamps, 7,200 a pair, all
Talisman, 020 7731 4686,

Original architecture and

a striking rug were the
inspiration behind bold
pattern and elegant
shades of blue in this listed
townhouse in London

CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE SPACE? This is the master bedroom of a

Georgian townhouse in Bloomsbury that my husband and I bought

from a developer several years ago. Although it had been recently
renovated, the interiors were very plain and its blandness helped us
appreciate the beauty of the architecture. Seeing the original ceiling in
this room when we frst viewed the property was a real wow moment.
WHAT WAS YOUR STARTING POINT? My inspiration almost always
comes from one item that I love. For this space, it was the Martyn
Lawrence Bullard rug the blue silk really sings out on the wool.
I then established a palette of six or so blue tones that would work well
together. Its hard to fnd exact matches of one shade across fabrics and
furnishings, unless you pay handsomely for bespoke pieces, and the
scheme can end up looking forced and messy. By layering colours you
can achieve more richness, and its one of the loveliest games to play.
HOW DID YOU PLAN THE LAYOUT? I used to teach art history and I
often think about the placement of furnishings in terms of composition
and how the eye will be led around the room. Here, I placed the bed
centrally against the far wall with the sofa in front, graduating the height
of the furniture from the low seating to the tall headboard. This created
a symmetrical effect vertically, as well as horizontally, which can be
especially important when you have really high ceilings.

for designs of different scales but with similar shapes helps. So although
the rug and wallpaper dont match, they both mimic the decorations
in the ceiling plasterwork. Using block colour, for example for the sofa
and curtains, also has a balancing effect. Remember, too, that when
youre in the room you never look at all three patterns at the same time.
HOW DID YOU SELECT THE FURNITURE? My aim was to work with the

scale of the room. So the bed is 2m wide and I used chests of drawers as
bedside tables. Anything smaller would have been lost in this large space.
TELL US ABOUT THE LIGHTING. The ceiling is listed so we couldnt have

spotlights or pendants, but I rather like the softer effect of the uplighting.
The Jonathan Adler Georgia table lamp is covered with tiny boobs, each
with a nipple, which makes me laugh. Spaces have to make you happy.
I enjoy injecting a sense of humour and playfulness into my designs. l

118 | H&G | march 2015

feature linda clayton PhOtOgraPh alexander James


Philippe I small table,

357, Casamania
at Made in Design,
020 7692 4001,
Mamounia Sky rug,
1,535sq m, Martyn
Lawrence Bullard at The
Rug Company 020 7243
7342, therugcompany.
com. Curtains in
Antoinette in Aquamarine
10047-002, cotton,
177m, Donghia Textiles
at Rubelli, 020 7349
Feathers small cushions
(on sofa), 149 each,
Harrods, 020 7730

By layering colours you can

achieve more richness, and its one
of the loveliest games to play.

march 2015 | H&G | 119


DESIGNER Rebecca James,

Interior Desires, 020 8613


Gleaming copper and

bronze shine in the
setting of a spacious
en suite in which the
traditional features have
made a comeback

CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE pROpERTY? The house, a Victorian terrace in

Fulham, hadnt been touched for 40 years when my clients bought it.
The dcor was terribly decadent; the house looked like it was being
worn by the furnishings. I prefer the architecture to take the leading
role. This room offered generous proportions, allowing us to reintroduce
traditional features such as a freplace and decorative plasterwork.

that have a separate identity to the bedroom it is just too jarring so

I came up with the idea of using warm metal throughout the house,
including in the master bedroom and en suite. The shower enclosure has
a bronzed frame and was inspired by the traditional British telephone
box. It looks imposing but, as its in a corner, it doesnt dominate.
HOW DID YOU pLAN THE LAYOUT? The room is wider at the front than
at the back. To disguise the lack of symmetry, I created horizontal and
vertical focal points using the bath and shower enclosure. When viewed
from the bedroom, the eye is drawn to these fttings and you dont notice
the room isnt square. This solution meant I could tuck the WC behind the
bath; I have a pet hate of layouts where the WC is the frst thing you see.
TELL US ABOUT THE fINISHES. I chose the bronze fttings from Samuel

HOW IS THE SpACE LIT? We wanted to make the room look cosy
and inviting, so we had mood lights set fush in the foor around the
bath. These cast a warm, coppery glow.
DID YOU fACE ANY CHALLENGES? Theres not a straight line in the
room, so we had to do a lot of preparation such as templating for the
stone tiling. The company that made the shower enclosure wanted a lot
of money at frst but, after I explained how it would look, they became
really enthusiastic and lowered the price. I love it when everyone gets
behind a project it really shows in the end result. l

120 | H&G | MARCH 2015

feature Linda CLayton PhotoGraPh RiChaRd GoodinG

Heath to complement the vanity stand and shower enclosure. The bath
was originally going to have a shiny copper exterior, but then William
Holland brought out this aged, rust-like fnish and I changed my mind.
I love the way the frelight refects on the matt copper. The Breccia
Rosata natural stone tiles have a soft look that offsets the masculinity
of the metals. To break up the run of stone, I used 60cm square tiles on
the foor, mosaics in the shower and large slabs on the vanity stand.

Bateau bath with Patina fnish, 4,802,
William Holland, 01305 251930, V6K6 shower,
from 4,541; V6K17 basin fller,
from 1,036; V238 standpipes, from
1,150; V6K30 bath/shower mixer,
from 2,573; all Style Moderne range
in Country Bronze by Samuel Heath,
0121 766 4200,
Gotham double vanity stand in
Bronze, 2,999, Balineum, 020 7431
9364, IP44 Pillar light
in Weathered Brass, 385, Davey
Lighting, 020 7351 2130, davey-lighting. Breccia Rosata foor tiles,
60cm sq, 215sq m, and mosaic tiles,
5cm sq, 245sq m, all Via Arkadia,
020 7351 7057,

the bronzed frame of the

shower enclosure is inspired by
a British telephone box.

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 121



Richard Ross-Harper,
Marston & Langinger,

a bright, inviting garden

room decorated in
subtle hues has been
sympathetically styled
to seamlessly connect a
period property with its
serene surroundings

CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE PROJECT? This garden room was added to a

Grade II-listed house in Oxfordshire and is a good example of how a new

structure can sit harmoniously with a period building. The owners saw
it on display at the Chelsea Flower Show and thought that it would be
ideal for their property, provided it could be integrated into a larger
extension. The conservatory accommodates a generous sitting room
and is linked by a dining area to the main house.

Traditional features such as moulded timber pilasters give the garden

room a period feel that sits comfortably with the architecture, which
is predominantly 18th and 19th century. The framework is painted in
Portland from our own range and the owners then used the same shade
on all the windows of the main house to create a unifed appearance.
To make space for the structure, the terrace was extended into the
garden and a new retaining wall and steps were built; the former is
planted with clipped box hedging, which brings the greenery close to
the conservatory, making it feel as if it is bedded into the landscape.

insulated to retain warmth in winter, and we installed heating in foor

trenches beneath Gothic-style grilles all around the perimeter, to
produce naturally convected air that counteracts the down draught.
There is also an open freplace in the wall to the left of the supporting
pillars. In summer, wide vents in the roof can be opened to enable heat
to escape. The Pinoleum blinds help to hold heat in during winter and
to keep the room cool on hot, sunny days. They also serve a decorative
purpose, ensuring that the glazing does not become a vast black
mirror at night and instead giving the space a sense of intimacy.
TEll US ABOUT THE DECORATIvE SCHEmE. With a glass structure
such as this, I would always advocate a neutral scheme, as you dont
want the furnishings to vie with the view. The stone-coloured walls
and Yorkstone foor provide a warm foil for pale furnishings in natural
textures, including sisal and linen, which the owners sourced. The
pitched roof was perfect for a pair of dramatic lanterns, which bring
elegance and symmetry to the room; these are complemented with
table and foor lights to create a warm ambience at night. l

122 | H&G | MARCH 2015

Feature RACHEL LEEDHAM photograph juLiAn CALvERLEy


Bespoke orangery made
from sapele hardwood;
bespoke Pinoleum blinds;
woodwork in Portland,
Interior Eggshell, 41.50
for 2.5 litres; all Marston &
Langinger, 020 7881 5700,
Similar hanging lights,
Round Whitehall lantern,
from 2,580, Charles
Edwards, 020 7736 8490,
Charles large sofa, from
4,112, B&B Italia, 020 7591
8111, Similar
table, Pompidou metal and
glass coffee table, 465, Oka,
0844 815 7380, okadirect.
com. Similar armchair
and footstools, Lanhydrock
range, Sofas & Stuff, 0808
178 3211,
Similar chair, Louis XVI oval
carver, 720, Gustavian, 020
7060 2680,

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 123


a fine
Inspired by country schemes, this fower-flled
haven is designed to delight throughout the
year, leaving the city streets far behind
DESIGNER PROFILE A qualifed horticulturist, Claire Mee

began designing gardens in the early 1990s, following a

career in the fashion industry. She has gained an enviable
reputation for beautifully planted contemporary designs,
ranging from large suburban gardens to compact courtyards.
Her work has appeared in many books and magazines.


is large by London standards, it is awkwardly shaped and narrows at the
end; in fact, on my frst visit, it reminded me of a railway line receding
into the distance. I needed to make it look more balanced and to prevent
the eye being drawn straight to the fence at the back. To mask the shape
of the plot, I positioned a pair of deep symmetrical beds close to the
house and staggered two timber frames around the mid-point of the
lawn. Finally, I widened the lawn on one side towards the end of the
garden. The clients had already addressed the fact that the space is
overlooked by putting in a tall pleached hornbeam hedge underplanted
with Trachelospermum jasminoides (star jasmine).
WHAT DID THE CLIENTS BRIEF INVOLVE? They wanted a pretty garden

flled with fowers; a design that would provide interest all year round. I
asked them to look through some books for inspiration and they tagged
pictures showing gravel areas, lawns, roses, sweet peas and tulips; the
ingredients of a traditional English country garden.
HOW DID YOU ACHIEVE THIS LOOK? With the hard landscaping in place,

I selected the plants for the beds, using structural plants to create a
permanent framework: topiary box balls and cubes, herbs such as
rosemary and sage, and small trees, including standard myrtles and
Japanese acers. Two of the beds are outlined with stepover apples,
which have beautiful spring blossom followed by fruit later in the year.
The timber frames will eventually be covered with wisteria, creating
walls of leaves and twisted stems, together with large panicles of
scented fowers in late spring. Between the shrubs and trees, Ive
planted masses of spring bulbs, including tulips and alliums, and
summer-fowering David Austin roses, peonies and geraniums, with
salvias, verbascums and fuchsias for late-season fowering.
IS THERE SOmEWHERE TO SIT AND RELAx? There are two places: a

paved patio immediately outside the house and an area of gravel at

the end of the garden. The site faces south-west so the patio tends to
be warm and sunny, while the gravel is shaded in summer.

my selections based on colour and fower shape. To create the romantic

look the clients wanted, I focused on pinks and purples but, whatever
colour combination you choose, I advise including dark-purple varieties
such as Queen of the Night, as well as white or cream, to create
highlights and lowlights and to give a sense of depth. I have also used

124 | H&G | March 2015

contrasting fower forms such as the feather-edged Black Parrot,

Anglique, a gorgeous pink tulip that resembles a peony, and China
Town, with its green-tinted, pointed petals. Do choose bulbs with a
range of different fowering times so that you can extend the season;
the alliums here start to open just as the last of the tulips are fading.
HOW DID YOU CHOOSE THE TREES? The existing trees are subject

to preservation orders, but they enhanced the design and I was able
to work around them. The new trees needed to have interest through
the seasons. The Acer palmatum Bloodgood has dark purple leaves
in summer, turning fery red in autumn, while the Malus x robusta Red
Sentinel has white spring blossom and cherry-red crab apples well
into winter. Myrtles are evergreen and can be trimmed to make topiary
shapes, with white fowers in spring and black berries in winter. l

Key plants
1| Allium hollandicum Purple
2| Allium Mount Everest.
3| Acer platanoides
Crimson King.
4| Acer palmatum Bloodgood.
5| Amelanchier lamarckii.
6| Betula utilis var. jacquemontii.
7| Buxus sempervirens
8| Carpinus betulus Fastigiata.
9| Myrtus communis
(common myrtle).
10| Rosa Scepterd Isle.
11| Rosa Gertrude Jekyll.
12| Rosmarinus ofcinalis.
13| Stepover apples.
14| Trachelospermum
15| Tulipa Anglique.
16| Tulipa Black Parrot.
17| Erysimum Bowless Mauve.
18| Tulipa Maureen.
19| Tulipa Queen of the Night.
20| Tulipa Spring Green.
21| Tulipa White Triumphator.
22| Wisteria sinensis Alba.

Ceanothus Concha.
Malus x robusta Red Sentinel
(crab apple).
Bluebell Arboretum
& Nursery,
01530 413700,
01344 578000,
Jacques Amand
020 8420 7110,

lanDsCapInG anD

IntervIew ZIA ALLAwAy


The gravel is Cotswold

shingle, the patio is beige
sawn sandstone, and the
frames were built on site,
from Ipe hardwood.

To create a romantic
look for the clients,
i focused on pink
and purple tulips
with contrasting
fower forms.

















London Stone,
0844 225 1915,
Gaze Burvill,
01420 588444,
Elmwood fencing,
020 8878 0993,

COntaCt DetaIls
Claire Mee, 020 7385 8614,

March 2015 | H&G | 125


The latest looks for carpets, tiles and wood see lively
colour and geometric designs taking centre stage. We show
you inspiring ways to use them with confdence and fair

in good shape
Carpet tiles are not an obvious choice for home interiors, but
have been used to striking effect in this dining space. The tones
are echoed in the curtains and upholstery; otherwise the
scheme is white, for a relaxed, modern feel. Wing studio tiles in
Create in Como, 98sq m, and Artisan in Oil and Ecru, 94sq m,
Bolon at Flooring Concepts, 0844 561 0918,

mARCH 2015 | H&G | 127


flowing design
Continuing the decorative foor
tiles up one wall gives this bathing
space a more intimate feel. For
similar tiles, try Azulej Nero Estrela,
from 146.28sq m, Surface Tiles,
020 7819 2300,

star quality
This spectacular parquet
foor in a Victorian home
in Surrey is a reproduction
of the original. With its smart
geometric pattern and
tonal contrasts, it feels right
up to date. For a traditional
or tailor-made design, try
Classic Parquet, 0845 602

128 | H&G | MARCH 2015

sharp practice
For a fresh interpretation of
the black and white checked
tile foors traditionally found
in halls, these pine boards
have been painted with
a smart diamond shape.
Ecos Organic Paints, 01524
852371, ecosorganicpaints., offers a Woodwash
in Black, 20.36 for 1 litre.

ExpErt viEw
designing a
bold scheme
ashley hicks,

Ashley Hicks
Design Studio,

With statement fooring, use block colour on

the walls to give the eyes a rest. If youre adding
other patterns, choose multiple-scale designs
and ensure they complement the foor.
lorna haigh, Alternative Flooring, 01264 335111,

n I have no strict rules, although I do

like the foor to contrast with the walls;

its usually a mistake to have them
exactly the same colour, as the space
can feel like a vacuum. However, when
I was 15, my bedroom walls, ceiling
and foor were all black and it was
beautiful, so rules dont really work.
n Consider the acoustics of the
room before you lay a new foor. If
noise is an issue, you may want to
choose carpet. If youd like a warm,
textured hard foor that absorbs
sound, cork can be a great option.
I recently used a Wicanders stained
wood-veneered cork throughout a
studio fat, and it was very effective.
n Choose a pattern that is stronger
than all the other patterns in the room
and pick out at least one colour from it,
perhaps with a lampshade or cushion.
I laid decorative cement tiles in the hall,
dining room, kitchen and bathrooms of
my country house, and it looks great.
Plus, the pattern hides dirt brilliantly
and adds life to the rooms.
n Try not to obsess over retaining
old wooden foorboards they can
end up dominating the space to
adverse effect. Floors are best when
they form a textured ground for other
things to sit on. The boldest pattern
can sometimes do this in a way that
an old wooden foor will not.
n Consider your new fooring in relation
to what youve laid in the rooms next to
it. You might want the same material to
run through both spaces to unite them.
Usually I like a real contrast; if one is
patterned, the other should be plain, or
have a very different scale of pattern.

main strip A panel of encaustic tiles

with a carefully considered clash of patterns
sets the cooking zone apart in this open-plan
space. A mix of Valetta and Toulouse tiles,
from 7 each, Fired Earth, 0845 366 0400,, will create a similar effect.

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 129



Running foor tiles onto the
plinth of a kitchen island is
an excellent trick to make a
compact room appear wider
or longer; it plays with the
proportions of the space and
can make the furniture look
as if it is foating. These
bespoke Diamond in the
Rough foor tiles by Popham
Design cost around 280sq m
at Ann Sacks, 020 3055

LAY IT ON Bring eclectic

character to an interior by
layering worn kilims rather
than opting for a single
contemporary rug. The
mid-century furniture
in this room is softened
by the traditional-style
foorcoverings. Try Fairtrade
company Myakka, 0345
460 3122,, for
patterned rugs and cushions
to recreate this look.

Achieve striking looks with timber
PAINT This can be used to add bold colour
or decorative pattern. When painting a
wooden foor, be sparing: thin coats dry to a
harder fnish, so wear more slowly than thick
ones. Oil-based primers are more durable
than household paint. It can take up to
28 days for some specialist paints to reach
maximum hardness, so its a good idea to
stay in socks, even if the foor feels dry.
PARQUET There has been an increase in
the popularity of patterned wood foors.
Larger herringbone pieces often look more
contemporary, says Jeandre du Toit, sales
director at Ecora, 020 7148 5265, ecora. If its for an open-plan living space, a
distressed chevron or herringbone foor will
stand up well to general wear and tear.
MIXED MATERIALS Using contrasting
surfaces is an effective way of breaking up
a large space into distinct zones. Consider
installing wooden fooring alongside stone
or ceramic tiles, but always source samples
of both products frst, to be sure that the
colours and fnishes work well together.

130 | H&G | MARCH 2015


This mosaic marble oor
is a witty take on Victorian
tile designs, and its
graphic shape is mirrored
in the geometric panels
on the door. Although
new, the oor sits well
with the imposing original
19th-century staircase.
The interior was designed
by Carden Cunietti,
020 7724 9679,;
for similar tiles try
Piccolino Alex Key,
1,785.98sq m, 020 3055

Introduce an on-trend
geometric print
cURRENT TRENDS Whatever material
you choose, tiles can be used to add
decorative pattern, as interesting
arrangements are easy to achieve.
Retro-style 3D designs are versatile
and work well with everything, from
clean-lined Scandinavian furniture
to traditional furnishings, explains
Caroline Gow, tile category manager
at Fired Earth, 0845 366 0400, The modern nostalgic
look is proving popular too, according to
Jules Archard, sales manager at Surface
Tiles, 020 7819 2300,
Go for a patchwork mix of geometric
and oral designs that are reminiscent
of the Victorian era, he says. A growing
trend is to create a patterned rug
effect, which looks fantastic under a
free-standing bath or a coffee table.
NATURAL TEXTURE Opt for textured
tiles to introduce natural, organic pattern.
Using really textured, staggered
mosaics or tiles with a ridged surface,
which can be lit from above or below, is
a fantastic way to give a dramatic edge
to any space, says Jules. Another
idea is to use super-textured tiles that
express patterns found in nature, such
as honeycomb, which can bring a room
to life with depth and light reection.
PRAcTIcAL TIPS Encaustic tiles
need to be sealed as they are naturally
porous this will protect them from
staining. Beware of tile cleaners that
contain waxes, as these can cause
a build-up of residue over time.


1| Plaid pattern

2| Nature inspired

3| Rhythmic design

4| Geometric classic

5| Bright stripe

Braunes wool carpet in

Sebastian, 156sq m,
Flock, 020 8440 8777,

Timorous Beasties Ruskin

Butterfly carpet in Noir,
95sq m, Brintons, 0800

Carnival wool carpet,

around 300sq m, Deirdre
Dyson, 020 7384 4464,

Kensington Itschner carpet,

100sq m, Axminster
Carpets, 01297 630647,

Masai wool carpet in

Emerald, W69cm, 115m,
Roger Oates, 01531

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 131


Go Grand An oversized rug can
shape the room layout and give
a scheme a more contemporary
look than wall-to-wall carpet.
Sellarsbrook rug, from 735sq m,
The Rug Company, 020 7243
7342, the

Carpets & rUGs
Create a warm and cosy space
CONteMpOrarY sOlUtiONs Colour
confdence is growing as more viable
bold options come on to the market.
Pattern can also be very forgiving,
helping to hide marks and damage.
That said, many homeowners continue
to opt for a safe, neutral base. Carpet
is more of an investment, so if you plan
to stay in your home for a long time, go
for carpets and use rugs for decorative
accents, says Lorna Haigh, head of
marketing at Alternative Flooring,
01264 335111,
praCtiCal tip It is most important to
use a good underlay, as Lorna explains:
It will give your carpet an ultra-luxurious
feel and help to prolong its life, and its a
great insulator, too.

MIX IT UP Combine
different prints and hues for
a confdent and design-led
hallway. Here, the acid-green
stair runner provides a lively
injection of colour to the
monochrome space. For
a similar runner, try the New
Hadley fatweave in Lime,
W71cm, 115m, Roger Oates,
01531 632718, rogeroates.
com. Shown on the ground
foor is the Quirky Skinny
runner in Black, W69cm,
99.80m, Alternative
Flooring, 01264 335111,, and
the Geometric rug, from
150, Plantation Rug
Company, 0800 012 1511,

132 | H&G | MARCH 2015

Key contacts
Bert & May, 020 3673
Bisazza, 020 7584 8837,
De Ferranti, 020 7384
lapicida, 020 3012
Mandarin stone,
0160 071 5444,
Original style, 01392
Topps Tiles, 0800 783
Walls and Floors,
01536 314730,

element7, 020 7736
luxury Wood Flooring,
020 8458 0201,
Martin Kingdon,
01704 550468,
The Natural Wood Floor
Company, 020 8871 9771,
solid Floor, 020 7221
Tutto Parquet, 020 7435
Quick-step, 0032 5667

CarPeTs & rugs

Bazaar Velvet, 020 7736
Blenheim Carpets,
020 7823 6333,
Crucial Trading, 01562
Flock living, 020 8440
luke irwin, 020 7730
Natural elements,
020 7394 5016, natural
Wovenground, 020 7193

FEATURE charlotte luxford phoTogRAphs, leah Weinstein/

design jodi york, sharyn cairns/neWslife media, karo avan dadaev/goodnova-godiniaux,, marcel aucer, amy bartlam, patrick cline, joanna henderson

rUG Matters Always choose the

largest size rug you can, as it gives a
generous, calming effect to a room.
Pattern is also a good way to create
strong impact in a narrow corridor.
Scale and repeat work brilliantly in
this type of area, says Suzanne Sharp,
creative director and co-founder of
The Rug Company, 020 7243 7342, The scale of
the pattern can help to make a small
room feel much more spacious. l


This bold hue is often considered a
daring choice for interiors, but used
creatively it can introduce a welcome
burst of energy and amboyance
Styling Katrin Cargill PhotograPhS Polly Wreford

134 | H&G | March 2015


Vivid hits of red on the chairs, console

and framed antique prints punctuate
this rich grey interior. The grand
proportions of the room carry off this
striking combination with aplomb.
FURNITURE Petworth extending dining table,

H79xL350xW135cm, 1,595; Beaton chest of

drawers, H80xW105xD42cm, 1,395; both Oka.
Talia dining chairs in Red, H83.5xW48xD51.5cm,
75 each, Habitat. Lacquer console in Red,
H81xW183xD38cm, 6,084, Collier Webb.
FLOORING Herringbone Red weft SGH2,
seagrass, 34sq m, Crucial Trading.
PAINT Walls in Down Pipe, Estate Emulsion, 38
for 2.5 litres; woodwork in Strong White, Estate
Eggshell, 53 for 2.5 litres; both Farrow & Ball.
ACCESSORIES Tureens, H24xW26cm, 140;
H27xW30cm, 165; H31xW32cm, 185; all Victoria
Harvey Antiques. Wooden carved bowl, H27x
W86xD59cm, 120, Petersham Nurseries. Antique
creamware foot tubs, H22xW42xD28cm, 450
each, Andrew Nebbett Antiques. Herbert lamp,
H38xdiam10cm, 170; Raspberry silk shade,
H21xdiam35cm, 56; both Pooky. Framed early
18th-century prints of architectural ruins,
38.5x55cm, 5,040 set of 12, Julia Boston Antiques.
Kilim rug, wool, 391x339cm, 8,148.75, Sinclair Till.

March 2015 | H&G | 135


A poppy-red cupboard is ideal for

lifting a dark green scheme, while
accessories sporting the same shade
create a sense of cohesion.
FURNITURE Two-door larder cupboards, H215x

W69xD60cm, 1,200 each; plain end panels, 100

each; standard cornice, 45 each; all British Standard.
PAINT Larder cupboards in Poppy Pop, emulsion,
36 for 2 litres, Paint By Conran. Cabinetry in Soft
Fauna 2, matt emulsion, 41.69 for 5 litres, Dulux.
FABRIC Caf blind in Belgrave Check F3001/02,
143cm wide, viscose mix, 85m, Colefax and Fowler.
ACCESSORIES Baskets (on cupboards), H17x
diam17cm; H22xdiam27cm; H25xdiam24cm;
and H34xdiam33cm; 85 set of four, The Conran
Shop. Vintage tea towels, 15 each, Puckhaber
Decorative Antiques. Dreadnought jug in Red,
H13cm, 25, Cornishware. Rotary apple peeler,
H14xL31xW10cm, 8, Amazon.

136 | H&G | March 2015

The choice of a camel-backed sofa is as traditional as it gets, yet

when upholstered in a plush cherry velvet and complemented with
the contemporary white gesso table and mirror and the sculptural
pendant light, the room feels fresh and stylish. Textural Yorkstone
ooring lends substance and gravitas to this diverse scheme.
FURNITURE Camelback sofa, H101xW246x
D89cm, 11,200 plus 12.5m of fabric, Max
Rollitt. Beck dining table, textured resin
base with gloss resin top, H76xdiam153cm,
4,200, Nicholas Haslam.
FABRIC Sofa and cushions in Varese
velvet in Vermilion F1190-3, cotton,
140cm wide, 65m, Designers Guild.
PAINT Walls in Graceful Green, matt
emulsion, 24 for 2.5 litres, Dulux.
FLOORING Reclaimed English Grey
Select stone, from 300sq m, Lapicida.
ACCESSORIES Parachute light, H85x

diam80cm, 458, Ligne Roset. Red

leather books, 5,000 set of 50;
Encyclopaedia Britannica books,
500 set of 34; all Guinevere Antiques.
Antique red books, 35 each, Puckhaber
Decorative Antiques. Coral pieces,
H31xW18xD8cm, 84; H36xW19xD16cm,
42 each; all C Best. Baden mirror,
H132xW92xD6.5cm, 934, Julian
Chichester. Alphabet cushions, wool
crewelwork, 56cm sq, 105 each, Sue
Timney at The Rug Company. Bamboo
tree, 39.95, The Palm Centre.

March 2015 | H&G | 137


Simple black furniture and plain white

linens are the perfect foil for a vibrant
wallcovering, maintaining the calm
and contemporary feel of this room.
FURNITURE Abacus king-size four-poster bed,

powder-coated steel, 1,195; Memory 1200 king-size

mattress, 995; both Heals. MID 046A bedside
tables, H80xW70xD43cm, 1,128 each, Chelsea
Textiles. Slipper chair FC0004 in Keros NF30,
H80xW50xD75cm, 1,512, Vaughan.
FABRICS Walls in Haveli in Red, linen, 137cm wide,
129.70m, Penny Morrison at Redloh House Fabrics.
Wall trim in Sabine border in Scarlet 977-56041,
3.5cm wide, rayon mix, 19m, Samuel & Sons.
Cushion on bed in Injigo Lace in Red on Oyster,
137cm wide, linen, 170m, Bennison Fabrics.
Curtains in Bute in Ivory F4029-03, linen mix,
300cm wide, 85m, Colefax and Fowler.
FLOORING Buckingham basketweave seagrass,
24.60m, Alternative Flooring.
ACCESSORIES Similar vintage Portmeirion Greek
key bowl, H2.5cm, 9.99, eBay. Similar antique
vellum book, from 125, Brownrigg. Miami lamps,
H58xW28xD28cm, 140 each; Ivory silk shades,
H21xdiam26cm, 48 each; all Pooky. Antique red
paperback, 35, Puckhaber Decorative Antiques.
Selected Poems by TS Eliot, 8.79, Faber & Faber
at Waterstones. Classic Silver continental
pillowcases in Oyster, 65cm sq, 180 each; Classic
White king pillowcases, 50x90cm, 50 each;
Classic White standard pillowcases, 50x75cm,
45 each; Earl Grey fringed lambswool/angora
throw (on chair), 65x120cm, 125; all Josephine
Home. Etienne bedspread, 280x260cm, 140;
Colville bedspread, 280x260cm, 130; both
The White Company. Folds 1 needlepoint
cushion in Strong Red, 41cm sq, 50, Theo &
The Major. Distinction 28mm tracked curtain
pole, powder-coated metal, L325cm with two
bends, 350, JSC Group. Dhurrie rug, cotton,
305x366cm, 1,740, Guinevere Antiques.

138 | H&G | March 2015

March 2015 | H&G | 139


Pale aqua makes a wonderful backdrop

for vibrant accents of red that have
been given a light-hearted, theatrical
note using stripes and checks.
FURNITURE Bateau bath with painted exterior,

H68.5xW170cm, 5,340; Soho exposed shower

set-up, 858; circular shower hoop, diam75cm,
420; Rockwell basin on polished nickel stand,
H88xW74xD54cm, 1,590; Rockwell mixer taps
in polished nickel, 744; all The Water Monopoly.
FABRIC Shower curtain in Cortina Stripe 161806,
linen, 150cm wide, 157m, C&C Milano.
PAINT Walls in Brighton 203, Intelligent Matt
Emulsion, 41.50 for 2.5 litres, Little Greene.
Bath in Arts Club 281, wood and metal
eggshell, 47.86 for 2.5 litres, Mylands.
FLOORING Moroccan encaustic
cement tiles in Red and White, 20cm sq,
44sq m, Best Tile.
ACCESSORIES Bathroom Octagonal
wall lights in nickel, H27.5xW10cm,
264 each; gathered cotton lampshades,
H18xdiam18cm, 67 each; all Vaughan.
Nickel fnish mirror with chain, 45x60cm,
90, Pentreath & Hall. Air waffe cotton
bath towels, 70x140cm, 59 each, The
Conran Shop. Red striped jute storage
bag, 40cm sq, 64, Nordic House. l

140 | H&G | March 2015


Set the scene for a lazy weekend meal with a harmonious
mix of stylish tableware and accessories
Styling Marisa Daly PhotograPhS Carolyn BarBer

142 | H&G | march 2015

A whimsical assortment of eggcups in turned wood and gleaming

silver are grouped together, making a charming contrast.
Wooden eggcups, H10cm, 5 each,
PJ Woodcraft at Etsy. Moroccan eggcup with
silver in pink, H6cm, 5.95, Maroque. Peggy
tumbler, H12cm, 60, Astier de Villatte at
Designers Guild. Bone china spoons,

5 each, Re. Everyday Pink eggcup, H8cm,

12, Emma Lacey at The Conran Shop.
Victoria silver four eggcup server stand,
H16xdiam14cm, 69, Brissi. Oatmeal linen
runner, 170x50cm, 19.99, LinenMe.

This serene palette of soft pinks, pale greys and white creates a calm and
welcoming table, enhanced by the cosy textures of the soft furnishings.
Upholstered bench in Berlin Stripe in
Midnight, H90xW141.5xD61cm, 499, John
Lewis. Coppered Nude kid mohair cushion
cover, 50cm sq, 75, The Conran Shop.
Coco Check lambswool cushion in Grey,
50cm sq, 42, Folklore. Herringbone
Madder linen cushion cover, 45cm sq, 55;
striped mohair and merino wool throw,
130x190cm, 295; dyed velvet square
cushion cover in Smoke Grey, 50cm sq,
50; all The Conran Shop. Fir wood table,
H74xW140xD90cm, 329, Idyll Home.
Macram table runner, 228.5x40.5cm,
58, Anthropologie. Rosa linen napkins,
53cm sq, 8.99 each, LinenMe. Small
Retro glass vase, H14cm, 9.95 set of
three, Nordic House. Dots mug, H10cm,

18; Treetops mug, H10cm, 18; both The

Shop Floor Project. Everyday Pink bowl,
25; Everyday Pink mug, 24; both Emma
Lacey at The Conran Shop. Porcelain coffee
pot, H20cm, 49.95, Hollys House. Bitossi
Home Lucca tumblers in Purple, H10cm,
7 each, Heals. Juice jar, 1 litre, 6, Folklore.
Limed wooden bowl, H7.5xdiam12.5cm,
21, Nordic House. Laurentide side plate,
diam21cm, 8; Sylvia teapot, H24cm,
58; both Anthropologie. Wood charcuterie
board, 35x15cm, 20, The White Company.
Emmy jute ceiling shade, H38xdiam40cm,
55, Habitat. Walls in Wimborne White,
Estate Emulsion, 38 for 2.5 litres;
woodwork in Moles Breath, Dead Flat,
54 for 2.5 litres; both Farrow & Ball.

march 2015 | H&G | 143

A slim shelf is ideal for displaying pretty plates

above a worktop. Here, shades of dusky pink and mole
tone beautifully with the pale grey marble surface.
(On shelf) Sabre Number 1
dessert plate in Light Pink,
diam21cm, 10.75, Amara.
Sketch spiral dinner plate,
diam27cm, 29; WonkiWare
Mesh dinner plate in Pink,
diam27cm, 22; both
The Conran Shop. Silvia K
painted ceramic plate in Grey,
diam23cm, 45, The New
Craftsmen. Agnus pink dinner
plate, diam26.5cm, 7, Habitat.
Mikado dinner plate in Taupe,
diam27cm, 60, Royal Crown
Derby. (On counter) Norfolk fruit/
bread basket, H10xdiam36cm,
40; Maco ash bowls in Light
Grey, diam16cm, 28 each; all
David Mellor. Stuart Carey
milk jug in Charcoal (holding
cutlery), H14.5xdiam9cm, 45,
The New Craftsmen. Vintage
knives, 26 set of six, Re.
Diamond Ivory cutlery, from
10.20; Graef two-slice long
slot toaster in White, H18x
W38cm, 89.99; all Amara.

Smartly labelled containers in a vintage-style wire

rack keep coee and tea pleasingly organised.
Wire foor storage, H68xW60.5x
D31cm, 125, Graham and Green.
Porcelain labels, diam3.5cm,
5 each, Jo Heckett. Round
clip-top Kilner jar, H28cm,
5.99, Dunelm. Limpid jar with
acacia top, H16cm, 19.50,
Folklore. Italian aluminium
tea tin, H14cm, 9.50, Re.
Honeycomb ceramic jars,
H14cm, 18; H12cm, 15;
Hollys House. Pantry glass
jar with oak lid (oats label),
H22cm, 20, The White
Company. Ceramic storage
jars with pink lids, H18cm,

144 | H&G | march 2015

6.95; H11cm, 4.95;

Dotcomgiftshop. Vintage
cutlery, 26 set of six, Re.
Acacia storage jar (mint tea
label), H7.5cm, 15, Folklore.
Chalkboard spice jar in White,
H9.5cm, 10, Anthropologie.
Ombre glass in Pink/White,
H10cm, 4.50, Re. Balham
stoneware jar, H16cm, 10,
Habitat. Rosa linen napkins,
53cm sq, 8.99 each, LinenMe.
Grey jar with wooden lid,
H8.5cm, 10, Hollys House.
Sylvia sugar pot, H13.5cm,
12, Anthropologie.

Wooden egg tray, 17x22.5cm,

25, The White Company.
Acacia cake stand, H16.5x
diam30cm, 30, Anthropologie.
Basic pitcher in Ivory, H25cm,
45, Folklore. Astier de Villatte
Istanbul white pitcher, H20cm,
200, Designers Guild. My Mug
Orchid mugs in Pink, H8cm,
26.50 set of four, Idyll Home.
Genisa glasses in Purple,
H10cm, 6 each, Anthropologie.
Porcelain saucepan, diam19cm,
52, Hollys House. Bardo
napkins in Mist Grey, 45cm sq,
10 set of four, Habitat. Lara
natural linen tea towel (on
door), 70x42cm, 14.99 set
of two, LinenMe. Waffe linen
tea towel in Natural, 65x45cm,
13.50; black check linen
tea towel, 63x45cm, 9.50;
both Folklore. Block rug,
230x160cm, 155, Idyll Home.
For a similar vintage wall lamp,
try No 1 Lewes, 01273 477714,


Ceramic and glass jars arranged on a wooden tray

make a neat and stylish centrepiece for the table.
Scandi wooden tray in
lime-washed mango wood,
37x17cm, 34, Nordic House.
Eldey ceramic jam pot,
H11xdiam9cm, 14, Rowen &
Wren. White china spoon, 6,
David Mellor. Honey jar with
acacia lid, H10xdiam 9cm,

12.50; Waffe linen tea towel

in Natural, 65x45cm, 13.50;
both Folklore. Wisteria glass
honey jar with wooden spoon,
H14cm, 65, William Yeoward
Crystal. Vintage knife, 26
set of six, Re. Pewter plate,
diam24cm, 24, After Noah.

A knitted tea cosy will ensure the pot stays piping

hot, while a silver strainer adds a touch of elegance.
Evie futed creamer jug in
Tea Rose Pink, H10xdiam8cm,
42, Rowen & Wren. Rounded
wood board, 44x30cm, 35,
The White Company. Stripes
mug, H10cm, 18, The Shop
Floor Project. Pink hand-knit
tea cosy with pom-pom, H17cm,
17, Sweet Maya at Etsy. Brown
Betty teapot, H16cm, 14.25,

Edwards China. Silver tea

strainer, 29, Brissi. Enamel
tealight holder in Rose Pink
(used as sugar pot), H7x
diam8.5cm, 3, Habitat. Silver
teaspoon, 3, Re. Oatmeal
linen napkin, 53cm sq, 8.99,
LinenMe. Sabre Number 1
dessert plates in Light Pink,
diam21cm, 10.75 each, Amara.

These attractive bowls are the perfect size for muesli

or, in true French style, a warming cup of caf au lait.
Acacia storage jar, H12cm,
17.50, Folklore. Latte bowl in
White, H7.5xdiam14cm, 3.50,
Anthropologie. Agnus bowls in
Pink, H7xdiam15cm, 7 each,
Habitat. Grey Stripe bowls,
H9xdiam15cm, 12.95 each,
Idyll Home. Vintage milk bottle,
H25xdiam9cm, 3, Garden
Trading. Old wooden bread

board, diam27cm, 26; vintage

silver spoons, 26 set of six;
all Re. Alberte rice bowl in
Rose, H6.5xdiam11cm, 7.50;
Nordal Dandelion bowls in Black,
H7x diam11cm, 6.50 each; all
Amara. Wooden bowl, diam10cm,
25 set of three different
sizes, The White Company. l



march 2015 | H&G | 145


stylish sofas
The latest designs shown in the shade of the moment






1| Mrs Godfrey sofa, H81xW137xD76cm, 2,295, Jonathan Adler. 2| Quadro sofa with loose cover in Brere Lino,
H64xW195xD84cm, 2,675, Designers Guild. 3| Profle sofa in Cabaret Blue, H76xW239xD95cm, 4,320, Roche Bobois.
4| Abigail sofa in Midnight Blue, H86xW194xD89cm, 1,410, 5| The Fifty Eight large sofa
in Festival Ink with Blue Dogtooth, H89xW190xD97cm, 1,450, G Plan Vintage at John Lewis. e

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 147



1| Vico sofa, H78xW175xD95cm, 3,750, Jaime Hayon for Cassina at Chaplins.
2| Lucinda sofa in Midnight Velvet with walnut legs, H113xW170xD93cm, 2,995, Heals.



3| Ego sofa in Vell 5529 fabric on chromed base, H81xW333xD102cm (chaise D162cm), 7,313, Arketipo at Aram.
4| Air left-arm and right-arm two-seater sofas in Dark Blue, each H75xW170xD83cm, 595, Habitat.




5| Deddington sofa in Burhill in Cobalt, H98xW173xD102cm, 2,495, Wesley-Barrell. 6| Stratton sofa, H91xW110xD86cm,
2,300 plus 9m of fabric, David Seyfried. 7| Freddie sofa in Indigo Vintage Linen, H85xW175xD100cm, 1,615, Loaf.


8| Osborne extra-large sofa in Osborne & Littles Facade velvet F6610-15, H105xW234xD105cm, 2,319, Multiyork.
9| Coast Grande sofa in Denim Combination, H85xW252xD95cm, 1,299, DFS. WHERE TO BUY, PAGE 175


148 | H&G | MARCH 2015

H&g design SHOPPING

dressing tables
We choose our favourite designs to keep you sitting pretty





1| Venere vanity desk, H86xW140xD60cm, 4,286, Gallotti & Radice at Chaplins. 2| Tiana dressing table and stool,
H129xW100xD48cm, 799, Marks & Spencer. 3| Sunrise table, H72xW160xD38cm, 2,990, EK Design. 4| Lana dressing table in Black
American walnut (shown) or white oiled oak, H76.5xW124xD69cm, 4,895, Pinch. 5| Chandlo dressing table, H73xW165xD65cm,
7,809, BD Barcelona Design at Nest. 6| Genevieve marble-top dressing table, H128xW110xD48cm, 799, Bethan Gray for John Lewis.
7| Avignon no.2 dressing table with stool, H122.5xW75xD50cm, 1,033, Codolagni at Shop Tent. where to buy, page 175

150 | H&G | MARCH 2015



feature Laura Vinden


Florence and

Madrid, SalaManca
and Toledo

eight days, from 879 per person.

Selected departures from
April to October 2015.

Seven days, from 659 per person.

Selected departures from
April to October 2015.

HOlidAy includeS:

HOlidAy includeS:

n Return flights from Gatwick, Bristol, Belfast,

Bournemouth, East Midlands, Manchester,
Leeds/Bradford, Liverpool or Newcastle,
taxes and transfers.
n Stay in central Florence and medieval
Volterra in three- and four-star hotels,
including breakfast.
n Guided tour of Florence, which is known
as the pearl of the Renaissance.
n Reserved, timed visit to the citys
renowned art gallery, the Uffizi.
n Visit San Gimignano, Pisa, Siena and
explore the Tuscan countryside.
n Escorted by an experienced tour manager.

n Return flights from Gatwick, Heathrow,

Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Luton,
Dublin or Edinburgh, taxes and transfers.
n Six nights accommodation in threeand four-star hotels with breakfast and
four dinners.
n Visit Toledo, the former capital of Spain,
and take a sightseeing tour of Madrid.
n Walking tour of Salamanca, home to one
of the worlds oldest universities.
n Visit Aranjuez and the Royal Palace.
n Visit Segovia to see its ancient Roman
aqueduct and castle.
n Escorted by an experienced tour manager.

SienA, iTAly


Terms and conditions From prices are per person, based on two sharing and subject to finite availability. Additional entrance costs may apply. Images used in conjunction with Riviera Travel.
Offer operated by and subject to the booking conditions of Riviera Travel Ltd, ABTA V4744, ATOL 3430, a company wholly independent of Time Inc. (UK) Ltd. When you respond, Time Inc. (UK) Ltd.
and other group companies may contact you with offers/services that may be of interest. Please give your mobile or email details if you wish to receive such offers by SMS or email. We will not
give your details to other companies without your permission; please let us know if you are happy for us to do so.

TO bOOk, cAll 01283 742330 Or ViSiT

a day ouT aT
BuckinghaM Palace

rhS chelSea
Flower Show

royal edinBurgh
MiliTary TaTToo

Ticket and a nights accommodation,

from 85 per person.

Ticket and a nights accommodation,

from 144 per person.

Ticket and a nights accommodation,

from 98 per person.

Spend a night in London with a trip to

Buckingham Palace, including a visit to the
Royal Mews, which houses the royal stables
and state vehicles, and the State Rooms. Then
take an audio-guided tour before moving on to
the Palaces Garden Caf on the West Terrace
to enjoy views across the lawn.
n Trip includes tickets to Royal Mews and
State Rooms with special exhibition, and
a night in a London hotel with breakfast.

Make an occasion of visiting one of the UKs

most prestigious horticultural shows, from
21-23 May, with tickets and a nights stay in
a three-, four- or five-star London hotel.
n Trip includes all-day admission to the
spectacular RHS Chelsea Flower Show,
featuring more than 500 exhibitors, and a
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In August 2015 the world-renowned Edinburgh

Royal Tattoo will feature performances
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globe. Set against the impressive backdrop
of Edinburgh Castle, the traditional
programme of military bands will make
this an evening to remember.
n Trip includes Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
standard ticket (upgrades available) and one
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Terms and conditions From prices are per person, based on two people sharing and subject to finite availability. Upgrades are available at a supplement. The images are used in conjunction with SuperBreak Mini Holidays. The offer is operated by and subject to the booking conditions of SuperBreak
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SMS or email. We will not give your details to other companies without your permission; please let us know if you are happy for us to do so.

TO bOOk, cAll 01904 420461 (lineS OPen frOm 8Am TO 10Pm dAily)
And quOTe H&G, Or ViSiT SuPerbreAk.cOm/HOmeSAndGArdenS


Our expert Celia Rufey answers
your interior design questions
and decorating dilemmas
profile Celia Rufey has been

the Homes & Gardens decorating

expert for more than 30 years.
She has a wealth of interiors
knowledge and has also designed
her own range of fabrics.

whICh ShaPe oF dINING TaBle

wIll SuIT MY RooM? My dining
area measures 2.8x2.2m and is 2.3m
high. Can you help me decide on the
best size and shape of table for this
space and whether to have high- or
low-back chairs? dh, Southampton.
Chris Berry of Berry Design, 01635 255352,, has designed so many
tables he knows which shape will be the best
ft for any space. For your dining area, he says
the solution is two-fold. Look for an extendable
rectangular table 120cm long with a 55cm
extension leaf and 90cm wide. This width will
allow all chairs to be pushed in fully and also
means there will be space left for people to sit
at each end. To determine the exact length you
need, allow at least 55cm between the table
legs for each person. Then consider the
position of the legs; you dont want them to
obstruct the chairs, so choose a design with
legs at the corners that move outward with the
table when extended, such as the Infnity table,
from 3,319. A light wood with a white oiled
fnish will be less imposing than a dark wood.
For a narrow room with a low ceiling, select
chairs with backs no higher than elbow height,
as taller chairs can hinder movement.

Should we uSe a ColouRed GRouT? Were re-tiling

our shower room. In the past weve used white grout but
fnd it stains quickly. Can you suggest which shades of
grout work best with which tiles before we buy?
Sl, darlington, County durham.

Turn pillowcases and duvet covers
inside out before machine washing
to protect delicate embroidery.
Vicky Shepherd, Cologne & Cotton,
0845 262 2212,

152 | H&G | MArCh 2015

I talked to Caroline Gow at Fired Earth, 0845 366 0400,,

whose showrooms stock grout in white, cream, limestone, light grey,
dark grey and sandstone, and also have made-up samples which can
be held alongside tiles. She suggests you choose a grout that matches
the tiles or complements a colour in the design, for instance cream or
light grey works well with pale stone. Alternatively, make the grout a
key element of the scheme by using a contrasting shade; a successful
combination is dark grey against white tiles. To prevent staining, try
KF Grout Protector, 21.95 for 500ml, by Lithofn. Youll fnd stockists
on its website,


want a washable vinyl for our hall.
Are there any collections that
offer a different look to those
that have been around for years?
But, please, no metallic effects.

The house Clinic service

is free to all Homes &
Gardens subscribers.
By email Send your query,
subscriber number and address

JP, london Sw18.

for NoN-SUBScriBerS

How to submit
your question

PhOtOgRaPh RhaPSodY (thiRd swatCh)

The best new collections focus on texture,

with fnishes that dont shout their vinyl
character. Eldorado by Elitis at Abbott
& Boyd, 020 7351 9985, abbottandboyd., features raffa, bark and driftwood
effects, including Atelier dartiste (shown
left in Rituels exigs), 217.20 a roll.
For linear texture, try the Riverside 2
collection, 59.60 a roll, from Casadeco,
0844 369 0102,, or Patina,
82 a roll, from the Elementi range at
Zoffany, 0844 543 4600,
Designers Guild, 020 7351 5775,, offers the widest
palette of colours. Cerato, with a brassrubbing effect, comes in 22 shades, 55 a
roll, and Dhari, with vertical ribbing, in 14
colours, 85 a roll. Finally, Reed, 85 a roll,
from Harlequin, 0845 123 6815, harlequin., is inspired by the look of bamboo.

There is a 12 fee per query.

Please note, this is a
subsidised service.
By poSt Send your query,
subscriber number or payment
and an sae to Homes &
Gardens, Blue Fin Building,
110 Southwark Street, London
SE1 0SU. Make cheques/postal
orders payable to Time Inc.
(UK) Ltd. We are unable to
answer more than one question
per reader each month.
Celia Rufey can also help you
create an individual design
for any room in your home,
including offering ideas
on colours, fabrics, paint,
wallcoverings and fooring.
For full details, visit

who SellS SToNe TaBle laMPS?

Ive searched high and low for a large stone
table lamp base. Any ideas where I can
fnd one? SC, Banbury, oxfordshire.

wheRe CaN I FINd aFRICaN TexTIleS? I love the patterns

and colours of African fabrics but have only seen people wearing
them. Are they suitable for furnishings and where can I buy them?

The most dramatic stone lamp

bases are converted from old
balustrades and are generally
found in antiques shops.
Brownrigg Interiors, 01666
500850, brownrigg-interiors., always has some in
stock, most measuring
around 70cm in height. If
you want only one lamp, the
downside is that they are always
sold in pairs for 590 plus shades,
as most people want to place
two symmetrically in a room.
Maison Artefact, 020 7381 2500,, usually has
stone baluster lamps, but also
sells them only in pairs. The ones
currently in stock are 78cm in
height and cost 850 for the set.
Charlotte Supple, 01327 860955,, is a designer
who can supply stone lamp bases,
43cm in height, and these are
sold individually for 295.

Youll discover an exceptional range

of African textiles by the metre online
at The African Fabric Shop, 01484
850188,, owned
and run by Yorkshire couple Magie
Relph and Robert Irwin. They lived in
Africa during the 1980s and still spend
time there each year researching and
buying cloth. They tell me people
looking for typical African designs
expect to see the bold colourful wax
prints. These washable cotton fabrics,
14m, could be used for lined curtains
and blinds, cushions, tablecloths and
quilting, but at 115cm wide, may not
be large enough for some projects

Stone lamp,
590 a pair

aJ, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Wewe in Green, from

59m, Eva Sonaike.

and arent suitable for upholstery.

For interior furnishings, the couple
recommend the heavier cotton of the
Kudhinda Zimbabwe screen prints,
145cm wide, 29.60m, featuring their
geometric patterns in vibrant colours.
Creating textiles in qualities suitable
for clothing and interiors was the
starting point for fashion graduate Eva
Sonaike, 020 3371 9910, evasonaike.
com. Drawing on her Nigerian heritage,
she has created her own designs on
cotton twill, 145cm wide, from 59m,
for upholstery. Products made up in
her fabrics include cushions, from
69 each, and a pouffe at 349. l

Ijoba in Orange, from

59m, Eva Sonaike.

Small Zig Zag, 29.60m,

The African Fabric Shop.

MArCh 2015 | H&G | 153


The Swiss Garden

of old Warden
we discover a newly restored 19th-century alpine fantasy, complete with man-made mountains,
a glazed grotto and an ornamental thatched cottage, in the heart of Bedfordshire
Words Deborah TrenTham

idden behind an aerodrome and aviation

museum in Bedfordshire is one of Britains
most unusual gardens, the Swiss Garden of
Old Warden. It was created during the 1820s
when Robert Henley Ongley, 3rd Baron Ongley, transformed nine acres of boggy ground into a magical garden,
inspired by the new craze for holidaying in the Swiss Alps,
which was then sweeping the nation.
During construction, Lord Ongley demolished cottages
and rehoused workers in a village orn. His attention to
detail was such that on occasion he asked his tenants to
dress in a Swiss-style costume of top hats and red cloaks.
The garden was entered through a subterranean passage.
To emerge from the tunnel was to enter Ongleys vision of
Switzerland: gently undulating hills and mounds and
valleys of lush green grass interspersed with pools of water
criss-crossed by picturesque bridges. The landscape is
composed of vistas, framed by wrought-iron arbours or
sometimes shrubs and trees. Sprinkled across this Alpine
scene are rustic thatched follies. The largest, almost in the
centre of the garden, is the Swiss Cottage. Other features
included an aviary, the Indian Kiosk, with its stained glass,
and the magnifcent Grotto, featuring a glazed dome.
Today the aviary is gone and the garden is entered
through a gift shop, but the Terrace, Broadwalk and
Pulhamite rock work, added by the wealthy industrialist
Joseph Shuttleworth, who bought the estate in the 1872,
remain. Now, thanks to a 2.8 million Heritage Lottery
Fund donation, the restoration of the magnifcent vistas and
follies is complete and this Swiss Garden, believed to be the
only surviving British example of its type with most of its
features intact, is open for all to enjoy.

LEFT The landing stage

of the Punt Bay, which is

made of Pulhamite rock
work, a man-made
material used to
simulate real stone.
BELOW The cast-iron
North Bridge was
designed by Cato and
Sons and probably
dates from the early
to mid 19th century.





Samuel Ongley, the

first deputy governor
of the South Sea
Company, buys
Old Warden Park,
near Biggleswade,

Robert Henley Ongley,

3rd Baron Ongley
(1803-1877), inherits
Old Warden Park.

John Buonarotti
Papworth publishes
Hints on Ornamental
Gardening, in which
he advocates rustic
decoration using
natural materials.

Lord Ongley, perhaps

inspired by Papworth,
creates the Swiss
Garden, originally
entered through a
tunnel, and the village
orn for his tenants.

154 | H&G | March 2015

ThE PLanTIng
what to look for

n three Champion trees (examples

TOP Bridges criss-cross

tranquil pools of water

throughout the garden;
the Indian Kiosk was a
later addition by Joseph
Shuttleworth; the Grotto
and Fernery with its
distinctive glazed dome
and porches.

that are the largest of their species in

the British Isles), including an unusual
Ilex aquifolium argentea Marginata
Pendula (weeping variegated holly).
n In spring, the garden is a riot of
colour, courtesy of Kevin Hilditch,
craftsman gardener. He spent
October planting more than 4,000
bulbs to add to the existing stock of
snowdrops, daffodils and narcissi
(there are 2,000 daffodil bulbs alone),
and for the first time introduced
fritillaries, tulips and bluebells.
n from late spring through to summer,
there are numerous varieties of
rhododendron with azalea, staphylea
(bladdernut trees), deutzia and kalmia.
n Newly planted dahlias, helleniums,
rudbeckias, penstemons and
astrantias, which will be in full swing
from late summer to early autumn.
n Stunning autumnal colours on the east
lawn, with the glorious Acer palmatum
atropurpureum (purple Japanese
maple), which contrasts beautifully
with the golden robinia beside it.
n The large cast-iron arches that
span the Broadwalk support the
delicately scented Rosa Adlaide
dOrlans, with its semi-double
flowers, and the late-flowering
R. Flicit-Perptue, with its
creamy white pom-pom blooms.





Peter Frederick
Robinson (architect
of Londons Swiss
Cottage) publishes his
Village Architecture.

Joseph Shuttleworth
(1819-83), iron founder
and industrialist,
buys the Old Warden
estate, which has
fallen into disrepair.

Shuttleworth renovates
the garden and makes
several additions,
including the Terrace
and the Broadwalk.

Pulhamite rock work

is added to the garden,
including in the Grotto,
which was transformed
into a Fernery with
porches attached.

March 2015 | H&G | 155



n This two-storey building, on top of a grassy

156 | H&G | March 2015

LEFT Twig-work on the

underside of the Swiss
Cottages canopy is an
intricate arrangement
of seed heads, teasels
and pine cones; during
the restoration, one of
these ornate doors was
discovered in the lake.

PhotograPhs Andy MArSHAll, dArrEn HArbAr/

mound, is the focal point of the garden. It

was designed as a teahouse, with a hidden
lower floor where food was prepared, and
proved quite a hit with guests. In 1832, one
visitor wrote: We are all enchanted with
the Swiss Cottage, which is quite fairyland.
n The Cottage was most likely inspired by
the conservatories and summerhouses of
Regency architect John Buonarotti Papworth,
as illustrated in his Hints on Ornamental
Gardening. He was employed at several houses
in the vicinity during the 1820s. The building
was possibly designed by Peter Frederick
Robinson, who was the architect of Londons
Swiss Cottage and one of the frst to realise the
picturesque potential of Alpine architecture.
n The building has been rethatched using
water reed from Norfolk, with finials gilded
in 23 carat gold leaf, and copies of the
original 1870s Shuttleworth chimney pots
made to complete the roof. The thatch and
golden fnials of the Swiss Cottage can be
seen replicated on the water pump in
Old Warden village.
n The underside of the chalets canopy is
ornamented with a twig-work arrangement of
dried seed heads, split teasels and Monterey
pine cones in geometric patterns. This type of
decoration is most usually found applied to
rustic furniture and picture frames of this
period, rather than as an architectural feature.
n Conservation consultants Crick Smith and
a specialist team of conservators from the
University of Lincoln used locally sourced
materials and only tools available in the
Regency period to restore the Swiss
Cottages intricate decoration to its former
state. When they began exploring the origins
of some of its decorative panels, the team
was able to prove that some had been taken
from the London Coliseum in Regents Park
before it was demolished in 1874. l
The Swiss Garden, The Shuttleworth
Collection, Old Warden Aerodrome, Nr
Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 9EP,
01767 627933,
Adults, 10; children, free.


The cottage sits at the

highest point in the
garden and is the
subject of several
picturesque vistas; the
roof was rethatched
with water reed from
Norfolk; some of the
interior decorative
painted panels were
originally from the
London Coliseum.





Architect Henry
Clutton replaces the
earlier Ongley house
with a building in
Jacobean style.

By now the garden

is in a perilous state.
Bedfordshire County
Council leases it from
the Shuttleworth Trust
and begins to restore
the gardens.

On 27 April, the gardens

are opened to the public
for the frst time.

The gardens are

reopened following a
3.5 million restoration,
paid for by the Heritage
Lottery Fund, Central
Bedfordshire Council and
the Shuttleworth Trust.


DesigneD to win
Dynamic planting and use of space in an exciting range of locations
distinguish the winners of the 2014 SGD Garden Design Awards

he Society of Garden Designers (SGD) Garden

Design Awards, now in its third year, has become
the major showcase for the best gardens designed
and created by SGD members within the past fve years.
In 2014, the judges were very impressed by the quality of
the entries and, in many categories, found it hard to
single out a clear winner. Here are the results.

Main awards
Trudi EnTwisTlE Senior lecturer in landscape
architecture, Leeds Metropolitan University.
richard snEEsby Landscape architect,
garden designer, author and recent course leader
in garden design, University College, Falmouth.
bill burford Lecturer and course leader in
landscape architecture, University of Gloucestershire,
landscape architect and garden designer.
JuliE Toll, fsGd Garden designer.
Main awards and Student award
arabElla sT John ParkEr
Houses and gardens editor, Homes & Gardens.
Lighting award Paul nulTy
Owner of Paul Nulty Lighting Design.
Restoration award dEborah TrEnTham
Garden historian, The Garden Historians.
Student award
sarah EbErlE, msGd Landscape architect
and garden designer.
PhiliPPa obriEn, msGd SGD chair and garden designer.

158 | h&G | March 2015

INTERNATIONAL GARDEN, sponsored by Landform.

Guernsey garden by Debbie Roberts MSGD
The winning garden is closer to home
than in previous years and exemplifes,
the judges felt, a meeting of the
best of French and English traditions
to create a Channel Island tour de
force. The garden has the rare quality
of being dramatic and homely at the
same time, and uses a selection of
plants and building materials that
effortlessly connect it to its island
location. Courtyards, dining terraces,
complex level changes, steps, walls

and a formal pool have all been

fashioned from bare surroundings
and, with the exquisite and unifying
planting, combine to be a worthy
International garden winner.
what the judges said: An amazing
garden with intense displays of colour
and form. Vistas are resolved and
connected. This is a very natural
design, specifc to the site, which
establishes a calm, beautiful and
textural atmosphere.

PubLIc OR cOmmERcIAL OuTDOOR SPAcE, sponsored by cED Natural Stone.

PEOPLES chOIcE AwARD, sponsored by Homes & Gardens.
JuDGES AwARD, sponsored by David harber.
Horatios Garden in Salisbury by Cleve West MSGD
Created by a charity for patients and staff at a spinal
treatment centre in Salisbury, this garden sets a new
benchmark for landscapes concerned with health and
wellbeing. It is cleverly detailed, with curved paths and
limestone walls that echo the surrounding landscape
and lead to a central gathering space. The planting is
dynamic, lively and full of texture, movement and scent
with colourful fowers, fruit trees and spring bulbs.
Importantly, it includes some necessary architectural
formality through the use of garden structures, a
summerhouse and a long fowing rill of calming water.
All in all, this is a beautiful garden bursting with life and

hope. As well as awarding this best Public or Commercial

Outdoor Space, there was a unanimous decision among the
panel to give it the Judges Award, in recognition of its role in
the promotion of excellence in the design of public outdoor
space. It was an opinion that readers of Homes & Gardens
and the wider general public clearly agreed with as they
made the garden their Peoples Choice, choosing it from
a shortlist of 15 designs.
what the judges said: This is what healing gardens should
be like; if only they all had a similar design. It has beautiful
planting that works with the scale of the building and helps
to reconnect people to nature.


sponsored by Gaze burvill.

Wimbledon garden by Charlotte Rowe MSGD


sponsored by Sculpture by the Lakes.
GRAND AwARD, sponsored by Europlants.

A rectangular, open garden dominated by a large lawn has been

completely reimagined as a series of architectural spaces that
sit comfortably within semi-rural surroundings. The sloping
setting has created the opportunity for dramatic level changes,
reinforced by crisp hard landscape detailing and stepped hedges
used as structural elements. The rectilinear shapes are repeated
throughout with the use of raised hedges, an infnity water feature
and an outdoor room complete with bespoke soft furnishings and
an open fre-grill. In contrast to the linear geometry, combinations of
spherical clipped balls, soft textural planting and multi-stem trees
draw the eye around the garden to reveal further details, ornaments
and illusions of space. It is a very sophisticated example of
contemporary garden design at its best.
what the judges said: Good proportions, beautiful sight lines and
an amazing fnish. A harmonious garden that works perfectly with
the house. It displays crisp design detailing, is slickly executed and
will endure well. It feels like a sublime haven.

Surrey garden by Ian Smith MSGD

This scheme achieves one of the most diffcult goals in
garden design; it really feels as if it has been in situ for
several decades. In fact, just four years ago, most of the
site was covered in grass that has since been completely
reworked into distinct areas. There is a new walled kitchen
garden, a long pleached avenue leading to a focal pool, a
circular lawn surrounded by clipped hedging, an enclosed
pool garden and access to a forgotten lake, with largescale structure planting separating the various parts
from each other, while also creating a unifed feel. It is
a master class in garden design and, in addition to Best
Large Residential, it also receives the Grand Award
the top honour given by the judges.
what the judges said: This is a transformational project.
Devised as a journey through spaces, it feels composed
and perfectly linked. The garden has a period ambience,
exhibiting confdence of scale. It is a well executed, integrated
design with sharp edges softened by sophisticated planting.

March 2015 | h&G | 159

small BudGet Garden, sponsored by Fire magic.

Hampshire garden by Rebecca Smith

small residential Garden,

sponsored by stonemarket.

Hertfordshire garden by Sue Townsend MSGD

Inspired by the landscapes of Kenya and southern France, this garden

can be seen from the house day and night, so it needed to work as
both an outdoor space and a visual composition. From a practical point
of view, the garden had to be very low maintenance. The use of gravel
surfaces, organised lines and Mediterranean planting supplemented
with roses complements the house and leads the eye downwards
rather than towards neighbouring properties. A line of pleached crab
apples provides privacy and frames the garden.
What the judges said: A designers most common commission is to
create a low-maintenance space with a low budget. This is an excellent
example of how to work with both, and how to transform an under-used
area into the garden the house deserves.

The curved rear elevation of the house demanded a garden that

respected its geometry. It was a diffcult design challenge, where
hard landscaping had to be accurately detailed and built without
using straight lines and, to make things even more complex,
the garden sloped away from the house towards a boundary
fence. The answer was to create a single change in level, with
wide steps leading down to a seating area that is used for
outdoor entertainment and relaxation. Planting is minimal
but effective, serving to reinforce the shape of the space and
providing a subtle separation from the house. Lighting changes
the character of the garden into a quiet retreat at night.
What the judges said: The design of this challenging L-shaped
space unifes three distinct areas, which merge effortlessly
through level change and the inclusion of lively textural planting.
It has made use of all aspects of small-scale garden living, from
the connection with and extension of the indoor living space to
the detail and delight of close association planting.

Pocket Garden, sponsored by Platipus.

Hertfordshire garden by Rosemary Coldstream MSGD
A small garden plot that slopes down to wetland has been designed
as a contemporary space in which to eat, relax and enjoy the views.
Simplicity is the key with carefully placed elements that make the
most of sunny areas and provide privacy from the neighbouring
houses. In such a small space, the quality of the detailing is critical.
The contemporary lines and materials make a brave contrast to
the unspoiled landscape beyond and separate the human space
from the natural. The timber deck, reminiscent of a jetty, links the
garden to the waters edge, drawing the eye towards the wetland.
What the judges said: A thoughtfully designed space offering
an individual solution to an unusual location. Interesting ideas,
seamlessly executed with very pleasing lines.

PlantinG desiGn,
sponsored by Barcham.

Suolk garden by
Sue Townsend MSGD
An Arts and Crafts house and
restored Gertrude Jekyll mini moat
with steps have inspired the planting
style of this garden. Away from the
classic planting near the house,
a bolder prairie style dictates the
planting around the pool, while
energetic hot coloured borders
enclose the front lawn. In contrast,
a new courtyard and kitchen garden
required a different approach to the
planting, bringing the house and
garden into the 21st century. Paths
have been mown through long grass to link other parts of the scheme
and to develop a more naturalistic feel further from the house.
What the judges said: The designer displays complete control of
spatial design through the use of texture, colour and form of plants. The
character of the spaces ranges from classical simplicity at the entrance
and intense intimacy in the courtyard, terrace and orchard through to
structured woodland, a moat and meadow, before leading back to the
wild formality of an Arts and Crafts pergola. It is rich with variety.


liGhtinG desiGn,

Future desiGner,

sponsored by Paul nulty design.

sponsored by deepdale.

Wimbledon garden by Charlotte Rowe MSGD

London gardens by John Davies

Already a winner in the Medium Residential Garden category,

this design is a lesson in how to turn an outdoor space into a place
to linger long into the evening. Lighting enables the garden to take
on a different quality at night, with individual elements picked
out and a calming ambience. A loggia is also subtly lit so that it
provides a relaxing night-time space without creating a distracting
focal point for neighbouring houses.
What the judges said: A good, subtle design. A worthy winner.

These clever designs for a development

of six houses share a unifed concept,
but each has its own identity. Each
acts as an extension of the house and
features hard surfaces for outdoor
living alongside water, lighting and
woodland-inspired planting. The style
is contemporary, with clean lines and
architectural planting that provides
a range of visual compositions which
complement each other and the
modern building development. In
addition to the ground-foor area, all
the houses have roof gardens where
the light levels allow for a wider range
of plants to be used.
What the judges said: Individually,
these gardens would be worthy
winners, but to have six of such
high quality is unusual and hugely
gratifying. There is a lot to be learned
from this approach, and this is an
excellent example of how gardens
can add value to the properties.

historic Garden restoration,

sponsored harrod horticultural.

Berkshire garden by Dan Pearson MSGD

This garden was laid out in 1912 by Sir Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude
Jekyll and is one of the most complex examples of their collaboration.
However, only incomplete planting plans of some of the garden areas
survive. The clients wanted to completely renovate the garden, work
that has involved the meticulous restoration of the historic hard
landscaping, the creation of new naturalistic planting schemes
inspired by Jekyll, installation of a new lake to attract wildlife, and
the completion of a new design for the one-acre productive walled
garden, which was never completed in Lutyens lifetime.
What the judges said: The lack of evidence for certain areas
of the garden has become a positive factor in the hands of Dan
Pearson. His new plan is composed of plants that were known to
be favourites of Jekyll, using her written work and more detailed
extant archival
planting plans for
other properties
from the same
period. He has
created new
schemes with her
planting style and
colour palette
and the result is a
sensitive, beautiful
and intelligent
response to the
clients brief.

hardscaPe desiGn, sponsored by stockscape.

Wimbledon garden by Charlotte Rowe MSGD
Yet another award for the Wimbledon garden, this time for the quality
and execution of its hard landscape elements. Much of the beauty of
a successful garden is derived by a limited palette of hard landscape
materials, in this case York stone, matching gravel and Western red
cedar. For this classical contemporary design, the layout, accuracy of
construction and attention to detail needed to be as close to perfection
as possible. This is best illustrated by the central infnity pool (see
previous page), which is precise and effortless in equal measure.
What the judges said: Attention to detail is so important in this type
of garden, where the concept and composition are about contemporary
luxury. Hats off to the designer, contractor and client, who have all
understood the critical role of hard landscape in this sort of project.

March 2015 | h&G | 161


student desiGn, sponsored by topsoil.

John Brookes Lifetime

Achievement AwArd,

Students were asked to enter garden designs that were created for specifc
sites but that need not necessarily have been made. The feld of entries was
impressively large and varied in style, and the judges decided on two winners
for very different but equally astounding designs.

sponsored by Alitex.
Awarded by the council of the sGd.

Beth Chatto

Joint winner: New Great Square,

Plymouth, by Joanna Midwinter

Joint winner: Deep Simplicity,

Rotherhithe, by Jiyoung Kim

What the judges said: Practical for

public use, but also extremely beautiful,
this mature garden displays a sensitive
approach to an iconic design by Geoffrey
Jellicoe while creating something
wonderful for 21st-century use.

What the judges said: An incredibly

impressive and dynamic design, and a
creative and ingenious use of the existing
site. The concept is phenomenally
challenging but the approach to the sheer
scale of the project is very mature.

Philippa OBrien, Chairman, said: Beth Chatto was

a natural choice for this award. She has infuenced
generations of gardeners and garden designers
through her passion for plants, her ecological
approach and her inspired garden writing, continuing
the important cycle of sharing and learning about
plants. To a whole generation of garden designers,
she is considered the guru of shade planting.

community spAce,
sponsored by vande moortel.

pAper LAndscApe,
sponsored by the modern
Garden company.

Birmingham garden by
Gavin McWilliam and
Andrew Wilson FSGD
A stylised forest of birch and pine was
intended for a redundant space in central
Birmingham, but when the project was put
on hold this conceptual design was created
as a temporary solution. The site, built on
top of an old glass works, features textured
steel, a bridge and a main plaza; so the trees
of the original design have been reimagined
as carbon fbre rods planted so that they
sway in the breeze and are topped with a
red LED light, symbolising the glass that was
once made here. Benches provide seating
and patterns of fractured basalt lead to
a gateway of monolithic building blocks.
What the judges said: A beautifully
conceived, conceptual design which will
energise a temporary landscape. This type
of project is increasingly important with
the transient nature of urban spaces.

162 | h&G | March 2015

Joint winner: Tufnell Park School

Infants Playground by Jackie Herald

Joint winner: Guys & St Thomas

Courtyard Garden by Annie Chapman

Anyone wanting to develop a school

playground on a very limited budget could
learn a thing or two from this project. The
school community was involved at all stages
and to the extent that they did much of the
building work and sourcing of materials. The
design has turned an empty space into a fun,
diverse, creative and energising play and
learning area, which brings children closer
to the natural world despite being located
in the centre of London. It has transformed
the life of the school community.
What the judges said: This playground
scheme has been planned very thoughtfully
with the school curriculum in mind. It is a
great design that shows real community
spirit and one that is also an inspiring use
of a challenging budget.

A series of circles has been used to unify

this oblong space with multiple entrances,
as well as to create separate, more intimate
areas. The scale has been manipulated so that
some parts are big enough to accommodate
gatherings of patients, staff and visitors, and
others comfortable for individuals and small
groups. The composition is simple fowing
lines, raised grass platforms, timber benches
and higher-structure planting to divide and
separate. It is also a design to be viewed
from the windows above.
What the judges said: A clever piece
of design that has achieved a complete
transformation of the site. Close attention to
proportion and scale is supported with great
detailing. This is a calming space that adds
beauty to the buildings faade. l

words RichaRd SneeSby PhotograPhs MMGi/MaRianne MajeRuS,

jaSon inGRaM, Rachel WaRne, andReW WilSon, SiMon Kennedy

This category celebrates the work of designers in the creation and redevelopment of public and
community spaces. The judges decided on joint winners for two quite different projects.


Knowing your

Alice Hart explores the culinary potential of favoursome
alliums, from shallots and leeks to garlic and chives

he allium genus is vast and pivotal to cooks around the world; I

can scarcely imagine my kitchen without them. Whether in the
form of onions, shallots, leeks, garlic or chives, they can impart
comforting sweetness and caramel hints, layers of richness or
sharp, ery notes. Yet so often they play only a supporting role in
cookery. These dishes aim to remedy that, making the allium the star. Incidentally, never trust a recipe that claims onions can be softened in three minutes;
they require slow, gentle cooking. The best things are always worth waiting for.

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 165

FOUR-ALLIUM SOUP (previous page)

Serves 4
The attention you give the alliums a
full house of sweet onions, shallots, leeks
and garlic in this case as they slowly
soften and caramelise is the key to this
comforting, richly avoured soup.
40g unsalted butter
1 tbsp olive oil
600g sweet onions, peeled, halved
and thinly sliced
300g banana shallots, peeled, halved
and thinly sliced
2 leeks, trimmed and nely sliced
(white and pale green parts only)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 tsp caster sugar
4 garlic cloves, peeled and thinly sliced
2 tbsp plain our
250ml dry white wine
1.2 litres hot fresh beef stock
4 slices French bread
100g Manchego cheese, nely grated
1 tsp fresh thyme leaves
Melt the butter and oil in a large, heavy-based


Serves 3
Garlic chives, treated here as a vegetable rather than a herb, are available
in Asian food shops. To replicate their mild avour and distinctive texture,
use a mixture of standard chives and roughly chopped spring onions along
with a crushed garlic clove. Serve this dish with steamed rice.
200g pork llet, nely sliced
1 tsp cornour
1 tbsp Shaoxing rice wine or dry sherry
Pinch of salt
1 tbsp groundnut oil
4cm piece ginger, peeled and
nely shredded
1 red chilli, deseeded and chopped
tsp Sichuan peppercorns,
roughly crushed
120g garlic chives, sliced into
3cm lengths
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
Soy sauce, to serve
Prepare all the ingredients

before you begin. In a mixing bowl,

166 | H&G | MARCH 2015

combine the pork, cornour and rice

wine with a large pinch of salt. Set
aside for 10 minutes to allow the
pork to marinate.
Put the oil in a wok and set over
a high heat, until smoking. Add the
ginger and chilli and cook, stirring,
for 30 seconds. Stir in the crushed
Sichuan pepper and pork and fry
for 30 seconds, until the pork
begins to brown. Add the chives,
stirring for 1-2 minutes, until they
start to wilt.
Stir in the sesame oil and a good
splash of soy sauce and serve at
once with steamed jasmine rice.

lidded saucepan. Add the onions, shallots and

leeks with a pinch of salt, partially cover
and cook gently for 30 minutes, stirring
occasionally, until very soft and hardly coloured.
Sprinkle with sugar and cook uncovered
for 20 minutes, until the liquid has evaporated
and the onions and leeks begin to caramelise
to a rich, golden colour. You may need to
increase the heat slightly to encourage this;
they should be extremely sweet and tender.
Stir in the garlic and cook for 5 minutes more.
Add the our, stirring well. Increase the heat
and gradually add the wine and stock as you
stir. Bring to the boil, partially cover with a lid
and simmer for 20 minutes. Season to taste.
To serve, toast the bread lightly on both
sides under the grill. Divide the soup between
heatproof bowls and put a slice of toast on
top of each. Top with the grated cheese and
half the thyme and grill until melted and
bubbling. Scatter with the remaining thyme
leaves and serve, taking care as the bowls
will be very hot.


Serves 4
Use young, tender and slim leeks; any stems thicker than your thumb will be too large.
If these are not available, use whole spring onions instead.
For the tarator
200g walnut halves
1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed
Salt and freshly ground
black pepper
2 tbsp red-wine vinegar
4 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil,
plus a little extra to serve

For the leeks

24 baby leeks, trimmed
1 tbsp olive oil
To make the tarator, lightly toast

the walnuts in a dry pan over a

medium heat, shaking often to

prevent burning. Put 180g of
them in a food processor with
the garlic and a pinch of salt and
pulse until nely ground.
With the motor running,
gradually pour in the vinegar and
olive oil with 100ml water to form
a creamy, but not completely
smooth, sauce. Cover and set
aside, until needed. (This sauce
can be made ahead and chilled
for three days, but you will need
to beat in a little warm water

to loosen before serving.)

To cook the leeks, pack them
snugly in a single layer into two
frying pans, pour over boiling
water until just covered, then add
a large pinch of salt to each pan.
Simmer for 4 minutes, or until just
tender. Drain the leeks, refresh
under cool water and drain again.
(This can be done up to 24 hours
in advance; keep the leeks in the
fridge until needed.)
Place a griddle pan over a high
heat until smoking hot. Toss the

leeks with the tablespoon of oil

and season well. Working in
batches (dont overcrowd the pan
or the leeks wont char properly),
put a single layer of leeks on the
griddle and cook for 2 minutes
on each side until nicely charred.
Keep warm in a low oven while you
cook the rest of the leeks.
Scatter the remaining walnuts
over the tarator, drizzle with a
little olive oil, and serve alongside
the griddled leeks.

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 167


Serves 4
Farro, spelt, barley or even wild rice makes
an excellent alternative to the wheat berries.
2 tbsp olive oil
2 large red onions, peeled and nely sliced
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 tsp coriander seeds, roughly crushed
200g wheat berries or grains
120g Puy or Beluga lentils
Large handful at-leaf parsley, chopped
1 pomegranate, seeds and 3 tbsp juice
150g goats curd (or soft goats cheese)

For the dressing

1 lemon, nely grated zest and juice
4 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, plus extra to serve
1 tsp clear honey
tsp sumac, plus extra to serve

168 | H&G | MARCH 2015

Warm the olive oil in a large pan.

Add the sliced onions with a

generous pinch of salt and soften
over a low heat for 20 minutes.
Turn up the heat and fry for
another 10 minutes, until the onions
begin to crisp at the edges. Add
the coriander seeds and cook for
1 minute more. Set aside.
Meanwhile, put the wheat berries
and lentils in a saucepan with
700ml cool water and bring to the
boil. Cover and reduce the heat,
leaving the berries to simmer for

25-30 minutes, until tender. Drain

any remaining water, then cover
the pan and set aside.
To make the dressing, combine
all of the ingredients with the
pomegranate juice in a lidded jar
and shake vigorously. Season with
salt and pepper and set aside.
Toss the grains and lentils with the
dressing, parsley and pomegranate
seeds. Top with spoonfuls of goats
curd, a little extra olive oil and a
scattering of sumac.


Makes 4 large sandwiches
Banana shallots are superior roasters, becoming tender and sweet in very little time. They are the perfect foil
to this fabulous sandwich with its sharp salsa verde, seared steak and peppery watercress.
For the salsa verde
4 anchovies in olive oil, drained
50ml milk
1 garlic clove, peeled and chopped
2 tbsp capers, rinsed and drained
1 large bunch at-leaf parsley,
roughly chopped
1 small bunch mint, roughly
100ml extra-virgin olive oil
Good squeeze of lemon juice
Salt and freshly ground
black pepper

For the baguettes

400g banana shallots, peeled
and halved
3 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp good balsamic vinegar
4 x 180g rump steaks, trimmed
1 garlic clove, peeled and

roughly chopped
1 large sourdough baguette,
cut into 4 lengths
Handful watercress, large
stalks removed
To make the salsa verde, put the

anchovies and milk in a bowl and

set aside for 10 minutes. Drain
and rinse the anchovies; this will
reduce their saltiness.
Put the anchovies in the small
bowl of a food processor with the
garlic, capers, parsley and mint.
Pulse a few times, stopping to
scrape the herbs back down
towards the blades. Add the extravirgin olive oil and lemon juice,
along with some black pepper.
Pulse again to form a textured,

pesto-like sauce you dont want

it to become too smooth. The
salsa will keep in the fridge,
covered with a layer of olive oil
and cling lm, for up to 5 days.
Pre-heat the oven to 200C, gas
mark 6. Put the shallots in a small
roasting tin, season and drizzle
with 2 tablespoons of the olive oil.
Cover tightly with foil and roast
for 40 minutes until very soft.
Uncover, drizzle with balsamic
vinegar and return to the oven
for 5-10 minutes, stirring once
or twice, until caramelised.
Rub the steaks with the
remaining tablespoon of olive oil
and the garlic. Set aside at room
temperature for 15 minutes,
then season generously.

Put a griddle pan over a high

heat until smoking hot. Griddle

the steak for 2-3 minutes on each
side, depending on thickness, for
medium-rare. Remove to a plate
to rest. Meanwhile, split the
baguette lengths in half and lay
the cut sides in the griddle pan for
a minute, until lightly toasted.
Spread one half of each
baguette length generously
with salsa verde and top with
watercress. Slice the steaks
thickly and arrange on top.
Spoon over the roast shallots
and serve the rest alongside.
Dont forget to add any steak
juices that have collected on
the plate to each baguette.

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 169


Serves 4 as an accompaniment
This ery, sour and fragrant Sri Lankan sambal will
pep up simple charred prawns in their shells or
griddled sh llets. It makes an exceptionally delicious
meal served alongside cooling cucumber and sticky rice
to balance the avours. Bunches of fresh curry leaves
are sold in Asian and other speciality food shops, and
larger branches of major supermarkets.
1 tbsp groundnut oil
2 red chillies, deseeded and
roughly chopped
2 green chillies, deseeded
and roughly chopped
2 sprigs fresh curry leaves
1 tsp black peppercorns,
roughly crushed

1 tbsp tamarind paste

150g fresh coconut, grated
3 garlic cloves, peeled
and chopped
3 small red or Thai
shallots, peeled and
nely chopped
1 tsp salt
Put a frying pan over a

low to medium heat and

add the oil. Fry the chillies
and the curry leaves for a few
minutes, stirring constantly.
Using a pestle and mortar
or the small bowl of a food
processor, grind the chillies
and curry leaves with the
crushed peppercorns. Pound
or blend in the tamarind
paste, followed by the coconut,
garlic, shallots and salt,
ensuring the sambal retains
some texture.
To serve with prawns, toss
24 tiger prawns with half a
tablespoon of groundnut
oil and season well. Spread
out in a single layer in a
smoking-hot griddle pan
(you may need to do this in
two batches) and cook for
2-3 minutes on each side,
until the prawns are pink all
over with charred shells.
Serve alongside bowls of
warm water with sliced
lemon and napkins to clean
up sticky ngers. 

170 | H&G | MARCH 2015

Great British rail Breaks





Choose from more than 2,000 UK hotels in

400 destinations throughout the UK.
n Selected sightseeing tours,
theatre tickets and more.
n Use of leisure facilities,
where applicable.
n No credit-card or other
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n Return rail travel with

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per person/incl rail

per person/incl rail

























Terms and conditions Prices are per person, from, based on two sharing and subject to finite availability. Upgrades are available at a supplement. Images used in conjunction with SuperBreak Mini Holidays. Offer operated by and subject to the booking conditions of SuperBreak Mini Holidays,
ABTA Y1453, ATOL 1015, a company wholly independent of Time Inc. (UK) Ltd. When you respond, Time Inc. (UK) Ltd and other group companies may contact you with offers/services that may be of interest. Please give your mobile phone or email details if you wish to receive such offers by SMS or
email. We will not give your details to other companies without your permission; please let us know if you are happy for us to do so.





NortherN europe aNd russia cruise

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Terms and conditions Prices are per person, based on two sharing and subject to availability. Lead price based on 1 May 2015 departure. Hotel ratings are local and local taxes may be payable. Images for illustration only and used in conjunction with Jetline Cruise. Some activities incur local charges.
Luggage allowances vary by carrier. Offers operated by Jetline Holidays, ABTA J1693, ATOL 6153, a company independent of Time Inc. (UK) Ltd. Restrictions, conditions and credit/debit card surcharges apply ask when booking. Balance payable 14 weeks prior to departure. When you respond,
Time Inc. (UK) Ltd and other group companies may contact you with offers/services that may be of interest. Please give your mobile phone or email details if you wish to receive such offers by SMS or email. We will not give your details to other companies without your permission; please let us know if
you are happy for us to do so. *Fredericia in Denmark is only visited on 1 May 2015 departure.


MArch 2015 | H&G | 173

Details of stockists featured in this issue; visit for more listings
Abigail Ahern, 020 7354 8181,
After Noah, 020 7359 4281,
Alternative Flooring, 01264 335111,
Amara, 0800 587 7645,
Andrew Nebbett Antiques, 020
7723 2303,
Anthropologie, 020 7870 4821,
Appley Hoare Antiques,
020 7351 5206,
Avorez, 020 8949 3388,

Beardmore Collection, 020

7351 5444,
Belgrave Place,
Bennison Fabrics, 020 7730 8076,
Best Tile, 00353 51 354905,
Brissi, 020 7229 2323,
The British Museum Shop,
020 7323 8898, britishmuseum
British Standard, 020 7870 7688,
Broste Copenhagen,
Brownrigg, 01666 500850,

C Best, 020 7720 2306,
C&C Milano, 020 7751 4554,
Calligaris, 020 8994 8110,
Caravane, 020 7486 5233,
Casamance, 0844 369 0104,
CeramArt Regina Heinz,
07779 167229,
Chaplins, 020 8421 1779,
Chelsea Textiles, 020 7584 5544,
Chloe Alberry, 020 7727 0707,
Clementine Oliver, 07974 193663,
Colefax and Fowler,
020 7318 6000,
Collier Webb, 020 7373 8888,
Colour Flooring Company, 020
7254 3526,
The Conran Shop,
0844 848 4000,
Cornishware, 01793 855701,
Crucial Trading, 01562 743747,

Davey Lighting, 020 7351 2130,
David Mellor, 020 7730 4259,
Designers Guild, 020 7351 5775,

The Dormy House, 01264 365808,
Dotcomgiftshop, 020 8746 2473,
Dulux, 0844 481 7817,
Dunelm, 0845 165 6565,
EK Design, 07860 677545,

Farrow & Ball, 01202 876141,
Fermoie, 01672 513723,
Folklore, 020 7354 9333,

Garden Trading, 0845 608

Gideon Hatch, 020 7498 5574,
Graham and Green, 0845 130 6622,
Green & Stone of Chelsea, 020
7352 0837,
Grehom, 023 8070 1826,
Guinevere Antiques, 020 7736 2917,

Habitat, 0344 499 4686,
Haute Deco, 020 7736 7171,
Hawker, 020 7730 2122,
Heals, 0870 024 0780,
Helen Green, 020 7352 3344,
Holland & Sherry, 020 7352 4798,
Holloways of Ludlow, 020 7602
Hollys House, 020 7736 2222,

Ian Sanderson, 01635 33188,
Idyll Home, 01270 812717,
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Jacaranda, 020 7351 6496,
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Julia Boston Antiques,
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The Nanz Company,

020 3300 0099,
Nest, 0114 243 3000,
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Nicholas Haslam, 020 7730 8623,
Nordic House, 0845 475 1610,
Not on the High Street, 0845 259

Ochre, 020 7096 7372,

Oka, 0844 815 7380,
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Paint by Conran, 0845 094

Paint Library, 020 7590 9860,
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Pinch, 020 7622 5075,
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Print Block,
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Quill London, 020 8692 0702,
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Vaughan, 020 7349 4600,
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The Water Monopoly,

020 7624 2636,
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Waterworks, 020 7384 4000,
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William Yeoward Crystal, 020 7349
Willow & Stone, 01326 311388,
Wilson Stephens & Jones, 020 7721

Zimmer+Rohde, 020 7351 7115,
Zoffany, 0844 543 4748,

march 2015 | H&G | 175


From an astonishing Bavarian castle,
full of contemporary art, to a stylishly
renovated family home in London.
New fabric collections, gorgeous
ideas for Easter decorating and smart
design ideas for your study space.
Recipes celebrating the versatility of
eggs, plus Katie Walker, the furniture
designer making modern classics.

On saLe
5 marCH

plus free 68-page

trends magazine
Key looks in furniture, fabrics,
wallpaper and accessories for 2015.

we love

The Palihouse
This enchanting 1920s beachside hotel in Santa Monica
combines historical allure and modern luxury

ou would be forgiven for expecting

to check into a traditional hacienda
when you pull up to this Spanish
colonial revival building on the Californian
coast. However, step inside the hotel lobby,
with its imposing ornate freplace, polished
terracotta foor and button-backed sofas,
and youll fnd the scene bears a closer
resemblance to an English gentlemens club.
Compared with the hotels grand entrance
and period charm, the suites are a more
relaxed affair: a mix of country casual and
cosmopolitan chic, where chequered textiles
and whimsical wallpapers meet city-style
bathrooms and modern lighting. The sense

of luxury is a recurring theme, however, with

most rooms offering a fully equipped kitchen
and a fridge to stock with treats from the
nearby farmers market, plus a separate
vanity room and walk-in closet.
If you can tear yourself away from the
comfort of your room, hire a Linus bike and
head for the beach to mix with the well-heeled
locals, or try your hand at a game of bocce
(similar to bowls) on the private court.
Alternatively, indulge in a massage in your
own room or tuck into the Dean & Deluca
gourmet food in the mini-bar. Either way, the
hotels home-from-home feel and fve-star
service will make for a memorable stay.

There are 37 rooms, including classics, grand
studios, one- and two-bedroom suites, plus two
penthouses. From $350 (approx 220) a night.
The hotel is just a stones throw from
the famous Third Street Promenade and
Santa Monica Pier.
All rooms have rain showers, 40-in HD TVs
and complimentary WiFi.
Its worth opting for Penthouse One to
enjoy the Moorish architectural details,
balcony and sunny courtyard.
Palihouse Santa Monica, 1001 Third Street,
Santa Monica, California 90403, 001 310
394 1279, l

Dip chair,
D46cm, 395,
Folklore, 020
7354 9333,

Replica bust of
Hermes, H53cm,
450, Its All Greek,
020 7242 6224,

Hague Blue, Estate

Emusion, 36 for
2.5 litres, Farrow &
Ball, 01202 876141,
Pendant light, H48.5x
diam44cm, 260, Fritz Fryer,
01989 567416,

194 | H&G | march 2015

Velvet cushion cover,

50cm sq, 50,

Feature charlotte luxford and laura Vinden

TaKE iT hOmE Ideas for recreating the lobbys eclectic style

key looks for


In association with

Image shows London basins, Arc brassware

and the Greenwich freestanding bath.

The London Collection by C.P. Hart

The epitome of traditional style, the London Collection represents the best of British sanitaryware. Classic
proportions, awless surfaces and a deep, lustrous nish, London exhibits the exacting standards of a
vanished age. Still handmade in the Potteries, the centre of British ceramic industry for 200 years, London
is an investment in quality and timeless elegance. Available exclusively from C.P. Hart.

w w w. c p h a r t . c o . u k

Bathroom design is on the move; new
styles, materials and technology are
offering more opportunities to create
a bespoke, luxurious space than ever
before. That is why we decided to bring
you a snapshot of the four key looks
for 2015 from classic and glamorous
designs through to spa style and the
cutting-edge trend for mixed materials
in a series of inspirational galleries
accompanied by the latest bathroom
products, accessories and fnishes. And
what better partner in this project than
CP Hart? The bathroom specialist has
nine London showrooms and another fve
around the country that sell the most
innovative brands, including Artelinea,
Effegibi, Karol and Neutra, alongside its
own lines. With knowledgeable staff,
expert designers, inspiring room sets and
a huge breadth of installation experience,
CP Hart offers a one-stop shop for
anyone planning a new bathroom.

heritaGe revival
Classic proportions and
period-style fttings, from Victorian
to Deco, are very much in vogue.

Understated luxury is the order of
the day, with indulgent fnishes,
subtle sheen and fne furniture.


12 |

A soothing neutral colour palette
and inviting tactile surfaces
create a relaxing haven.

Executive editor, Giles Kime

Editor-in-chief Deborah Barker

Acting deputy editor Sarah Baldwin
Acting art director Andrea Lynch
Art editor Paula Randall
Designer Elizabeth Chung
Chief sub-editor Catriona Summerhill
Deputy chief sub-editor Becky Ambury
Sub-editors Susannah Gandy
and Andrea Johnson
Words Rachel Leedham and Linda Clayton
Editorial production Ricky Martin

MARCH 2015 Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd,

Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street,
London SE1 0SU. Repro by Rhapsody,
109/123 Clifton Street, London EC2A 4LD.
Printed by Polestar Chantry. Distributed by
Marketforce (UK) Ltd, Blue Fin Building,
110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU.
Time Inc. (UK) Ltd 2015.

Contrast rough with smooth and

patterns with plain fnishes for a
pleasingly individual scheme.

20 |

Details of essential contacts.

32 |

28 |

MARCH 2015 | H&G | 3

1| shining example
The traditional claw-footed
bath has been given an update
with a polished and lacquered
fnish, which lends itself
beautifully to this opulent
space. Note the wall-hung
vanity unit, offering a sleek
counterpoint to the rooms
more ornate detailing.
Spey free-standing bath, from
3,570; Classic bath mixer tap
with Mull head, from 1,434;
H-stand support, from 1,014;
all Drummonds, 020 7376 4499,


From Deco extravagance to Victorian elegance, classic
designs bring poise and refnement to a scheme

2| well balanCed
A coral-design mirror and a
curvy basin bring decorative
fourishes to this perfectly
refned space, where symmetry
is key to creating impact.
Mirror, 6,195, Oriel Harwood at
Francis Sultana, 020 7624 2636, Serpentine
double basin, 5,820, The Water
Monopoly, 020 7624 2636,




3| age of eleganCe

4| Continental Class

A deep, panelled bath inspired

by grand ocean liners and
a frieze of Art Deco-style
tiles nod to the glamour of a
bygone era. The sophisticated
monochrome palette keeps
the scheme crisp and chic.

This bath is modelled on an

early 20th-century French
freclay design and has a soft,
curvaceous form. Teamed with
classic chrome brassware, a
water-resistant chandelier, and
smart Roman blinds it creates
a luxurious, grown-up scheme.

Atlantic cast-iron bath, 4,395;

Empire Showers bath and
shower mixer with black levers,
2,100; Atlantic basin and
cabinet in wenge, 1,695; Empire
Showers three-hole basin mixer
with black levers, 1,000;
Metropolis Streamline tiles in
Jet, 11.95 each; all Fired Earth,
0845 366 0400,

Interior design, Oliver Burns,

01727 814170,
Paris bath, from 6,984, The
Water Monopoly, 020 7624 2636, Masiero
Drylight six-light chandelier,
900, Outdoor Lighting Centre,
0800 043 6342,

march 2015 | H&G | 5


5| rustic influence

6| smart blend

Tucked beneath the beams of

a 16th-century farmhouse,
this French bateau bath
lends a romantic feel to the
room, as does a looking glass
casually propped on a low
chest. A buttoned leather
stool adds to the eclectic look.

Mixing tongue-and-groove
panelling, a striking double
washstand and mosaic
fooring, this stylish space is
unifed by its restful neutral
colour palette.

Similar bath, Aurelius, from

4,896, CP Hart, 0845 600
1950, Similar
stool, Big Library stool, made
to order, Howe, 020 7730 7987,

Similar vanity unit, Double

Lowther with Arabescato
marble, 6,540, Drummonds,
020 7376 4499, Similar ooring,
Carrara honed marble mosaic
Basket Weave, 199.33sq m,
Mandarin Stone, 01600 715444,

7| revive and restore
Salvaged pieces, including an
old claw-footed bath and a
vintage wooden stool, help
to give this country scheme
a natural, organic feel. A
botanical print adds further
interest, along with the rustic
pebble decorations hung on
the wall. The towel rail is
created from copper piping.
For a similar reclaimed bath, try
Original Baths, 01749 838896, For a similar
vintage botanical chart, try
Bonnie & Bell,

8| in the round
Classically designed, this
handsome curved washstand
creates a perfect focal point,
while providing all-important
storage. A Carrara marble top
adds a luxurious touch.
Chichester curved washstand,
1,635; Lefroy white-lever
tap, 395; both Neptune, 01793


9| historical drama
A reclaimed zinc roll-top bath
forms the centerpiece in
interior designer Frdric
Mchiches Directoire-style
town house in Paris. It is
anked by scenic Grisaille
wallpaper panels, created by
Joseph Dufour et Cie in the
early 19th century.

rita rEndocastro
Marketing director, Catchpole
& Rye, 01233 840840,

For a similar reclaimed French

bath, try Stiffkey Bathrooms,
01603 627850, stikeybathrooms.
com. For similar wallpaper, try
Zuber, 020 7824 8265,

10| twenties twist

Art Deco-style washstands add
a layer of depth to an otherwise
minimal, modern scheme. Their
polished metal bases make a
striking foil for the impressive
free-standing bath, which
Belgian architect Vincent Van
Duysen had laser cut from a
single piece of marble.


Bathtub and furnishings,

Vincent Van Duysen Architects, Bistrot
washstands in polished nickel
fnish, from 1,150 each,
Volvevatch, Find
similar brassware at CP Hart,
0845 600 1950,

PhotograPhs, Loupe imAges, AnDreAs von einsieDeL

10 |

Why have heritage designs

regained popularity?
Traditional styles create a
timeless look, whereas
modern, trend-led pieces can
feel outdated in a short time.
People are opting to buy into
longevity and style.
Are there any pieces that
are particularly popular?
Marble washstands and
marble-topped vanity units
are undergoing a revival.
How can classic styles
be made to look more
contemporary? When opting
for a traditional piece, such as
a free-standing roll-top bath,
the choice of taps can make
all the difference. Selecting
concealed wall-mounted
designs brings an air of
minimalism to the space.
What is the best way to
mix two styles? Use the
same type of fnish on all
the metal fttings, from bath
taps to door handles to
lighting. This helps to create a
cohesive feel. Nickel and brass
designs always look classic as
opposed to chrome ones,
which will add a more
contemporary edge.
Do you have any other tips
for creating a timeless look?
Its all about detail. Our taps,
for example, come with
crackle-glazed ceramic indices
for hot and cold, a small touch
that gives a timeless quality
which modern versions
cannot easily achieve.

march 2015 | H&G | 7


ClassiC ConfidenCe
Timeless designs with an up-to-date edge are key to the modern heritage look

smart set
Displayed in a group,
these handheld
Groom mirrors,
framed in vegetabletanned Italian leather,
add an artful touch of
whimsy. They are sold as a
set of seven, 1,192, from
Waterworks, 020 7384

fabulous fusion
Modern materials and traditional style combine to striking
effect in the new I Borgia collection from Artelinea.
This statement basin console juxtaposes a sleek Opalite top
with Baroque-style, turned-wood legs. Prices start at 3,861,
from CP Hart, 0845 600 1950,

There is a resurgence of classical bathroom style. I love the

Deco and victorian style fittings from Waterworks, Drummonds
and Lefroy Brookes to complement existing architectural features.
KatharIne Pooley, interior designer, 020 7584 3223,

tile revival
Produced in Ironbridge,
Shropshire, using original
Victorian machinery, the new
Empress Beatrice wall tiles,
16.99 each from Fired Earth,
0845 366 0400, fredearth.
com, feature traditional
botanical patterns from
the archives of the towns
Jackfeld Tile Museum.

geometric appeal
Tiles inspired by Victorian design will bring
quintessential British character to any room.
One of our favourite sources is Original Style,
01392 473000,, which
has recently added new colours, shapes
and patterns to its extensive range.
Shown here is eltham, 208.43sq m,
which includes new hue Pugin Blue.

march 2015 | H&G | 9

strong tradition
Designer Christopher Jenners free-standing bathroom
furniture for Drummonds, 020 7376 4499, drummonds-uk.
com, takes it cues from the brands artisanal heritage, using
traditional materials and techniques. We love the Pembridge
double vanity in oiled oak and polished iron, from 8,950.

light moves
Davey Lightings signature box pendants have
taken an hexagonal direction and are inspired
by the lines of landmarks such as the Shard
and the Eiffel Tower. hex pendant, from 415.
Contact 020 7351 2130,

one for all

Bagno Designs new
classically styled Princess
Nouveau foor-mounted
shower column boasts a
generous 30cm diameter
rose plus a hand-shower with
diverter. It costs from 3,852.
Contact 020 7553 6999,

stately progress
Historical design meets
up-to-date function in the
new Piccadilly shower
temple, from 7,498, Arcade
Bathrooms, 0845 539 0055, The
metal parts are specially
fnished to retain their shine.

10 | H&G | march 2015

back to the future

Material innovations are modernising traditional designs, as
seen in this Aurelius bath, 4,896 from CP Hart, 0845 600
1950, Its made from a resin composite, called
Cian, that conducts heat incredibly well, ensuring your bath
stays nice and warm, says CP Hart designer Dan Cook.

Inkstone bath by Steve Leung.

Exclusively available at C.P. Hart
Made in Italy


1| black magic
On-trend polished brass is
shown to striking eect in this
dramatic space, where both
the walls and bateau bath have
been painted an o-black hue.
Le Bateau Grand bath, from
4,800; Le Thermo exposed
shower, from 1,872; La Loire
bath mixer on standpipes, from
1,512; Ladder towel rail, from
1,728; all Catchpole & Rye, 020
7351 0940,


The latest take on luxury living sees exquisite
patterns and lustrous fnishes

12 | H&G | March 2015

2| boudoir chic
Every detail here was chosen
to complement the style of
the French chteau, from the
ornate lighting and scalloped
marble basin to the muted
plaster walls and carved beam,
coming together in a space
that feels more like a dressing
area than a bathroom.
Similar basin, Bianco sculptured
marble basin, 719, Lapicida,
0800 012 2220,



3| shades of grey

4| Picture Perfect

Here, the deep charcoal tone

of the bath matches the
darker veins of the fabulous
Arabescato marble. A fabric
blind and an upholstered stool
bring notes of softness and
comfort to the scheme.

A scenic wallpaper in a palette

of gold and black creates a
compelling backdrop for the
classic double washstand. The
antiqued brass fttings echo
the rich gold of the design.

Interior design, Todhunter Earle,

020 7349 9999, todhunterearle.
com. Vieques bath, 9,444,
West One Bathrooms, 0333 011
Raindance Royale overhead
shower, 1,725; Axor Citterio
thermostatic lever mixer, around
582; both Hansgrohe at CP Hart,
0845 600 1950,

Double Hebdern vanity basin in

Arabescato marble with antiqued
brass stand, 7,194; Classic
pop-up basin mixer in antiqued
brass with burnished walnut-lever
handles, 1,704; round mirrors,
858 each; all Drummonds, 020
7376 4499,
Rateau wallpaper, 91.5cm wide,
from 750 a panel, De Gournay,
020 7352 9988,


March 2015 | H&G | 13


5| all that jazz

Sparkling glass mosaics and a
lustrous marble foor evoke the
glamour of the Art Deco era.
Iridescent mosaics in Spectrum,
699.79sq m; Bridgehampton
marble tiles, 104.90sq m;
marble skirtings, 30.5x13cm,
24.96 each; Battersea basin
and washstand, 950; Francesca
lights, 195 each; all Fired Earth,
0845 366 0400,



6| soft focus

7| grand reflections

An unusual chandelier and

entire wall of vintage mirrored
glass lend subtle radiance
to this project by interior
designers Turner Pocock.

In this scheme, smart bevelled

mirror panels on all sides
of the vanity unit help to
make the space feel larger,
while the marble splashback
and silver-framed mirrors
have been ftted fush to the
wall for a streamlined eect.

Interior design, Turner Pocock,

020 3463 2390, turnerpocock. Hand-silvered antiqued
mirror in Foxed fnish, from
400sq m, Rough Old Glass,
0845 548 8586, rougholdglass. Camden free-standing
bath, 4,081, CP Hart, 0845
600 1950,

14 | H&G | march 2015

Interior design, John Minshaw

Designs, 020 7262 9126,
Similar marble, Arabescato
Corchia, from 474sq m, Lapicida,
0800 012 2220,

Interior designer, Turner
Pocock, 020 3463 2390,


8| animal instinct

PhotograPhs natalie dinham, paul massey,, the interior archive

These unusual zebra stripe

tiles have an antiqued mirror
fnish for an exotic decorative
fourish. A pair of matching
bevelled mirrors fanked
by sophisticated wall lights
bring a calming sense of
symmetry to the scheme.
Zebra tiles, from 1,697.72sq m,
Hermitage by Martyn Lawrence
Bullard; For Loft wall sconces,
667 each; For Town mirrors,
2,232 each; For Loft basin
faucet sets with crystal handles,
from 2,604, all Michael S Smith
for Kallista; all at Ann Sacks,
020 3055 0802,

9| taking shape
An arresting David Hicks
wallpaper adds an element
1960s pizazz to this room, which
is decorated in rich emerald
tones. The simple countertop
basin oers a sleek contrast
to its ornate console base.


Hicks Grand wallpaper 95/6034,

72 a roll, Cole & Son, 020 8442
8844, New
England mirror, 240, Brissi,
020 7229 2323,

how do you bring glamour

to a space? By combining
a variety of fnishes and
textures. Antiqued mirror is
always great, then add some
stone, a wood foor, metal
fnishes and tactile fabrics to
create a room with interest.
do you have any lighting
advice? You want to be able
to alter the mood, and the
most effective way of doing
this is through lighting: soft
illumination for a relaxing
bath and bright task lights
around the mirror, for shaving
and applying make-up.
are there any surface
materials you love to use?
Wallpaper is perfect for
bathrooms, as it brings
interest and glamour to a
space. In small cloakrooms,
we like to go bold with a
Chinoiserie design. We also
love to use Popham tiles,, for
adding pattern. Mixing
patterns of different scales
is a favourite trick: a bold
foor tile with a striped
Roman blind, for example.
What about mirrors? We
like to use distressed mirror
wherever possible, as it is
warmer and more interesting
than plain mirrored glass.
any other decorative tips?
Artwork always enhances a
bathroom scheme, as you
dont expect it. If the room is
big enough, add an armchair
for a sense of glamour.

march 2015 | H&G | 15

The pinnacle of

New Yorks
most beautiful

is made from

stainless steel.
We make our taps
from stainless steel
for the same reason.

A classic example of Art Deco architecture, the

Chrysler Building in New York is renowned for its
glittering, tapered crown. Glamorous yet hard-wearing,
sculptural yet strong, stainless steel was the perfect
material for designer William Van Alen. Just as it is
the perfect material for us. Our hand-polished, solid
stainless steel taps will retain their unique beauty and
faultless operation while others tarnish. At MGS, our
single aim is to make the best faucets in the world.

Exclusively available in
the UK from C.P. Hart


Touch of luxe
Incorporate glamorous details for an indulgent bathing space

classic lines
Taking inspiration from the decorative art movement, this
Nouveau washstand, from 1,800, Catchpole & Rye,
020 7351 0940,, is an elegant marriage
of marble and cast metal. It is available with a burnished,
polished or copper metal fnish or can be customised in a
bespoke paint shade, such as this dramatic gloss black.

chic shades
This gorgeous Stern
lantern, from 2,160,
Porta Romana, 01420
23005, porta romana., in Plum, Walnut and
sparkling clear glass, is
available in an IP-rated
version thats suitable
for bathroom use.

Modern glamour is all about understated luxury. Tinted

and distressed finishes on mirrors, or copper and bronze
details with marble introduce visual texture and drama.
ShaliNi miSra, 020 7604 2340,

modern finish
If youre looking for the sophistication of gold, but deterred by
memories of garish 1980s designs that peeled at the edges,
take a look at the greige fnish of Armanis brassware
collection for Roca, 020 7610 9503, Created
using extra-durable brushed chrome PVD-plated
brass, the tone is more champagne than
yellow gold, and is matched by the chic
styling. Thermostatic bath mixer
with hand shower, from 1,000.

world vision
Decorative and very
pretty, these are the
latest additions to the
Symmetry collection
of glass and stone
hand-crafted mosaics
by Paris Ceramics, 020
7371 7778, parisceramics.
com. The distinctive
global-inspired patterns look fabulous when used as
a border alongside a panel of plain tiles. Shown are
Arabella (top left) and Medina (top right), both from
2,970sq m; and Alcala (above), from 2,710sq m.

march 2015 | H&G | 17

perfect pair
For a smart cloakroom, we love these
Style Moderne taps by Samuel Heath. Here,
they are shown in the new non-lacquered
brass fnish, which patinates over time
to a beautiful weathered look, with Luxe
levers, which are fame-polished by gently
melting the exterior layer of glass until it
is smooth. They cost from 1,296. Contact
0121 766 4200,

take a stand
With its bold geometric
design, the Diamond basin
by Karol, from 2,272,
CP Hart, 0845 600 1950,, would make a
striking focal point in any
space. It is shown with
Goccia brassware by Gessi.

small scale
Add a glamorous touch with
this Copper-plated standing
cosmetic mirror, 295, The
Conran Shop, 0844 848

grand design
Pushing the boundaries of bathroom design,
Justin Van Breda, 020 7349 7089,,
has launched a collection of handmade vanity
units that wouldnt look out of place in a formal
dining room. Our pick is the Plaid vanity, from
1,840; it is ideal for compact spaces and has
a pleasingly contemporary feel. As with all the
designs, it is available in three widths and can
be customised to suit your scheme. Shown with
Henry brassware from Waterworks,
020 7384 4000,

fresh approach
Create a sense of drama by adding a contemporary silhouette among
more classical pieces and famboyant surfaces. The Valencia bath,
999.95, Victorian Plumbing, 0800 862 0878,,
has a deep, double-ended design for a luxurious soak. Made in white
acrylic, it comes complete with chrome waste and overfow.

18 | H&G | March 2015

1| into the woods

Extensive use of timber is
sure to evoke a spa feel. Here,
designer Franois Champsaur
has juxtaposed a smooth larch
bath with a wood-lined wall to
create a tranquil space with a
nod to Japanese style.
Interior design, Franois
Champsaur, 0033 1 4345 2246, Ofur bathtub,
around 14,280, Matteo Thun and
Antonio Rodriguez for Rapsel at
West One Bathrooms, 0333 011


Luxurious materials in a neutral palette
create a relaxed, indulgent space

2| grand iLLusion
The bespoke mirrored cabinet
in this elegant marbled
bathroom is designed to look
as if it is oating within the
recess above the sink.
Interior design, Helen Green
Design, 020 7352 3344, MEM
basin mixer taps, 963; MEM
bath spout, 461, all Dornbracht,
024 7671 7129,




3| weLL pLanned

4| Light effect

A clever layout is key to

a luxurious scheme. In this
design by Rients, the bath is
positioned next to a large,
frameless window, while the
walk-in shower is indulgently
roomy. The same material, a
gorgeous Arabescato marble,
has been used on walls and
oor to create a unifed feel.

Hinged white shutters at

the windows alter the ow
of daylight streaming into
this room, creating interest
in the simply furnished
scheme. Shutters are also
a stylish and practical way
to provide privacy in an
overlooked space. Note the
unusually high towel rails,
which contribute to the
schemes sleek design.

Interior design, Rients,

020 7608 2900,
Similar marble, Arabescato
polished marble, 149.99sq m,
Mandarin Stone, 0160 071 5444,

Similar bath, Starck 2

free-standing bath, 5,221,
CP Hart, 0845 600 1950

march 2015 | H&G | 21

5| brilliant idea
A large mirror bounces light
around this gleaming white
bathroom, while the frameless
shower enclosure creates the
illusion of a wetroom.


Interior design, Alison Henry,

020 7351 7800,
Similar bath, Etruscan bath, from
3,513, Albion, 01255 831605, For a similar
bath mixer, try Vola, 01525


6| Organic beauty

7| MOrOccan MOOd

Natural stone is shown to

spectacular effect in this
project by Australian architect
Louise Nettleton, where the
distinctive marble veining
looks like branches of a tree.

Colour and shape are exquisitely

combined in this bathroom,
where jewel-toned zelliges in
two different designs create an
inviting space for relaxation.
The low bench adds to the
traditional hammam feel.

Interior design, Nettleton

Architects, 0061 2 9211 6177, Similar
marble, Calacatta Paonazzo,
from 954sq m, Lapicida.
Similar bath, Bette Lux
Silhouette bath, 5,777, CP Hart,
0845 600 1950,

22 | H&G | march 2015

Square zelliges tiles in colour 19,

182sq m; Chacour zelliges tiles
in colour 19, 420sq m; Gazelle
brass tap, 58; wrought iron
wall light with glass shade, 90;
all Emery & Cie, 020 8969 0222

PhotograPhs, taverne, interior archive


8| picture perfect

Above the bath, a beautiful

framed glomis (gilded glass)
panel provides a focal point in
this serene room. The marble
bath side incorporates a
rebate, which disguises the
maintenance access point
and also serves as decorative
feature in its own right.

Design director, Helen Green
Design, 020 7352 3344,

Interior design, Taylor Howes,

020 7349 9017, taylorhowes. Bespoke glomis panel,
Rupert Bevan, 020 7731 1919,

9| balancing act
A plaster fnish on walls and
foor has a natural, organic
texture that is ideal for this
light-flled, contemporary
bathroom. Streamlined shapes
help to boost the sense of
space, while the neutral colour
palette brings a sense of calm.
Twin bath in Tecnoril, 6,950,
Modulnova at DesignSpace
London, 020 7228 8088,


Why is a spa-style
bathroom so appealing?
It is the perfect refuge a
calming space in the home in
which to relax and unwind.
What are the keys to
achieving the look?
Attention to detail every
feature matters. Quality
is also crucial; we love to
use unique and luxurious
materials. Spatial planning
must be thorough in order
to maximise the space
and allow for ease of use.
A well-designed lighting
scheme is also key we
combine multiple layers,
including ambient or accent
sources for effect and task
lighting for functionality.
are there any materials
you favour? We love to work
with marble it is a striking
addition to any space. We are
meticulous when choosing
the stone, as it is such an
important element of the
design. You can walk into a
room where the marble is
so luminously beautiful that
it is instantly uplifting.
Which type of shower is
best? Rain showers are ideal
in spa-style spaces, as are
steam shower rooms, which
are particularly popular now.
Do you have any advice
for following this trend in
a limited space? Use a light,
fresh colour palette, pare
back the materials and
keep the lines clean.

march 2015 | H&G | 23

I BORGIA Collection
ARTELINEA furnishings



All is cAlm
Combine natural materials, subtle textures and sleek ttings for a spa feel

Featuring delicate patterns and
texture on modern hexagonal
shapes, these Selene tiles from
Johnson Tiles, 01782 575575, johnson-tiles.
com, harness key looks for 2015. We trawled
the design shows searching for trends, says
creative director Darren Clanford. Neutrals
and geometrics were everywhere, while
surfaces were exciting and different. Available
in black or white, the tiles cost 185.77sq m.

The chic MEM brassware range
by Sieger Design at Dornbracht,
024 7671 7129,, is now
compatible with the companys Smart
Tools electronic touchpad controls. The
MEM cascade bath spout, hand shower
and controls shown cost 7,085.

Bring a note of hammam luxury to your bathroom
with beautiful Geo Flora towels in printed heavy
cotton with a tassel trim. They cost 48 each, from
Anthropologie, 020 7870 4821,

Spa bathrooms continue their rise in popularity. If youre

planning one, allow space to breathe by cutting out clutter,
and be generous with bath and shower sizes.
KEith AtKins, design director, DesignSpace London, 020 7228 8088,

StylE ON tap
Design polymath Philippe Starck has
triumphed again with the Starck V tap,
995, for Axor by Hansgrohe, 01372 465655, Via an innovative vortex
system, water swirls up through its transparent
core, before freefalling through the open spout
making water the star of the show. True to
the companys eco principles, the tap features
a low fow rate of 4 litres a minute.

march 2015 | H&G | 25

toucH wood

in full flow

In a paler incarnation of its classic teak

baths, William Garvey, 01404 841430,, has launched the
Ofuro range in cedar of Lebanon.
Veneered over a solid teak core, it has
a wonderful aroma, with spa and sauna
connotations. Prices from 4,002.

Luxuriate under 144 jets

of water with this new
ceiling-mounted Formwork
rain cloud-style shower head,
2,457.72, from Waterworks,
020 7384 4000,

act naturally
Featuring contemporary baths
and basins carved from solid
stone, and modern furniture
in classic timbers such as
oak and cherry, CP Harts
latest collection, Neutra,
breathes fresh life into age-old
materials. Duo Basin, from
2,185, CP Hart, 0845 600

HaMMaM at HoME
For a fabulous steam-room experience, take
a look at the Topkapi Hammam by Effegibi,
featuring colour-changing LED lights, music
and a drench shower. It costs from 25,000,
CP Hart, 0845 600 1950,

taKE a SEat
Made from white
resin, this durable
and lightweight
Cascade stool is
ideal for inside a
shower or steam
room. It costs 285,
from Balineum,
020 7431 9364,

26 | H&G | march 2015


AheAd of the gAme

A passion for style, quality and innovation ensures
CP Hart is at the forefront of bathroom design

With 75 years of experience, CP Hart has

long been the go-to specialist for bathroom
design and installation. Combining innovative
brands with its own contemporary products,
the company, winner of 2014 Retailer of
the Year at the Homes & Gardens Designer Awards, has a
growing number of showrooms, including its fagship at
Waterloo and a new store in Dartford Bridge. As managing
director Paul Rowland (above left) explains, innovation and
technical expertise remain at the very heart of the company.
How has CP Hart established its specialist reputation?

We started as a family-run business and have always

championed iconic brands, such as Duravit and Dornbracht,
as well as introducing niche international designers to the
UK market, including Patricia Urquiola and Jamie Hayon.
Our 14 showrooms cater for home owners and professional
interior designers alike, with interactive technology areas,
inspiring room sets and working product zones.
What sort of service can visitors to your stores expect?

Our stores balance functionality with creativity. The 20,000

square foot fagship store at Waterloo, for example, offers
customers an immersive experience where they can create a
digital moodboard on a giant touch-screen, talk to specialists
and try products, while a host of true-to-life room sets allows
customers to visualise the options.
Are there any pieces currently in store that particularly
stand out to you? Our new collection from Neutra represents

the best in Italian manufacturing I love the sculpted form

of its Inkstone bath (right). The Karol Urban Chic range
combines wood, leather and lacquer to create a warm,
contemporary look, while the new Smart Water concept from
Dornbracht draws on recent innovations in home spas. Also
among my favourites is a marble-clad shower column by
Effegibi, which houses the very latest steam technology.
You do a lot more than just sell bathrooms, dont you?

Yes, we actively seek out fresh talent and champion new

design. Recently, weve brought brands such as Gessi, Karol
and Neutra to the attention of the UK as weve been impressed
by their levels of creativity and craftsmanship. Above all,
we want our clients to be inspired. Our team of specialist
designers and merchandising experts has created an exciting
product portfolio to ensure we offer a concept, material,
component and accessory to meet every design brief, technical
requirement and budget, from small-scale to large projects.
How do CP Harts own designs t in? Drawing on our
extensive experience in creating bathrooms, weve been
designing products for over 40 years. The London range is a
classic, timeless collection, complemented by our own-brand
brassware, made in the UK. Weve also launched our frst
digital range, eMoto, a cutting-edge shower and bath
innovation that can be controlled via a phone or tablet.

We work closely with some of the worlds leading

bathroom designers to create exceptional schemes,
whether cutting-edge or classic in style.

CP Harts fagship store at

Waterloo offers a range of
inspirational room sets;
Inkstone basin, from 2,784,
with Neos console, from
2,354; both Neos collection
by Neutra; Albini porcelain
foor tiles in Wild Brown,
58.32sq m; Inkstone bath,
20,644, Neos collection
by Neutra; all CP Hart.

CP Hart has nine London

showrooms, including its
fagship store at Waterloo.
Other showrooms can be
found in Dartford, Guildford,
Manchester, Tunbridge
Wells and St Albans.

1| opposites attract
In this 1920s chalet in the
French Alps, interior designers
Todhunter Earle used grey oak
on the foor and the bath panel.
Together with the painted pine
ceiling, the timber forms a
textural counterpoint to the
iridescent zelliges tiles.
Interior design, Todhunter Earle,
020 7349 9999, todhunterearle.
com. Zelliges tiles in colour 25,
182sq m, Emery & Cie, 020
8969 0222,
Axor Citterio four-hole bath
and shower mixer, 1,644,
Hansgrohe, 01372 465655,


Rough nishes, rich textures and busy patterns the secret
to this stylish and eclectic look lies in unusual combinations


2| natural style
Mixing pale untreated timber
walls with a fnished vanity top
gives this bathroom the feel of
a rustic cabin. To break up the
expanse of wood, the front of
the vanity has been painted in
varying shades of matt black.
Similar countertop basin,
Premium washbasin, 500mm,
458.40, Catalano at CP Hart,
0845 600 1950,



3| smooth operators

4| Vintage charm

In this minimalist room, a

partition wall clad in concrete
conceals a glazed shower
enclosure behind. Concrete
also features in a bath surround,
lending a raw quality to the
scheme that is balanced by
the warming tones of a timber
sink and yacht decking.

This eclectic bathroom in

Spanish boutique hotel Casa
La Siesta was designed by
Lee Thornley of Bert & May
using reclaimed materials.
These include painted
terracotta foor tiles, timber
doors for the sink area and
a vintage roll-top bath. Waxed
lime-plastered walls give a
tactile fnish, while a rug
adds comfort underfoot.

For similar marine decking,

try NSR Flooring, 01983 716565 For similar
bespoke concrete ttings, try
White+Reid, 020 8220 7026,

Reclaimed terracotta tiles,

timber and bath; all Bert & May,
020 3673 4264,

march 2015 | H&G | 29


5| turn to Stone
Details such as linen curtains
and oak stools add to the
simple, relaxed feel of this
space in a French millhouse,
where exposed stone walls
are a rugged foil for the sleek
contemporary bath.
Normal bathtub, 7,178, Benedini
Associati for Agape at West One
Bathrooms, 0333 011 3333



6| reflected glory

7| Steel appeal

The uneven plaster fnish

of this chunky vanity unit
complements the rustic
textures in this beamed room.
The small partition wall,
which separates the bathing
space from the bedroom,
features a cleverly placed
mirror that draws the
garden into the space.

A metal-framed shower
enclosure teamed with boldly
patterned encaustic fooring
adds interest in this Parisian
apartment, while white metro
tiles make a timeless backdrop.

Similar wall lights, Brunswick,

50 each, Neptune, 01973

30 | H&G | march 2015

For a similar shower enclosure,

try Architectural Bronze
Casements, 0845 600 0660, Similar
encaustic tiles, 10153, around
84sq m, Mosaic del Sur, 020
3514 0483,

Kate earle
Interior designer, Todhunter
Earle, 020 7349 9999,


PhotograPhs pAul mAssey, tAverne AgenCy, loupe ImAges/debI treloAr, AndreAs von eInsIedel,
tImeInCukContent.Com/jAmes merrell, the InterIor ArChIve

8| tone on tone
A shared palette of soft, earthy
shades successfully unites
the matt porcelain tiles and
the subtle plaster fnish on the
walls. A decorative timber door
makes an interesting choice
from which to hang a bathrobe
and a porthole mirror.
Casablanca Mono Decor
wall tiles, 40.80sq m;
Casablanca Dark Terra and
Black oor tiles; both 32.40sq
m, all Mandarin Stone, 01600
Similar slipper bath, Winchester
bath, 1,742, CP Hart, 0845 600

9| eclectic mix
In this guest bathroom, a
rough-hewn wooden table
makes a surpisingly stylish
washstand for a carved stone
basin. Walls panelled in
tongue-and-groove add to
the cosy feel of the space.


For a similar stone bowl (will

require sealing), try Haddonstone,
01604 770711,
Similar lamps, Classic Stork
bedside lamp, 75 each, Oka,
0844 815 7380,

What do you like about the

trend for mixing materials?
Its fun and gives you the
chance to be experimental.
You can create something
new and totally unique.
Whats the key to achieving
the look? A careful balance.
Choose tones and textures
that complement each other,
and dont use too many
different materials.
Are there any materials you
love to use? I particularly
like fabric walling, but we use
everything from polished
plaster to marble, and leather
to straw marquetry.
What considerations are
there when using wood in
a bathroom? It is important
to use quality wood, which
has been treated and oiled
correctly. It is also a good
idea to make sure the
bathroom is well ventilated
and that bath mats are used.
Showers should be properly
sealed and raised above oor
level to keep water in the
shower and off the oor.
Can you offer tips for
ensuring that the space
still feels luxurious? Simple
things make a big difference.
For instance, I always put a
recessed niche in a shower so
that clients have somewhere
to put their toiletries. I also
use attering lighting that is
dimmable, concealed storage,
pictures and decorative
objects. Underoor heating is
another important element.

march 2015 | H&G | 31


TexTure TrIuMPH
Take inspiration from these statement surfaces and tactile fnishes

mellow metal
If youre seeking a soft
alternative to chrome, look
no further than the bronze
options from Samuel Heath.
Country bronze is the
warmer of the two, and is
aimed at the trend for rich
metallics, while City bronze
is darker, with a more
industrial feel. Both fnishes
are plated and then coated
with a matt lacquer to
ensure depth of colour and
durability. Shown is the
Style Moderne shower in
City bronze, 3,192.
Contact Ripples, 0800 107

take the floor

For the natural beauty of timber without the maintenance
see the new Mollino tiles, 74.40sq m, CP Hart, 0845
600 1950, Made from porcelain with a
distressed-wood effect, they are available in four colourways.

hot rocks
Featuring magnetic handles for
a screw-free design, Zen taps,
from 907, The Watermark
Collection, 020 7740 7340,,
seamlessly integrate with the
countertop. The handles come
in a choice of four stones
Honey onyx, Ice White onyx,
Nero Maquinha marble and
Carrara marble while the
spout is available in 14 fnishes,
from aged brass to oil-rubbed
bronze. The handles can be
removed to clean properly.

32 | H&G | march 2015

rolling stones
Designed by Clodagh for
LAntic Colonial, these
statement Azrama Primitive
washbasins, from 7,439.33,
are made from Habana
Brown marble formed in
concentric rings. Contact
Porcelanosa, 0844 481

dynamic duo
The pleasingly rounded
Aphrodite Cyprus basin,
945, Fired Earth, 0845
366 0400,,
offers the elegance of a
copper exterior with the
practicality of a hygienic,
easy-clean enamelled
bowl. It is available in a
brushed or patina fnish.

Pair delicately hued stones, such as rose-veined marble,

with strong metal finishes like bronzed brassware the
contrast of feminine and masculine packs a punch.

the right angle

Mandarin Stone, 01600 715444,,
impresses yet again with its 2015 collection, which
includes these Colour Block tiles. Mixing technical
expertise and creative vision, theyre made by
moulding and imprinting two contemporary textures
wood and concrete on to a single porcelain base.
The resulting triangle and square patterns can be laid
in ten combinations to create geometric surfaces.
Shown is Colour Block in Oak Blue, 81.60sq m.

ReBeCCa JaMeS, interior designer, Interior Desires, 020 8613 1410,

stick or twist
multiPle choice
A standout tub is the fast
track to exceptional style,
and this George bath,
8,900, Falper, 07770
761656,, ticks all the
boxes. Base options include
wood and leather, while the
diamond-cut top is available
in gloss or matt composite
stone with a choice of
titanium, stainless steel or
brushed copper trim.

Handmade from knotty,

gnarled branches of
fallen teak trees, which
are kiln dried for a
sun-bleached effect, this
Branchwood towel rail,
144, Indigenous, 01993
824200, indigenous., will bring natural
beauty and character
to a scheme.

Pattern imPact
Reminiscent of fne Persian rugs, Moderno Piazza
mosaics from CaPietra, 0844 915 0002,,
offer beautifully intricate patterns that will create a
seductive surface underfoot. Available in Grey/Dark
Matt (shown), Lime/Metallic Matt and Grey/Metallic
Matt, the tiles cost 244.80 for 12 x 30cm sq sheets.

march 2015 | H&G | 33


Stockists and showrooms for bathroom projects of every style


better bAthrooms,
01942 369820,

0800 077 8365,

lefroy brooks,
01992 708316,

twyford bAthrooms,
01270 879777,

01226 283434,

020 7590 8910,

0039 0422 7146,

viCtoriA + Albert,
01952 221100,

01255 831605,

CAtChpole & rye,

01233 840840,

0871 200 3414,

0121 706 5750,

bAthroom CompAny,
020 3375 8989,

Cp hArt,
0845 873 1121,

of ludlow,
020 7602 5757,

Aston mAtthews,
020 7226 7220,
020 7431 9364,
0845 421 2541,
020 7838 7788,
0800 023 2323,
bC designs,
01206 827100,
0844 800 0547,

34 | H&G | march 2015

CzeCh & speAke,

020 8983 7400,
020 7228 8088,
devon & devon,
020 7221 5137,
024 7671 7129,
020 7376 4499,
0845 500 7787,
fired eArth,
0845 366 0400,

ideAl stAndArd,
01482 346461,
John lewis,
0345 604 9049,

01793 427427,
perrin & rowe,
01708 526361,
0800 915 4000,
puro design,
020 7462 0002,

villeroy & boCh,

020 8871 4028,
01235 750990,
the wAter
020 7624 2636,
020 7384 4000,

rAk CerAmiCs,
01730 237850,

west one
020 7499 1845,

0844 371 5062,

0800 107 0700,

williAm gArvey,
01404 841430,

0844 571 0048,

01530 830080,

williAm hollAnd,
01305 251930,

01530 510007,

smAllbone of
020 7589 5998,


thomAs CrApper,
01789 450522,

01455 896500,

01480 498053,

020 7610 6166,

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01959 560010,

Ann sACks,
020 3055 0802,

deCorum est,
020 7731 5556,

01376 534700,

0845 873 8840,

0845 609 6688,

de ferrAnti,
020 7384 4424,

01386 820100,

01372 472001,

bert & mAy,

020 3673 4264,

020 3630 0196,

0800 012 2220,

01454 322888,

020 8365 2084,

dominiC Crinson,
01622 804808,

limestone gAllery,
020 7828 6900,

romAn showers,
01325 328033,

020 7584 8837,

element 7,
020 7736 2366,

lindsey lAng,
020 7252 0273,

sAmuel heAth,
0121 766 4200,

CerAmiC tile,
01626 834774,

floors of stone,
01509 234000,

mAde A mAno,
020 7610 6166,

0845 873 8840,
020 7580 7722,

0121 745 0800,

burlington stone,
01229 889661,
0845 308 3030,
the Colour
flooring CompAny,
020 7254 3526,

hArvey mAriA,
0845 680 1231,
01892 704074,
01993 824200,
Johnson tiles,
01782 524000,

mAndArin stone,
01600 715444,
the nAturAl
wood floor Co,
020 8871 9771,
originAl style,
01392 473000,
01482 440680,
pAris CerAmiCs,
020 7371 7778,
0032 56 675211,
reed hArris,
0843 289 6059,
stone Age,
020 7384 9090,
stone & CerAmiC
020 8993 5545,
01335 361111,
020 8481 9588,
the tile
020 8663 0946,
topps tiles,
0800 783 6262,

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