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Amit S.

D19 / 72

SEL Lecture Report

Telecommunication sector in India
Report on SEL Lecture by Mr. Shreeshar Shridhar on Telecom sector in India on 14 th
March, 2015. He started his lecture by talking about the advantages that the Indian

Telecommunication sector has over its competitors. Such as - attractive

opportunities, strong telecommunication structure, policy support.
Telecom marketsplits mainly into three segments:
1. Mobile
2. Fixed Line
3. Wireless.
He highlighted the fact that the market is dominated by the wireless
segment and the wireless subscriptions have shown a strong growth over the
years. We also came to know how the number of Internet subscribers been going
up over the years, as a result of which there has been an impressive rise in the
Internet revenues.
Bharti Airtel, MTNL, Reliance and Vodafone are the companies that
dominate the Telecommunication sector in India. We also came to know how the
companies have created separate tower companies to reduce the overhead costs
and generate additional revenues. Another fact which came to our notice was how
the rising incomes had fuelled the demand for the Telecom services. Mr.
Sreedhar again stressed the fact about the competitive advantage that India had
over its peers by giving a tabular comparison of the various factors in which India
dominated its peers. He also explained in great detail how a strong policy support
is crucial to the development of the Telecommunication sector by discussing the
various contributing factors. Also, the National Telecom Policy 2012 was
discussed in great detail. Mr. Sreedhar also highlighted the fact that how the influx
of the foreign investments had contributed greatly to the rise of the
Telecommunication sector in India.
Mr. Sreedhar also gave us a glimpse into the opportunities that existed for
the various companies operating in this sector. The increase in the number of
mobile subscribers, the untapped rural markets and the rising Internet
penetrations, all are the opportunities that can be cashed in by the companies to
increase their revenues. To conclude the session, Mr. Sreedhar also discussed how
the mobile application market is a fast growing segment and the tremendous
potential it has to impact the telecommunication sector.