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'A Headache in the Pelvis' by David Wise Ph.D.

and Rodney
Anderson M.D. Now Available in 6th Edition
Dr. David Wise and Dr. Rodney Anderson have just released the 6th edition of their
book, 'A Headache in the Pelvis'. The book adds to the earlier edition about the
Wise-Anderson Protocol, popularly known as the Stanford Protocol.
June 2, 2010 (FPRC) -- OCCIDENTAL, CA -- 'A Headache in the Pelvis,' a bestselling book by
David Wise Ph.D. and Rodney Anderson M.D., has recently been released in the 6th edition. The
newly revised 6th edition provides detailed information about the philosophical and scientific basis
of the protocol developed to treat muscle related chronic pelvic pain.
The treatment for pelvic pain syndromes in men and women, and for prostatitis in men, known as
the Wise-Anderson Protocol, is offered at a 6 day immersion clinic in Sonoma County in California.
"This protocol was first developed over a period of 8 years when I was a Visiting Research Scholar
at Stanford working with Dr. Rodney Anderson. The treatment came about in response to my own
longstanding encounter with this difficult condition.
Dr. Wise, a psychologist in California, recovered from longstanding chronic pelvic pain himself using
a rudimentary form of the method now called the Wise-Anderson Protocol. Dr. Rodney Anderson, a
professor of Urology at Stanford Medical School, and an expert in pelvic pain and Dr. David Wise
developed the Wise-Anderson Protocol. The clinic currently offered in Sonoma County is not
affiliated with Stanford University. The book and immersion clinic are further discussed in detail at
The National Center for Pelvic Pain Research () is a center devoted to the treatment and research of
pelvic pain syndromes in both men and women through the use of the Wise-Anderson Protocol,
popularly known as the Stanford Protocol. Drs. Wise and Anderson have published 'A Headache in
the Pelvis' which details the treatment as well as new research in the field. Dr. Wise has also
recently published a book called Paradoxical Relaxation, a book describing the details of the
relaxation method used in the Wise-Anderson Protocol.
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A Headache in
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