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DGCA PAPER - II most important questions 2015

1) The lubber line on a directional gyro is used to

A. represent the wings of the aircraft.
B. represent the nose of the aircraft.#
C. align the instrument glass in the case.
The lubber line on a directional gyro is used to
represent the nose of the aircraft
purpose of lubber line on directional gyro
2) An aircraft cable have
a. High mechanical efficiency
c. setup by without backlash
b. Important for precise control
d. ATA
3) Universal head rivet combination of
a. Countersunk , brazier head
c. countersunk ,flathead
b. Flathead, brazier head
4) NAS stand for
a. National aerospace standard c. national aviation standard
b. National aircraft standard #
5) In rivet head marking indicate
a.Type of Material#
b. strength c. heat treatment d. Both A & c
6) Solid shank rivet identified by
a. Shape b. color c. size of shank
d. ATA
7) Regarding helicoil MTCS
a. Made of 18-8 stainless steel wire c. have diamond shape cross section
b. Threads in unified coarse
d. ATA
8) Bolt identification diagram
a. AN standard steel bolt
c. AN standard steel bolt(corrosion resistant)
b. Close tolerance bolt
d.special nut#

9) The castle nut AN310 is used in drilled shank

a. AN hex head bolts
c. eye bolt
b. Clevis
d. ATA#