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Stephanie N.

A Superintendent is responsible for effectively leading all functions, operations and
systems processes. Superior interpersonal skills and effective communication are essential to that
success. The urgency of multiple reform efforts currently being implemented within public
education require exceptional leaders committed to systematic change while maintaining
stability and trust across the community. This process requires careful communication, planning
and management, with clarity and consistency of messages across the community that the
community can support and rally around. This entry plan will provide me with avenues to listen
to and interact with both internal and external stakeholders, analyze district data, evaluate
programs and lay the foundation for open lines of communication between all. The goals and
activities of this plan are organized into three categories: Leader of Learning, Leader of Service
and Leader of Change.

Leader of Learning

a rigorous and quality vision for instruction, teaching and learning.


an effective and collegial working relationship with the Board and solidify a cohesive
board-superintendent leadership team focused on improving the achievement level of all


that students are provided with a comprehensive educational program that will prepare
them for life in the 21st Century.

Leader of Service

a preliminary understanding of culture and leadership practices in the district.


public trust by developing strong mechanisms for collaboration and communication for
all stakeholders.


avenues for diverse perspectives and voices to be heard and engage all segments of the
community in authentic communication that builds mutual trust and understanding.

Stephanie N. Mohorne
Leader of Change
Identify areas

of innovation, transformation and effectiveness in the use of technology as part of

a high-quality educational program.


a smooth and orderly transition of leadership.

Actively support a

positive and effective district climate focused on improving student

achievement and closing achievement gaps.

Activities to Support Goals:

Meet with

individual Board members to obtain his/her expectations for teaching and learning.

Meet with

all administrators, both district and building level in order to

Meet with

the Chamber of Commerce, service organizations, non-profit organizations,

business leaders, faith-based leaders, local officials and community leaders to build
relationships and garner support.

Meet and

greet with the media to establish effective communication protocols.

Conduct a

retreat with Cabinet and administrators to review the strategic plan, school
improvement, current achievement data, and establish leadership team structures and p

Conduct a

comprehensive examination of programs, policies and services that identify critical

focus areas for strategic planning.

Conduct data chats


with principals, administrators and Cabinet.

the districts current financial status.

Identify a diverse and

talented senior leadership team.