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March 29, 2015

To whom it may concern,
Please consider this letter reference for Anika Davis. I had the pleasure of having Anika
in my classroom in the Fall 2014 semester at Wayne State University for two courses.
I found Anika to be a willing and engaged student in the classroom. Her contribution to
classroom discussions was insightful and constructive. Anika was always willing to
engage her peers and myself in often lively discussions. Her assignments reflected her
work ethic and commitment to learning new material. This held especially true when the
material was challenging to her as she would continuously work at something until she
got it right – checking with me throughout the process. All assignments were turned in
on time and according to submission instructions. She was always able to ask for help
when needed. She responded to suggestions to improve with each assignment and
because of this trait, she earned high grades in both courses.
I have no doubt that Anika will easily transfer skills learned in the classroom to a
professional environment. Aside from the professional social work skills practiced
through coursework, her interaction with her peers was always professional and
supportive. She was frequently in communication with me regarding assignments and
she demonstrated a high level of responsibility throughout the semester. Her willingness
to explore new topics will be an asset to any organization that values creativity and
confidence. I would highly recommend Anika for employment after completion of her
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Cassandra Barragan, Ph.D., MSW