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Creative Brief

Client: Frito-Lay/ Doritos

Address: 7701 Legacy Dr. Plano, TX 75024
Phone: (972) 334-7000

Advertising Message/ Slogan: For the Bold. We are known for our bold flavors and
the immense power it has on people. We want our customers to feel bold and free while eating
Doritos. We want them to feel invincible and infinite. Doritos shows your bold side, a side you
never thought you had. Frito- Lay wants Doritos fans to experience what boldness feels like,
what it smells like, and what it tastes like. We want to boldly emphasize the bold. Come be bold
with us!
Background/ Overview: Doritos is a brand of seasoned tortilla chips produced by
American food company Frito-Lay. Frito- Lay began with two entrepreneurs C.E Doolin and
Herman W. Lay. C.E Doolin entered a small San Antonio caf in 1932, purchasing a bag of corn
chips. He soon learned that the manufacturer of the chips was going to sell his business. Doolin
immediately bought the company and began to sell Fritos corn chips. Meanwhile, Herman W.
Lay had a potato chip business in Nashville, TN. Not long after, the two merged companies, and
in 1961 they became Frito-Lay, Inc.

In 1964 Frito-Lay introduced the tortilla chip Doritos and was released nationwide in
1966. Doritos derives from the Mexican Spanish word doradito, meaning turned golden or
crisp. Doritos originated from Casa de Fritos at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Casa de
Fritos used tortillas as Mexican chips called totopos. Arch West being the vice president for
Frito-Lay at the time noticed the huge success of totopos. In 1964, West made a deal with Alex
Foods, the provider of Casa de Fritos at Disneyland. Soon after that, Frito- Lay moved the
production house to a Tulsa Plant. Thus, in 1966, Doritos became the first tortilla chip to be
launched in the United States.
Doritos were successfully launched nationally in 1967. Consumers began to consider the
chip to be too bland, so flavored Doritos were introduced. Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch
Doritos became a sensation. Nacho Cheese was released in 1972 and Cool Ranch was
released in 1986. The two flavors became a huge success for Frito-Lay. Also, Frito- Lay is a
division of PepsiCo. Doritos are constantly improving, and its because of our consumers. They
are truly the center of our success.
Project Definition and Objectives: Doritos are always finding ways to improve. We
care about our customers and our brand. Frito-Lay wants to win their hearts. We want to show
our customers they can depend on us. We want to increase our market share by 1%. We want
to motivate purchasing during fall season; especially during football season. We know our brand
is especially important during this time of the year. This is why we want to emphasize it. We
want to increase brand loyalty and show our consumers we are on their side. Also, we want to

motivate consumption. This is extremely relevant when consumers are buying our brand. We
care and we want them to consider our product every time.
Target Audience: Our target audience is predominantly women, 25-49 years old. They
are well-educated with a household income of $60,000-75,000. Because women buy groceries
and visit the store constantly, they are the target audience. They are either in a serious
relationship or married. The women have an active, adventurous lifestyle. They are party-goers
and football fans. They enjoy having company over, especially friends and family to watch
They are social- minded, fun spirited and extroverts. They love to feel bold and care-free.
Being the life of the party is one characteristic they love to have. They buy Doritos seasonally,
but especially during football seasons and social gatherings. Our target audience is
geographically found in the Midwest. Most of them are parents who enjoy buying Doritos for
lunches and that late night snack for their children. Our target audience is loyal and fun.
Strategic Message:

We offer delicious, innovative tortilla chips.

We care about our customers and their perception about our brand.
We want our customers to feel the bold. We want them to experience what boldness

feels like.
We want everyone to have fun eating Doritos and to expand their knowledge about our

Our sole mission is to bring happiness to our customers. We want them to eat Doritos proudly.
We hope we can show our customers we want their service because they are the reason why
Doritos are Doritos. Their decision matters to us and our brand. For the Bold is for them.
Communication Vehicles: Our most recommended media vehicle is TV/ Cable.
Television advertisements are extremely relevant to our target audiences. They are movie and
cable lovers, so we definitely want to make sure they are being reached. Therefore, we will
produce one TV commercial.
The making of the TV commercial will start on November 2, 2014 through November 7,
2014. We want to make a humorous commercial about two different couples in a restaurant. We
want it to be funny and exciting. We want our customers to relate to our story, and laugh
endlessly. We hope to achieve this with our commercial.
Campaign Period: Because Doritos are so popular during football season, we want our
campaign period to begin between the months of September and January. We want our
customers to really engage in the bold during the Super Bowl. We want them to rely on Doritos
for their #1 football snack.
Conclusion: We will engage our customers so they can be part of the brand. We want
to encourage brand loyalty and we hope we can give them that sense of expression that will
drive sales. Our customers are the true reason behind our success of Doritos. Also, with our
commercial we will interact more with our customers by relating to them. We want them to feel
the bold with every bite and to feel at home with every buy.

Prepared by: Jennifer Hartsell

(615) 568-6720