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Running head: REFLECTION 2


Reflection 2
Anika D. Davis
Wayne State University
February 4, 2015



Determining the type of learner a person is can be done in many different ways. Some of
the contributing factors are multiple intelligences, emotional intelligences, psychological type,
and preferred learning styles.
Of the multiple intelligences, I tested strongest in the Intrapersonal strength area. This
suggests that I have been able to evaluate myself effectively and gain a thorough understanding
of myself. I agree with this analysis because I find that over the years I have paid close attention
to my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I have worked consciously to remain a good person.
Anytime I feel challenged, I evaluate those feelings and the best way to combat them. An
example of a recent way that I was totally in tune with my emotions was the end of this past
week. My grandfather passed away and my family met at the hospital to see him one last time.
During our waiting time my uncle said something that I was not able to hear, at the moment, so I
announced, “Oh no, I can’t hear that right now!” and left the room. His wife of less than six
months followed me from the room and questioned why I did not want to listen. I again
explained that I could not hear that right now. She proceeded to tell me that it was just general
conversation and tried to debate with me about the situation. I again told her we were not going
to debate about it but I did not want to hear it. She then told me to stay out of the room then. My
first instinct was to curse her for attempting to force me to participate in a conversation that I
explained I could not be a part of but secondly for attempting to tell me what to do. I also found
it annoying that she would tell me to stay out of a room that I had already removed myself from.
Because I was aware of my feelings and motives, I refrained from engaging in an argument with
her but with one firm statement warned her to “STOP RIGHT NOW”. She got the message and
walked away. Had I not considered the reason we were there and why my emotions were on edge
I probably would have let her have it. I also recognized my need to point out when someone does



or says something that does not make since while they are being argumentative. I was able to
refrain from any of this unnecessary behavior during a time when family should be supportive of
each other.
I have often been my own motivation with regard to controlling my emotions or
impulses. These traits are all in support of an intrapersonal intelligence. My intrapersonal
intelligence ties right into Salovey, and Mayer, and Goleman’s theory of emotional intelligences.
Because of its removal from the website listed in the text, I was unable to take the emotional
intelligence test but from my own understanding, I have strong competence in all of the
emotional intelligences. These intelligences are helpful to me because I am able to stay well
rounded. I do not have much difficulty with self-motivation, self-esteem, and self-confidence. I
do not struggle with remaining honest and exercising integrity in my daily life. My social skills
are adequate and I have been looked at amongst my peers as a leader and a person of trust.
People see me this way because they are comfortable coming to me with issues or dilemmas and
they can rest assured that I will give them my honest opinion and sound advice. My emotional
intelligences have remained consistent for me throughout my adult life.
The various ways of determining one’s learning preference can all be very helpful for
individuals and social workers as a whole. After learning about all the different styles and
categories, I learned that I fell into certain categories when I was younger but as I have grown,
faced some medical challenges, and life changes I now fall into different categories. This can be
a good thing especially if I am able to utilize the skills or characteristics from my past along with
my current characteristics. Being able to learn through various methods can aid me in being a
more efficient and effective social worker.