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Barnes Method Drawing Método Barnes de Desenhar

Barnes Method Drawing Método Barnes de Desenhar

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Método Barnes de Desenhar
Método Barnes de Desenhar

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Published by: barnes method books international on Jan 30, 2010
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Written by Dr Perry Barnes

How to suddenly Enjoy Drawing, learn lots and find yourself

perfecting your art

Look Inside

Copyright Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

inventor of the world famous barnes method english 3.6 million results at yahoo.com 150,000+ readers at scribd.com translated to 5 languages
Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

What changes the life of all my past students is the massive action they take to apply what I teach them. Those who use the strategies that I share are the ones who create exceptional success beyond their wildest imaginations. Adam Khoo

[u][b]~Matticus~[/b][/u] says: Dude, I think I love you [u][b]~Matticus~[/b][/u] says: This system is perfect, I had no idea it existed you're writing a book? [u][b]~Matticus~[/b][/u] says: wow awesome, i'd love to read it
Had you ever instantly know that you'd be totally fascinated by something you were reading. I’m saying, maybe as you continued to read it, and notice the form of the letters, the shadow of the ink, and the white of the page, it permitted you to GO INSIDE, and remember a time when learning was easier and more fun Since the human mind first wakened from slumber, and was allowed to give itself free rein, it has never ceased to feel the profoundly mysterious nature of timeconsciousness, of the progression of the world in time,-of Becoming. HERMANN WEYL
So, here it is. The highly awaited, forever requested “Barnes Method Drawing” Contained inside are many of the best, most consistently successful techniques as compiled by the leaders in drawing courses and ideology + many Barnes specific techniques the renowned one invented and created

Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

Dra wing strategies
I asked a chinese kid how he drew so well he says, “draw something everyday” so I take this idea and wonder... how can I draw every day? various ideas came to me during the following days >draw the cartoon characters in family guy and american dad (I watch these to relax anyway to relax from studying all day) >i had a chinese philosophy book with drawings which I copied in between reading the chapters and I add something unique to the new versions, like a quote or 1 of my drawing skills I already have (always add something original to your drawings thus you are learning by copying and adapting the skills) >in the cafe I go to I would draw the rose vase and the menu using mainly the skill of shading around a light source, which I learned in school and suddenly remembered for the method of draw something everyday this strategy gave me a base on which I can use other techniques I learned I learned various techniques from a drawing book “how to draw retro cartoons” I recommend this now, the techniques I learned from this book I could use with others as I drew things everyday another book “how to draw cartoons” taught me how to use stick figures to shape different positions and scenes when I combined the stick figures with the retro cartoons I realised I could make my own unique style of drawings

Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

Some drawing techniques in use here:
shading around a light source (the vase) the shading becomes darker as your move away from the light decide where the light is in the picture before you start, the lightest part has no pencil but it appears as if its been coloured to be light when you complete a drawing draw a thick line around the edge to make it look more complete and professional, just this simple trick can transform ok drawings into great looking drawings some cartoon drawing techniques: draw a question mark upside down to create a nose write the number 3 for the ears Drawing Strategies: draw something every day draw the characters from your favourite cartoon (cartoon's use similar techniques to comic books in their drawings, have a laugh with the simpsons and draw them at the same time)

Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

the nose of stewie in the previous picture you can use with various drawings and the same with the mouth after studying the way family guy animators change the expressions of the characters I realised they use the same variations for all the characters see the eyes I drew in the picture, those 3 are available to you for varying your characters emotions Draw 3 pictur es wit h the 3 different typ e s of eye s n ow !

more drawing methods and strategies:
learn from many different sources: go to 1 or 2 classes, read 3 styles of drawing
books, watch youtube tutorials

have a specific goal and then have another specific goal:
is your goal to draw a girl and give her the picture is your goal to sell drawings on the street (this is one of mine =) is your goal to draw a person in 2 to 10 minutes is your goal to make people laugh, if yes have a look at this http://gapingvoid.com/page/2/ these are not the best drawings in the world... agreed? they are hilarious though, I sent them to all my friends, associates and contacts + I go through 15 pages of the blog laughing loud this guy is a success, to be a successful artist you need business contacts (he's best friends with seth godin) a viral marketing system in his case and determination and other things each stage of you draw

Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

barnes method english the biggest english method in the world, have you read it yet? Results 1 - 10 of about 4,400,000 for barnes method english http://www.google.co.uk/search? source=ig&hl=en&rlz=1G1DSGI_ENUK337&q

http://www.reverbnation.com /perrybarnes find perry barnes music at reverbnation.com the words for the songs are here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/212 36703/Barnes-Method-Englishwith-Music-Perry-Barnes-MusicoLyrics-Letras-Reverse- he-Drumst ChocolateMedal-Listen-HereAlbums
Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

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