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The aim of this report is to evaluate the most important

matters tackled at our last meetings.

The most dominant subject was that of the plight of wildlife,
marine animals and laboratory animals. Michael Budkie, the
one who chaired the conference, showed no doubt that he was
working toward animal liberation. Direct action groups and
activists such as Sea Shepherd Society, Peter Young, Animal
Liberation Front, and Animal Rescue Corps were attending the
meeting. Almost all of them allied to apply pressure to the
laboratory research industry by exposing them and filling
complaints to shut them down.
The debates following focused on another issue of great
importance in these times and that is the urban anonymity.
Andrew Morley drew the attention to the most blameworthy
cause for people losing their privacy the internet. All the
attendants agreed that it exposes activities and all sorts of
details related to our identity we would rather keep private and
sometimes without us knowing. However no one could give an
effective solution yet.
The last matter discussed was that of the surveillance
cameras. Sylvia Conway pointed out that even though peoples
privacy could be affected this way it would also ensure their
safety and the good behavior of the ones around them.
Everyone seemed to agree with this outlook and voted in
According to the majority of the attendants, the meetings
could be considered a great succes overall. The next issues that
are expected to be discussed in the future are those of crime,
homelessness and poverty.