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REASONS FOR EVERYONE TO VOLUNTEER eyeuuleile Les Making a difference & making an impact are a way of life. In addition to making an impact, NA a Mi SI acl Rce Adi ee Cores Naeger ee Nao onle) term personal and career growth. a For Families LJ Spend quality time together while getting involved in the community. ry Volunteering is a great way for your family fo spend time and bond together, all while learning about the community where you alll live ey om TUT eet A successful company is a company that cares about its community. ener nicl to understand and meet your customers, in addition to showing your oom NAIR oreo . For Retirees Stay sharp, stay active, and give Py back to your community. F3 = —_ Volunteering is a great opportunity to and years of will truly Learn more about volunteerism at TIPS & TRICKS TO VOLUNTEERING making volunteerism smarter Gots do your research plan ahead visit our website What are the causes you care Opportunities can go fast, Metro Volunteers has an online about the mos? Make sure the especialy dung Meholdays, “database with thousands of org you volunteer with has a so plan your volunteerism efforts volunteer opportunities and info mission that speaks to you. weeks/months ahead. ‘on hundreds of nonprofits. @/ af -|- consider your skills be flexible don't overcommit What can you offer? Think Rememberit's not about you; i's Balance your fe (family, work, about what skils you have and _about the cause and the volunteering) so that you can how they can fransiate to people youre helping, sobe _be the best volunteer that you helping @ nonprofit tlexible to theirneeds can be. find a group learn something new Volunteering with your family Volunteering can be a great Volunteering can be quite school group, company, opportunity to step outside your rewarding. Remember 1o have religious center, etc. are all comfort zone andleamanew fun, and'ff you find something great ways to get involved. skill or meet new people. yOu enjoy, volunteer again! for more fips & tricks: