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Mens Team Report


28th-29th MARCH 2015

After a great success away to Buckinghamshire it was hoped we should show

the same results at home to Humberside in our next game.
On Saturday the Ladies drew their game 3-3.
On first was John Creed another good win for John 3-1 after last months success
On next was Wayne Dawson not up to his usual standard lost 1-3.
Gary Ewington lost 1-3 had a good 14 dart third leg but could not hold Humbersides
match award winner and top B average player.
Gary Webb played his usual steady game winning 3-0.
Peter Brown played much better in this game winning 3-1 with a 112 finish in the
fourth leg.
Paul Oliver it did not look good as he went 1-2 behind but came back to win 3-2.
Alan Weist was next another who had a much better game this month to win 3-0.
Eron Walkes followed an unlucky loser played well in losing 1-3 to a strong opponent.
David Pinnuck kept his good run going by winning 3-1
Lee White played well until he reached the end product needs to improve on his
doubles lost 1-3.
Jonathan Creed followed had a another god win 3-1 to defy the odds.
Wayne Stubbings on last had a brilliant game 2x17 and 14 dart legs for a great 31.31
average and the match award.
Ended with an 8-4 win for the Mens Team..
On Sunday the Ladies won their game 5-1.
Daniel Varney lost the first leg, won the next three, lost the fourth won the sixth
hitting four tons for a 15 leg 4-2 win a 27.11 average to win the match award.
Tony Hammond was next on last in last months game this time he was second, lost
the first leg won the next four for a 4-1 win.
Tony Tarry no win this time had chances but ended up losing 2-4.
Lee Searles did not play as well as he can losing 0-4 to their match award winner
Martin Kingsley started by leading 2-1 then lost his way to lose 2-4
Adam Pinnuck followed in a game he seemed to lose his usual confidence lost 2-4.
John Blair played well in a deserved 4-3 win including a 116 finish in the fourth leg.
Andreas Hajimina another well deserved and excellent 4-3 win
Jason Neville was next lost the first leg, won the next three including a 114 finish in
the fourth leg, lost the next two, kept his nerve to win the final leg in a 4-3 win to preserve
his unbeaten record this season.
Tony Cox followed had a great 4-1 win including winning legs of 14 & 16.
Chris Hudson had a great win against their best player after taking a 3-0 lead with
finishes including a
119 & 111 he lost the next two but an excellent win in the sixth leg gave him a 4-2 win.
Robin Wigg was on last not up to his usual standard losing 2-4 after leading 2-1.
Ended with a 7-5 win for the Mens Team.
A very good effort from the Mens teams an excellent performance from all the
players in both teams over the weekend against a County who were at the top of the
League. Well done to all the players.