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N470 Community Health Planning Project

Purpose of the Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to showcase the students involvement with various
community partnerships, which includes the utilization of the Health Planning Model to improve
aggregate health through the application of the nursing process.
Student Approach to Assignment
In preparation for the assignment, the Resource Mothers group surveyed the population
and community for needs. When it was time to write the paper the group analyzed the findings
and determined appropriate nursing diagnoses. This paper served as the planning portion for the
interventions the group will carry out.
Reasons for Inclusion of the Assignment in the Portfolio

Nursing Practice
o Applies appropriate knowledge of major health problems to guide nursing
Ex. Nursing knowledge is shown in the paper based on the assessments
and the diagnoses that are relevant to the population. Interventions and a
plan to accomplish the interventions are discussed with supporting
resources. The diagnoses and interventions created a plan which will be
implemented in the future.
o Implements traditional nursing care practices as appropriate to provide holistic
health care to diverse populations across the lifespan
Ex. Infants ranging from newborn to two years old and mothers ranging in
a wide variety of ages will benefit from the interventions planned. The
main intervention that will be implemented is educating the aggregate.
Education will provide a holistic health care for the mothers and their
o Uses information technologies and other appropriate methods to communicate
health promotion, risk reduction, and disease prevention across the life span
Ex. Health promotion, risk reduction and disease prevention is taught to
the aggregate through handouts and presentations. The information for the
educational sessions was obtained through internet resources.
o Evaluates the efficacy of health promotion and education modalities for use in a
variety of settings with diverse populations
Ex. Evaluations of the teaching sessions are to be evaluated through pre
and posttests. The information obtained from the evaluations will affect
the future curriculum and teaching styles. The ages of the mothers in
educational sessions ranges from teenagers to mothers in their 30s.

o Assumes a leadership role within ones scope of practice as a designer, manager,

and coordinator of health care to meet the special needs of vulnerable
populations in a variety of practice settings
Ex. A leadership role was assumed during the planning of the paper
because coordination of the assessments and teaching techniques was
implemented by the entire group. The group also worked with the
Resource Mothers/Loving Steps programs to obtain information and
accomplish the set goals.
o Initiates community partnerships to establish health promotion goals and
implements strategies to meet those goals
Ex. Healthy promotion goals were established to benefit the aggregate.
These goals were established with strategies to accomplish them with the
assistance of the Resource Mothers/Loving Steps Programs and their
local directors.
o Organizes, manages, and evaluates the development of strategies to promote
healthy communities
Ex. Surveying the community, working with the programs employees and
interviews for evaluation were used to promote the health of the
o Demonstrates sensitivity to personal and cultural definitions of health, and how
these beliefs influence an individuals reactions to the illness experience and end
of life
Ex. Sensitivity to personal and cultural definitions of health was
demonstrated through listening and attempting to understand the patients
view point. When the patients voiced actions that placed themselves and
their child at risk, education was provided in a sensitive manor to better
promote the health of the family.
o Maintains an awareness of global environmental factors that may influence the
delivery of health care services
Ex. The aggregate of the Resource Mothers group lives in a lower
socioeconomic society. The financial situation of the population is a global
issue because many families around the world live in poverty. The poverty
affects the lifestyle and health choices of patients and nurses would have
to make adjustments in the plan of care.