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Drafted for The Noocratic Empires, Kingdoms, and


The Real Peoples Party

For the seeing of this claim is with the knowledge of this

claimant this claims existence. With the claim standing now
and eternity
We accept as fact....
For we accept as fact that The Eternal Laws of Nature as
revealed through science, past events, logic, and common
sense revealed with the Right Knowledge, Right wisdom,
and Right Overstanding.
For we accept as fact that the highest laws of nature is
with the cooperation and harmony of all living things

For we accept as fact that our way of life with a means to

the best to the end
For we accept as fact that loyalty is with The Greatest of
All Honors and treason is with the worst of all crimes.
For we accept as fact that what is good for The Imperial
Crown Providence for Pitchnovians, Omniversal
Unifcation Kingdom, Afrekeyan Noone Kingdom, and The
Unifed Nubian Nation for Pitchnovians is with the highest
virtue, and what is bad for The Unifed Nubian Nation
For Pitchnovians is with the ultimate evil.
For we accept as fact that The Imperial Crown Providence
for Pitchnovians, Omniversal Unifcation Kingdom,
Afrekeyan Noone Kingdom, and The Unifed Nubian
Nation for Pitchnovians is with the fnest and noblest
organizations for All Humanity, Creed by Circumstances,
and The Ancient and Sacred Order of Neteru now called
the Sacred Order Of Nun (N.E.O) , is with The Noblest
of Fraternities on and above this planet.

For we accept as fact the total unifcation of Humanity on

the basis of truth is with: accepting people and races for
who and what they are, respecting their culture, their
languages, and their beliefs; and with we expect the same.
For we accept as fact that the human race, its biological
and cultural heritage is now under attack by our own
morals, our self-righteousness, our desire to control
industry, and with these things attack the very existence
of humanity.
For we accept as fact that males as well as females are
equal within all things and should be dealt with as partners
in all matters.
For we accept with fact that no one race of people is
better than the other. With in fact, No one wins the Race in
For we accept as fact that communication between
different people is with the cure to the ignorance that
breeds the disease hate.

For we accept as fact that with a good and well-rounded

education could prevent most of the ignorance that
plagues the world.
For we accept as fact The All is just that The All
NoopooH (El Kuluwm). You cant take from The All, you
cant add to The All We are all within all as one. That is
our concept of what you call a deity.
Article one
For the Noocratian Secured Party with the Imperial Crown
Providence for Pitchnovians, Omniversal Unifcation
Kingdom, Afrekeyan Noone Kingdom, and Unifed Nubian
Nation for Pitchnovians will:
1. Elect and participate in the assembly of Noocratian
Candidates for the offces and positions of our Imperial
Crown Providence for Pitchnovians, Omniversal
Unifcation Kingdom, Afrekeyan Noone Kingdom, and
Unifed Nubian Nation For Pitchnovians

Select and promulgate our laws, statue, codes and



Help all Interstellar, intercontinental and domestic

party bodied members in the assembly for the election of

candidates and the informing of electives.

Uniform conditions and laws of operations to inform

members for the Noocratian Social Secured Party an
equal window of time to assist in choices made in the
choosing of nominees and candidates. Creating

guidelines for the proper behavior for Party affairs, with

no prejudice within but not limited to areas of gender,
race, or age (Age of decision making), Color, creed,
spirituality, economical standing, sexual orientation,
ethnic identity, and physical disability, to promulgate
equalism each time conditions are the same for disputes,
all practice, and provisions.

Expand and afford the currency needed for proper

management of the Noocratian Social Secured Party.

Working with all Noocratic Public members at all levels to

accomplish the mission for the Noocratian Social
Secured Party.

Motivate and assist with statues of ethical principals

which embody organic laws of Nature for the guidance of

public members and contractors in intercontinental,
international and local bodied members, insuring that the

public members will at all time behave with a consistency

of creditability in the position upon the offce represent.
Which they can not use their position to earn special
treatment and benefts and must sustain from any
misrepresentation if there judgement is affected by
personal interest or operations.
Article two
For The Noocratian Social Secured Party will join in every
year with the Election for the Chief Executor of the
Imperial Crown Providence for Pitchnovians, Omniversal
Unifcation Kingdom, Afrekeyan Noone Kingdom, and the
Unifed Nubian Nation for Pitchnovians

The Imperial assembly (Imperial Crown Providence for

Pitchnovians) is the elder authority for the Noocratian
Secured Party, the assembly will authorize the Empires,
Kingdoms and nations participation in Imperial and
national operations for the Noocratian Party, assisting
with conferences, sessions, and assemblies. All in accord
with the Imperial and Nations laws for each individual
Empire, Kingdom and Nation member in unison with each
individual member city, town, and state laws.


The Imperial and Nations Assemblies will appoint

nominees for candidate for the position of Chief
Executor for the Imperial Crown Providence for
Pitchnovians, Omniversal Unifcation Kingdom,

Afrekeyan Noone Kingdom, the Unifed Nubian Nation

for Pitchnovians, incorporate the best platform as we
the people see ft and to enact it as we deem necessary.

The Imperial and Nation Assembly will be formed of

entrusted representative from each city, town, and
community equally balance with men and women,by
insuring all Noocratic members equal windows of

opportunity to participate and incorporate themselves

to make a decision for member candidates, operational
choices, and Progression as a union party. Respecting
all who participate in the Chief Executor nominating
process and their preferences expressed in the manner.
Giving the Good faith to all deciders and Noocratian
members and those non-members who are interested in
becoming a member that is not affliated with any other

Article three
For the Noocratic committee is with the care for the
operations between the Imperial and Nation assembly and
the Noocratian Party in accord with this current charter
and the Imperial Nation Assembly. Responsibilities include
but is not limited to, Giving notice for the Nations Assembly
inducing a partys chief executor campaign
reflling any vacancy in the nomination for the position of
the Chief Executor. Establishing statements of facts in
accord with all Natural laws & in uniformity with any
positive laws, codes, polices on the planet and beyond.
Assignment for election and nomination of Chiefs for the
Noocratian Party, and any seats for its offces position as
required by the chief. The Chief offces must be balanced
with the opposite sex, as three in one position for women
and three in another for males. Appointed to take action
that is deemed necessary or proper in order to see to the
provisions within this current charter and the principals
within is carried out for the Noocratian Party. All members
for the Noocratic Committee assigned to any Empire,
Kingdom or Nations (Nation States) will be elected by

each town, city, or state. Each member will be elected in

the present year of when a Imperial or National Assembly
is in session, with the procedure giving full, equal and
accountable opportunity for involvement. All vacant seat
will be flled by the city, town, or state as deemed
necessary in according with the present charter. All
member for the Imperial and National committee from each
party body member will be equally afforded committeemin and committeewumin (women). All members of the
Noocratic committee will services with virtues and hold
public or party offces which serve during their appointed
terms to service. The Noocratic Imperial and National
Assemblies will meet at least once a year. All meetings will
be called by the Chief executive or by written request from
any bodied member of the party with no fewer of one
-fourth of the party members in agreement.
Article four
For there will be an executive appointed for the
responsibility for the conduct of the Noocratic party in
accord with this charter. The executive will see that all the
organization and laws by the Noocratian party for the

Imperial and National assemblies and any Noocratic

committee is carried out. When there is a vacant seat the
Chief Executive will whos elected or will be elected and
can also be removed by a majority rules decision for the
Noocratic committee and Party, each term is fulflled by
following election year. The Chief Executor will be present
at the meetings and or session for the Noocratic committee
and any other body organization that require the Chief
Executor. The Chief Executor will serve his or her full term
and will receive compensation for their service as stated in
agreement between the Executor and the Noocratic
committee. The behavior and conduct for the managing of
affairs and operations for the Noocratic Committee, as
they are concerned with the preparation for the Executive
nomination process, The Chief Person will use equality
between candidates and their campaigns. The Chief
person will make sure equality is protected during the
nomination procedure.

Article Six
Party Sessions
The Noocratic Party will hold a Imperial and National Party
sessions between and with all Empires (Thrones),
Kingdoms and Nations according their composition. The
Nature, mission, and objectives, time, location (Lodials) will
be calculated by the Noocratic committee. The Noocratic
committee will establish fnance organization which will have
omniversal responsibility for the fnances of the Noocratic
Party. These fnance organization will generate the funds
to support the Noocratic Party and will provise, assist,
protect, all Noocratic parties and candidates in insuring
funds for their purposes. The fnance seats will be elected
and made by the Noocratic Committee.

Article Seven
Wholesome Involvement
The Noocratic Party for The Imperial Crown Providence
for Pitchnovians, Omniversal Unifcation Kingdom,
Afrekeyan Noone Kingdom, and The Nubian Unifed
Nations will be open to all who wish to support the party
and to be known as Noocrats.
For the defnition of
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaNoocracy:, or "aristocracy of the wise", as defned by
Plato, is a social and political system that is "based on the
priority of human mind", according to Vernadsky. The
word itself is derived
from Greek 'nous', Gen. 'noos' meaning 'mind', 'intellect',
and 'kratos', 'authority', 'power'.

One of the frst attempts to implement such political

system was perhaps Pythagoras' "city of
The wise" that he planned to build in Italy together with his
followers, the order of "Mathematikoi". In modern history,
similar concepts were introduced by Vernadsky, who did
not use this term however, but the term "noosphere", and
Franc. Noocracy is considered to be the future political
system of the entire human race, to replace the
democracy, "the authority of the crowd", as defned by
Plato, and other forms of government.
For discrimination in conduct of the Noocratian Party
operations on the basis of sex, race, and eligible age,
ethnicity, creed, National, origin, spirituality, economical
status, sexual orientation, gender, physical disability is
prohibited, with the fact that all are open to the
Noocratian party. To insure the involvement by all
Noocrats, with priority protection for all Indigenous and
natives to the planet and off the planet, wumin (women)
and Youth involvement in the legislation and delegate
selection process with all party operations.

Article Eight
For the Noocratic Party is with the Noocratian Social
Secured Party for The Imperial Crown Providence for
Pitchnovians, Omniversal Unifcation Kingdom, Afrekeyan
Noone Kingdom, and The Nubian Unifed Nations
For reasoning with this charter, all lodials called states are
treated as countries or individual nations.
For reasoning with this charter, Ports will be treated as
states. Noocrats anywhere Noocrats are and their body
organization will have one to four votes in any matter. The
number of votes is depending on the sites of the said
Party body member City, town, or state.
For by this charter provided that all organization will be
involved. Noocratic Party insures that the Noocratic
nominees for the offce of Chief Executives for The
Imperial Crown Providence for Pitchnovians, Omniversal
Unifcation Kingdom, Afrekeyan Noone Kingdom, and The
Nubian Unifed Nations is selected by fair and equalism.
The Noocratic committee may adopt and revise

statements, laws, and codes as it sees ft in respect with

the natural laws of nature and Noone, working with the
Chief nominating process and help all to accomplish the
objectives as revised or changed. The Noocratic committee
will manage and publish laws of fair and equal campaign
practice, which will be required for observation by all
candidates and those campaigning as Noocrats
The Noocratic party will not require any body member to
have a delegate to a party session or assembly to make
decisions contrary to his or her eternal preference. All
meetings of the Noocratic committee and other offcial
party committees, commissions and bodies will be open to
the public, and decisions made will not be taken by a
secret ballot. The Noocratic Committee will gather and
make available to the public a annual report concerning
the fnancial affairs of the Noocratic party. If any provision
is not overstood or misunderstood. The nature laws of
Noone will govern the conduct of all Noocratic Party
sessions and assemblies. The text of this current charter
will be made available in other languages as needed upon
reasonable request. Membership of the Noocratic
Committee, commissions, and membered bodies will be
equally fulflled with men and women members. All parties

will make provable positive moves to achieve legislative,

judicial, and executive change to transform the law into
compliance with the provisions where the provisions are
needed and wherever conficts may arise.
Article Nine
Amendments and rules
For this current charter may be amended by a decision of
the majority of all the delegates and members in the
General Assembly, provided that no amendment will be
effective unless and until it is ratifed by a majority decision
of the entire membership party for the Noocratic
Committee. This charter can only be amended by a vote of
two-thirds of the entire membership of the Noocratic
Committee. Thirty days written notice will be given to any
committee meeting which action will be persuade. Any
proposed amendment will be given to all members of the
Noocratic Committee and will be released to the Global
News media.

All offcial body members of the Noocratic Party formed

under the authority of this charter will adopt and govern
its affairs in accordance with the written rules, which the
rules are consistent with and within this charter, including
resolution and any other action by the Imperial or National
Assemblies. The Noocratic Committee will manage and
hold copies of all rules and will make them available upon
request. All recognized members of the Noocratic Party
will adopt and govern its operations in accord with the
written rules within this charter. Any changes or
amendments will be fled with the Noocratic Committee
within thirty days following adoption. Our Resolution of
adoption for the Noocratic Party for The Imperial Crown
Providence for Pitchnovians, Omniversal Unifcation
Kingdom, Afrekeyan Noone Kingdom, and The Nubian
Unifed Nations will assembly in a conference on Noocratic
Party organization and rules in accord to this Resolution
and Noocratic General Assembly and with the call to this
session hereby adopts for governance of the Party.

Our Noocratic Party Credo.

For we Noocrats are a eternally prophesied party within
the global front. We will remain positive in our works
because we love the gift that was bestowed upon us by
our ancestors. Which is our minds, given to us to build and
defend our selves and others. To further our economy, to
inform our youth and generations after, to promulgate
equalism, to innovate science and all industries, to promote
the arts and revolutionize humanities, to inherit our lands,
generate and protect our Humim and natural resources,
preserve, enhance, and architect our environment, cure
poverty, travel and journey to into the intergalactic, and
accomplish what seems to be the impossible. In soul our
party has the fundamental provision that all beings and
entities are rightfully free, but also must live in a true
culture society. We take responsibility with our ability to
respond of governing to help us achieve this true culture


Adhering to the original intent of the Natural Laws of



The Safe haven of all humim life, created in the image

of our creators which should be protected at all times.

Preserving our liberty and Sovereignty.


The equalism and balancing of all world powers


Self responsibility, Self Determination, and Self



Self Suffcient families, Empires, Kingdoms and



Intelligence reign supreme, and responsible adults

having freedom of informing their future generations


Natural rights to be safe at home, in the communities,

citys and towns, and unalienable rights to defend one
self. Honoring those who serve and protect our liberty


Free enterprise and a true culture society without


Notice to Principals is notice to agents, notice to agents is

notice to principals.

Listen to Reason! The American Heritage Dictionary

defnes politics as: The art of science of government or
governing, especially the governing of a political entity,
such as a nation, and the administration and control of it's
internal and external affairs. There are many political
system in place to help us advance towards a true culture
society. The Social system (misnomer as Political system)
for us Imperial Crown Providence for Pitchnovians,
Omniversal Unifcation Kingdom, Afrekeyan Noone
Kingdom, and Unifed Nubian Nation for Pitchnovians will
be spiritual Noone referred to as a Noocracy.
Listen to Reason! We Pitchnovians must not allow corrupt
leaders, Nubians or lepers and Politicians of any race in
fact to lead us astray any longer because the time is now
for mental resurrection. We will elect new Social leaders by
the Social System that is more reasonable then any
political system at this point in space, matter, and time.
What we pitchnovians must do is separate completely from
lepers, spiritual vampires, all disagreeable forces because
they are doomed and will us to damnation as they already
have much damage. Their world or matrix is an unsafe

place for all ethnicity especially for us Pitchnovas. We will

setup our cities towns and villages to practice our own true
culture society and ways of life that coincides with
absolute nature as nature intended. Its should also be
noted that although we are the original indigenous &
Natives, by default we are Americans (Amurricans /
Amexemians) as well because we naturally inhabit the
region of Ta, Ki misnomered as Earth called America.
Therefore, if necessary we can elect members of the
American government to suit our needs, if and only if they
are in strict accordance with what we need and see ft.
Democratic and Republican forms of government are old
season and cycle political systems. Now that we are in a
new season and cycle of Absolute Nature, there must be
new ways of reasoning and accomplishing things, and that
way is outlined in our Philosophy Science Noone. Let it be
remembered always and let it be known!
The American Heritage Dictionary defnes Republic as:
A political order whose head of state is not a monarch and
in modern times is usually a president. A political order in
which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are
entitle to vote for offcers and representatives responsible

to them. An autonomous or partially autonomous political

and territorial unit belonging to a sovereign federation. A
group of people working as equals in the same sphere or
feld. A Republican form of government is centered around
Listen to reason! A Republican form of government is
centered on it economic strength. It is a more fnancial
perspective of running a government, and wherever there
is more emphasis placed on fnances instead of the mental
health of the people, your government is doomed beyond
comprehension. This form of government is destined for
failure as we have seen with the current state of Global
Governmental Politics. The new Social System misnomer
for Political system of the world will be Noocracy. A
Noocracy is a Social (misnomer as political) system whose
foundation is Sound Right Reason. A Noocracy is a social
system that allows reason to lead and guide the people of
this modern day political (Poly -many tic pestilence). A
Noocracy emphasizes intelligence, learning, and wisdom to
be the central point of governance. Basically and
scientifcally a Noocracy succeeds where Democracy
(Demonocracy) and Republican political systems fail! The

more intelligence the people, the greater the society and

the less chance of internal strife, because positive reason
is the leader, and guide for all to adhere to. Let it be
remembered always and let it be known!
Listen to Reason! The American Heritage Dictionary
defnes Democracy as: Government by the people,
exercised either directly or through elected
representatives. The common people, considered as the
primary source of the Political power. Majority Rule. The
principles of social equality and respect for the individual
within a community. Democracies are very conducive to us
Pitchnovas mentality for we are the creators of it. Our
Afrekeyan ancestors always maintained a democratic
society whenever and wherever possible the same way
each time conditions were the same but sometimes
democracies crippled our Afrekeyan Ancestors in ways
unimaginable in reference to when they tried to ward off
attacks from Leper Arabs, Asians and others. This was all
due to the decrease in reasonability as time progressed
down through evolution by the disagreeable forces of
Nature in season and cycle. Basically and scientifcally a
Democratic political system is where the Majority Rules

but the majority may not know what's best for itself,
because the majority may be totally unreasonable, and
could cause utter destruction of it's complete self, as
history (his-Story) has and will prove. Let it be
remembered always and let it be known!